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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Licking Our Wounds - A Comedy!  
Isn't it odd that all our focus has been squarely put on scapegoating the defensive side of the ball.  Apparently, you're not familiar with smoke & mirrors.  Here's how it, the offense, went down yesterday, stated in a a more comical way, for those wallowing in pain:

Safety.  Once again, a clear sign that the gods are tormenting us.  


1st & goal from Denver's 9.  Fumble, recovered Denver.  Returned to mid field.


2nd possession.  Pick 6.


3rd possession: First down Burton. 3 & out with grounding.  Punt.  Grab anyone from off the street (that's cleared waivers).  Put Joe Webb back on the pine. 


Harvin's effort secures first down.  3-plays ... punt.


Whidte man running with ball! Whidte man running with ball!  Aromashodu clutch catches.  Webb called for phantom offensive pass interference.


Unbelievable Rudolph catch  ... no not the reindeer.


Why does is seem that a Viking TD is always followed by a 60 yard kickoff return?  


La-de-da! La-de-da!


32-32 Tie Game!  1:33 left.  1st & 10 @ Minnesota's 20.  Interception Denver.  Game over.   

That's right people.  Your franchise quarterback, splashed on high with anointing oils is now 0 wins & 6 loses, never forgetting Carolina's missed chip shot at the end.  Was ponder a reach?.  Is he a first round bust?  Maybe not, but he is most definitely not a franchise quarterback.  Sure he's entertaining ... filling us all with hope ... but this is a mans league.  It's a place where Johnny finds out that he wasn't that special after all.  It's a place where you earn a living ... it's not handed to you.  Sure they say they like this kid ... but under their breath, they sure do like him because he can be readily beaten.  Right up to the point where Denver's defense decided to call off the dogs ... that kid was nothing more than ground up hamburger.  The shots were both numerous & vicious.  Are you certain that you want to climb aboard this Missouri Boat Ride.  Not me!  My focus is square & true.  

Today, they call Tim Tebow a winner.  Yesterday, they called Tim Tebow a winner.  He'll be called a winner tomorrow.  It shows up immediately on film.  He will not lose a contest for anyone because he has something within him that is not up for negotiation.  One day, you might look upon this man and see him beaten & battered, like so many other iconic NFL images, however he will be a winner for all time.  It will all fall amongst his path.  You cannot beat a winner.

You actively seek ... but shall be given No Quarter!  You wish for the gods to bend to your will.  You want things to be handed to you in nice 1st-round-draft-pick package however that is not how the world works.  The ghost writer shall never be Joe Montana no matter how much we wish and will.  The gods select their champions and when we don't bend our knee to its will, then we are destroyed in its path.  You may not have seen it yesterday, but Denver was shaken at its very core when Joe Webb took the field in earnest, regardless of its outcomes.  Imagine a single entity that could make Tebow look like just a common man.         

It is important to assign blame to redirect the focus from its rot.  We must demonize this defense ... thrash it & beat it into submission ... relocate the focus ... at all costs. Bad!  Bad! Defense.  Never mind that we are pulling dreg off the street and are throwing raw meat to the Lions instead of giving that defense what it might need.  How many times yesterday did our free safety get beat on the long out pattern.  It's not like the ghost writer would write about such things before it happens.  No athlete can cover that ... right???  

From the moment that Everson Griffen stepped upon that field, you could immediately see it on film.  That kid has a special set of skills ... there is no denying that.  So he likes defense ... he likes doling out that punishment.  Old stone faced Grant would of loved this kid.  We put 11 players on the defensive side of the ball.  Everson Griffen is clearly one of the 11 best defensive players.  He's played defensive tackle, end, linebacker and has even been used as a gunner.  So what does our mind-trust do.  They pull him from the bench for the blow and then sit him right back down.  It's better to grab a lesser athlete ... or someone that's so raw that they haven't a clue ... and throw them to the Lions.  At least we'll get to demonize and thrash that defense.  You have a hole at safety.  Put Everson Griffen at strong safety ... turn on his meat grinder switch and then walk away.  It's that easy.  HE CAN'T COVER!  Neither can anyone else!  At the very least, we'd have one of our best athletes with the tools to mix it up.  
Once again, I didn't think Ponder was going to walk away from a few of those hits yesterday.  He almost didn't.  Maybe Ponder's lucky that Denver's best linebacker didn't dress yesterday.  It's a good thing that lawyers can't sue this brain trust for negligence but hey, its only his health.  I can't wait to see this franchise's future defense ... We have this first round draft pick voucher here that states that we aren't responsible for this kids health.  By all means, don't start Joe Webb at quarterback because if you do, he's not going to lose again for anyone.  Franchise quarterbacks have a knack of doing that very thing.

What this is all about is a bunch of pawns.  The true objective is the manipulation of 31 other franchises to put the Viking franchise on waivers.  If you make enough bone head moves, even the pathetic deserve to be let go.  Hey ... it worked for McNabb.  We tried winning (2009, 2000, 1998 ....,  etc.) but that was just too hard.

Here's a thought.  Are we a better team without Adrian Peterson?  Absolutely yes .... and no!  Imagine having to learn how to pound the defense with Gerhart in the 1st & a good part of the 2nd quarters before turning Peterson loose on that defense.  No! No!  You are to pound Peterson into that wall, again & again, until he's no longer effective.  How dare you learn something about anyone other than Adrian Peterson.  By all means, sit Adrian Peterson on the bench on the money down.  What's the money down?  3rd down of course.  How dare you run the ball in the second half.  Wasn't it Bill Walsh that chuckled at, "We must first establish the run".  Isn't it time that we turn Adrian Peterson back into a home run threat rather than fodder for the sausage grinder.  No!  No!  We can't have that.  Talk about beating yourself!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Defense is the problem.  We wonder who on defense might now be in those cross hairs.  We need to destroy whatever is left of this team.            

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 5, 2011