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Just Enough
Have you ever wondered why Gus Frerotte's play, as of late, looks like he owes a bookie?  Well ... you're not alone.  How can you say such a thing?  We'll let's see ... first and goal from the 2-1/2 ... followed by a super safe designed roll out to the right ... where if it isn't there, you're out of the pocket to chuck it into the cheap seats ... and we have two more downs to pound that rock.  No problemo ... Screech ... sack, 2nd and goal from the 12.  What???

This now immerses me way back into my days at the university, where I fondly remember studying several Harvard MBA case studies.  They were like biblical passages.  There was one passage about corrupt police officers that were on the take.  The key to resolve the corrupt proliferation was in fact quite a simple matter.  What was found was that if you paid a police officer 10% to 20% more than their next best position ... it was found to be a significant factor in ending the shenanigans.  In other words, if you're next best job only paid 40K, or less ... where your present 9-5 paid $50K ... you'd be hard pressed to screw that up for risking a little bit of scratch.     

So let's take a look at my man Gus ... who apparently has that Kapp factor goin' on ... or at least he did.  Word on the street is that there is no future in Minnesota beyond this year, which is sad, but this lies directly within Gus's hands.  Some say that Gus was talked out of retirement to be our back up ... not to start 14 games.  So exactly what's his incentive?  On the other hand, history also indicates a McComb's $25 million dollar contract, which included a $5 million dollar signing bonus, for the 1998 league MVP Randall Cunningham.  So again ...  what is Gus's incentive?   
In no way am I a cap-ologist, but if there's a pot of gold out there, ripe for the taking, it should be immediately laid out right at the feet of my man Kapp-number-two in a heavily laced incentive based contract addendum ... in the form of so much for making the playoffs (call it a bonus for having to start 14 games) and the biggest smelly hunk of cheese for the bringing home that ultimate prize.   The way I see it ... a Super Bowl XLIII victory can means hundreds of millions for the Vikings.  This will also help to secure hall of fame status for five Vikings and maybe most importantly of all ... will bring in quality veterans that want to be apart of a winner.  Only then can Gus's decision come down to a bird in the hand versus two in the bush ... with the later meaning that I can keep my integrity and maybe get to avoid a few bone crushing hits in the process.     

If this game plan is trashed by Zig's brain trust, then you have no choice but to put Gus on a real short leash for two reasons.  The first is obvious ... we need to win now ... and this play won't wash against the elites.  If Gus's future is at play then what is certain is that T-Jack's is going to need the work ... because there is no guarantee at securing a salty veteran and a draft pick is going to need time to develop if T-Jack's not the one.         

As for T-Jack, he played with a bum knee, without McKinney in the fold.  Yeah we lost to Green Bay, but the kid did OK in a very hostile environment (remember his first start was up in Lambeau ... and that was an ugly memory).  As for the Colts ... I still don't think they scored that first touch down, which was the prime and integral part of that 15 point swing.  Either way, just like Daunte hitting the pine ... a lesson was learned ... and the kid just might be ready to punch a hole in that ceiling.  The kid is now certainly feeling it in his wallet.  For T-Jack to instill effect ... to command that early lead like we all want ... he needs a serious shot at the salt.  Instead, two games was nothing more that a quick hook.  I'm not certain what we were missing, other than patience, because this kid has the ability to flash and still has an upside.  The way things are going, we're all afraid that that upside will be realized from the outside our organization ... like that KC quarterback.     

In either case, we have a coach that teetering that can ill afford to have a quarterback do just enough to win ... or better said ... just enough to lose.  

Heed this warning ... gage it with true belly hunger and be willing to trash anything that has been said or promised.       

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 28, 2008

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