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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

We haven't been embarrassed as a team, to this degree, since Jan 13, 1974 when the Dolphins literally ran over us at Rice Stadium.  Those Chicago Bears, the ones that were trampled under foot just a week earlier, were openly laughing at this franchise ... a far cry from the pride that this franchise established in the 60's & 70's.  They executed "The Plan" to perfection, except Adrian Peterson didn't leave Chicago with a concussion.  Maybe they'll send a stooge to our practice facility this week to nail Harvin, when he isn't looking ... since he wasn't able to make the trip.  Why was this so embarrassing?  It's because Chicago may not win another game this year and will most certainly miss the playoffs.  We should own this team as our personal whipping boys.
First Half Comprehensive QB Rating
There is only one problem with our Minnesota Vikings and that is clearly displayed in the image above.  At the completion of the first half, we were down to the Bears 25 to 3 where Ponder's comprehensive quarterback rating was 7.6 versus Jake Cutlers rating of 323.5.  That's only a multiple of 42.56 or in percentage that's 4,256 percent.  That's 4,256%.  Get the picture.

Sure, Jerome Simpson dropped three (3) passes.  Maybe that's why he's no longer playing in Cincinnati.  Maybe Mr. Simpson might have put the cart in front of the horse talking about a long term deal, with serious bonus money on the front end, back in the pre-season, but that's now water under the bridge.  He's clearly paid a very painful price.  To be direct, those drops just might be a symptom of something that is much much more serious that's now helping to sink his career along with his confidence.  A player's play is a reflection of a team leadership ... as not everyone can be designated as this team leader ... regardless of capability.  In other words, when the juices are flowing ... players generally don't make mistakes of this magnitude.  He's no different as compared to Toby Gerhart's off-kilter mishaps versus the 49ers.  That baby ain't gettin' tossed out with the bath water.  From time to time all a player like Jerome Simpson needs is a self-imposed kick in the head ... to focus his attention.  The prime question is, where's the leadership when your clearly exposed as the target of all the blame when a mistake is made.  Is it possible for your team to recover from that simple first mistake?  The result ... three drops ... not just one.  Is that the way Peyton Manning built his long list of Pro-Bowl wide receivers?  Was this the moniker of Kurt Warner?  I think not.  There is only one win-win situation for this offense and it involves only one name ... Christian Ponder ... regardless of the result.  This is the problem.  It is out of control.

Now peer into Michael Jenkins 6'4"/217#, Jerome Simpson 6'2"/190#, Devon Aromashodu 6'2"/201#, Stephen Burton 6'1"/221# along with 5'11"/184# Percy Harvin.  All these receivers dictate both size and or power.  On the outside looking in until week 10, due only in part to Harvin's injury, was Jarius Wright 5'10" at 180 pounds.  Translation ... if you cannot block for Peterson, you're not going to see the field.  At his size & weight, there is no one in the NFL that has the power of Percy Harvin.  It doesn't matter if you can catch the ball nor does it matter that you can slice through a defense.  How long has it been since the diminutive Anthony Carter.  You remember ... the one that shredded the Saints & 49ers in 1987?       

What happened to Toby Gerhart and the Super Charged AD?  This team is as flexible and an egg on a girder of 12" thick steel.   Regardless of having only three (3) first downs in the first half, if they instead were to run Toby Gerhart on 1st down, followed by a Peterson run on 2nd down followed by any Peterson touch on 3rd down, Ponder would most certainly have a significantly better comprehensive QB efficiency.  In doing this, there would also be a significant difference in that the defense that just took on that meat pulverizing run game in the first half would have an entirely different complexion ... especially in the 2nd half.  To be direct, that defensive front seven (7) would have looked worse than the Bears offensive line after that type of pounding.  It didn't happen.  Why?    

Sir Zygmunt Wilf has decreed that you will make Christian Ponder into an elite NFL Quarterback regardless of whether he has the reactive instinct or not.  This team is desperate, anxious, worried, distressed & distracted to do everything that they can to establish Ponder's relevance.  Instead, what the above 1st half stats indicates, along with his other 20 games, is Ponder's complete irrelevance.  It is clear that Leslie Frazier & his coaches are brilliant but his hands are clearly tied on this matter.  Since Ponder clearly lacks the instinct, where he's incapable of performing as an elite NFL caliber quarterback ... the result is now a totally despondent team.  At some point, every teammate knows, "There is no way that we can recover from Chicago's 25-3 pasting, with this guy at the helm."  A child could see that.  This has now gravely placed this years Super Bowl quest into a death spiral losing to the Bucs, the Bears, the Skins & the Sea Hawks.  There is only one hope left for this team and it does not lie at Christian Ponder's feet Mr. Tarkenton. 

Jim Harbaugh states that he clearly has two (2) hot hands.  Harbaugh's hands were not bound where he freely chose Kaepernick as his starter.  Pete Carroll was free to select Russel Wilson over Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn and the result has been nothing less than spectacular.  With Christian Ponder at the helm, we've had a hot hand once versus the 49ers.  Since then ,,, and before then ... not so much.  In fact it has been less than not so much.  It is time to give Joe Webb his opportunity to start and lead this team onto victory ... as he has done in the past.  

Symbolically, maybe Adrian Peterson, as the leader of this team, should water on Joe Webb's leg.  Maybe that message might be seen by Leslie Frazier, the surrogates above him, right on up to Sir Zygmunt Wilf, that would indicate that Joe Webb has been treated as nothing more than this teams metaphorical plant.  Allow me to help, no man will photo synthesize.  If I'm a good judge of character ... Joe Webb will take it ... he'll take just about anything however he will not lose again for anyone or anything.  He is a winner and he is destined to hoist the NFL's greatest team honor.

It is time that our owner, Sir Zygmunt Wilf, should be made to answer to the Viking Nation that has paid in its millions in revenue in support of this organization.  Why has Joe Webb been passed over as if he's never existed?  What reason could there possibly be to treat this indelible gift in this manner?  There is no statistically evidence to support your actions.  Allow me to say this again, so that we all are completely clear.  There is absolutely no statistical evidence within 2011 or 2012 that supports continuing with Christian Ponder.  

After Kaepernick, last week, Lovie Smith clearly feared Joe Webb.  Yesterday the entire Bears franchised laughed at this franchise ... led by Christian Ponder.  Is this acceptable to you Ziggy?  Is this acceptable to THE VIKING NATION?  

To be fair to Ponder, after the game was completely out of hand, he did improve somewhat to help Chicago run out the clock for them.  I guess the Bear's offense was tired if not completely unable to compete further.  Nice completion behind the line of scrimmage Ponder ... for a net loss.  Looks good on your NFL QB rating doesn't it.   Did I just fall off my chair.  Did Ponder just say that he might think that he might be responsible for all of this?  Oh ... yes ... I know ... there were problems on the field everywhere.  
Comprehensive QB Rating Minn @ Chicago Nov 25, 2012
Comprehensive QB Rating 121104 Seatle.pdf
Comprehensive QB Rating 121111 Detroit.pdf
Weighted Quarterback Rating Explained

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 26. 2012