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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Kids Progression (above the curve) and a message for Chilly!
The purple pants with purple jerseys wasn't even mentioned by a commentator.  I personally had never seen it before.  If others had, they'd probably be lying, because it was in black and white.  I was reminded just this morning that this combination hasn't happened since 1965.  A mistake was made in Detroit.  Detroit had allowed us to wear our home purple jerseys and the purple pants where included by mistake.  We lost the game 13-10, where the Dutchman said, "We looked like a bunch of Easter Eggs out there".  Since that time, the purple pants have been stowed under must-not-use and have been ridiculed as being bad ... berry berry bad. 

Chilly Baby ... if you're listening ... these purple pants at home absolutely unnerved the Viking Nation ... well at least to the ones that know Viking history.  I haven't a clue how the team felt about it.  What is clear is that the kid had a bad outing ... so you're thinking the purple pants just might be a bad omen.  

Let me be the first to spout the following:

  1. Unnerving the Viking Nation is a very good thing.  They are seeing a whole lot of different on that field other than purple pants.  It's time to equate it with a future path.  The earth is shaking.  
  2. You're 3rd down call, 8 yards from pay dirt ... not abandoning the run, especially after last week (TJ's 2 TD passes) ... Brilliant!  Brilliant!
  3. You're plan is now upside-down.  Two different runners.  Two different answers (defensive plans).  Chester first ... followed All Day.  This is not a typo.  I repeat, this is not a typo.  "How in the heck are we supposed to stop lightning if we can't stop a very motivated Chester.  Hello!"  Punishment first ... followed by awe!  You've asked TJ to be patient, well you, and the Viking Nation, have to be patient too.    
  4. Seeing both Chester and AD run out of that tunnel together ... the unstoppable duo ... Brilliant!  Brilliant!  My mouth was agape!  I was truly moved and choked back ...   
  5. The commentators have spouted.  Chester will be leaving Minnesota.  Hello!  Chester's the man ... and his plan is to be an integral part of history.  Does anyone remember two guys by the names of Csonka and Kiick?  Two names that are now synonymous with the history of NFL runners.      
  6. A delay, and counter steps ... can be a very good thing.  Filling gaps requires timing.  Added time cause depth variations, which results in holes ... more like gashes, even when gaps (responsibility) are apparently maintained.  Blocker don't like to hold blocks ... defenders don't like holding gaps.       
  7. The purple bought you a victory ... so I guess it was an Omen. 

Now for the brass.  Make the Redskins where their away colors ... Maroon Jerseys.  Could it be our away colors of purple pants with white jerseys.  Talk about unnerving the nation.  A commentator just might even notice that!

As for the kid, I absolutely love this guy.  His head movement was above and ahead of the curve the day I saw his first video tape on draft day.  His numbers aren't there yet, but to be fair, due to the dominance of our running game, and to eliminate risk, we chose to shut him down.  

The kids recent ratings soared and he did some wonderful things.  What absolutely blew my mind in those games is in what he didn't do and in what he's learned ... patients.  He's stood tall by defending cuts on his fellow team mates.  He's taken his lumps.  He's learned to head fake to set up the bombs (stretching the field).  He's learned how and is learning how to throw a catchable ball.  He's avoided contact.  He's slid to avoid the contact.  He has taken off, when it wasn't there.  He's stretched for that first down when we had to have it.   Most importantly of all, he's thrown it away.  TJ's has gone a good distance in understanding the odds ... and when they're bad ... he hasn't forced it ... he's lived for another day.  He's not a coward for throwing it away ... he's a man with a conscience ... a man that is refusing to hurt his team ... well beyond his years ... and he's taken the heat for it all with poise and patients.  

Has he made mistakes ... they all have!        

Kid ... each play is like a new day.  On some days, we all know that we just shouldn't get out of bed.  When it's bad, we make the most of it, but we just don't call an IRS bluff.  Plays are like that ... a counter-plan can stack the odds against an idea.  Stuff happens.  

Let me be the first to tell you that if it was my first prime time game ... I'd try to force it too ... we are all born ignorant.  Today, they're once again calling for your head ... but, it's all just allot of wind.  

You are not there to manage a dam thing ... at least not as the commentators will have people think.  You're there to make plays just like everyone else that straps on those horns.  If you were incapable of doing that you wouldn't be handling those snaps.  To make those plays, you need to be patient ... and cool-headed enough to live for another day.  If patient, the opportunities will present themselves as if given to you by a naked chick holding a silver platter.

The difference between knowing you're right and being right lies within your command over discipline.  Discipline has nothing to do with yelling ... it is the command over ones body, mind and soul ... control is just an illusion.

Why is a command followed?  If it's from the commander of an aircraft carrier it's obvious ... but not so obvious if it comes from a junior officer many years the junior to some salt.  Full steam ahead my boy!     

Now pinch yourself ... because it's real! 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.19.07

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