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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

It's Witness
It screams within my ears ... it leaves me with an empty hollow feeling ... to be its witness ... powerless.  The longest return in the history of the NFL of 104 yards without a touchdown.  The longest franchise span without an interception.  The most franchise passing yards by a rookie quarterback without a victory.  "Would trade yesterdays triumph just if you didn't have to deal with Adrian Petersons knee injury."  Sounds like the dis-favoring of the gods ... wouldn't it?  My heart is torn ... us-under.

Once again, all of those misfortunes turned once again on an event.  I wonder what it was?  What was it that could shred any field ... at any time?  Isn't is interesting that no one has published Joe Webb's Quarterback rating versus the Redskins.  He is now the leagues #1 story ... its #1 athlete ... and no one has the balls to unleash it for what it is.  They only ponder its true meaning.  Some to this day are still wondering, " What does this mean?"  

Peterson had his chance.  He could have stood his ground.  He could have spoken up as loudly and as clearly with the firmness of his reputable fearsome hand shake ... but he did not.  That contract he signed made him this teams unquestioned leader.  This franchises #1 son.  Peterson made his choice ... he listened to the wind blown bile within his ears and now we all must live with the consequences.  It is not as if he wasn't warned ... time and again.  It wasn't as if an epic warning had been issued.  Look back ... it was referred to as slaying of the first born.  Now he must rebuild both himself and his team back to championship form ... to then re-insert himself as its final unquestioned piece.

He wishes to know the answer.  Again, it screams within my ear.  All muscle & sinew can be repaired & can be rebuilt within a champions heart.  It is the internal structure of the knee that holds the key ... it is the stability of cartilage ... like the foundation of a skyscraper.  It is the type of contact that rules.  There was no way that Rod Woodson should have returned to play in a Super Bowl but that is exactly what he did.

Here is a fun fact.  I've been watching football and have been a fan since 1966.  Never have I seen six (6) consecutive TD drives in the history of the league.  So you're thinking the Space Peanut was not a TD drive.  Maybe a photo might help.  These kitty cats qualified for the Omnipotent One's tournament on that space peanut.

I remember some kid coming off the bench at Notre Dame ... some say he was 7th in line ... out of obscurity, to lead the Irish to incredible victories ... only to be placed back upon that bench.  Then that kid won the Irish a national championship.  Later he became a 3rd round draft pick.  Oh yeah ... He also won four (4) west coast Super Bowl Championships.  Wasn't there a guy named Brady that was pulled off the bench to replace their #1 draft pick.  Bledsoe ... Bledsoe ... did he ever do anything in the NFL?  How about this drunk & disorderly underachieving QB out of Atlanta that replaced some guy named Majic-ski that was downed by a broken leg ... to become today's unquestioned NFL Iron Man.   Wasn't there another guy named Warner that played under a set of yellow horns ... again pulled from the shelves of super market obscurity ... from a scrub semi-pro team named the Barnstormers ... now on his way to the NFL Hall of Fame.  No, ladies and gentlemen, you don't get to select your champions.  You don't even get to mold your champions.  The champions are unleashed upon us by the gods ... we just get to be its witness.         

As we speak, there are a whole slew of Viking faithful that are now licking their wounds lamenting over the potential loss for the Suck for Luck bid.  Will Jacksonville allow the Colts next franchise quarterback to arrive uncontested ... or is there no possible way that the Colts lose next week?  A very good question.  Even as this all unfolds, plans are hatching within our venomous & treasonous brain trust ... to squelch the overwhelming out of control noise that is Joe Webb ... once again ... by selecting another quarterback with our first round pick.  Apparently, the never ending bad Karma that has been brought down upon this franchise by the gods ... has not been sufficient.  No matter what is said or done, way too many reject change at every juncture ... what they want, no matter how bad it is ... is Eli Manning.  It defines their comfort zone.  Without Tyree's incredible catch or Norwood's wide right field goal... the Giant's are minus 2 in Super Bowls.    
Linebacker ... Linebacker ... Linebacker.

After the Les Steckel era, and our 3-13 finish of 1984, our first pick was Linebacker.  His name was Chris Doleman ... now on his way to the Hall of Fame.  On December 28, 1975, the Vikings could do very little.  For all purposes ... it was a stalemate.  Prior to that championship drive that should live within the annals of history ... which today, now has been overshadowed by a 4th & 22 out of bounds pass, followed by the push-off of Nate Wright to steal an unearned victory ... there arrived a 2nd round draft pick that should of never even made the team.  Fred McNeal was that #1 pick for that final slot.  Recall that Old Stone Face (1974) never played rookies.  Then he arrived in that game ... Matt Blair ... his play turned that contest on its ear.

In anticipation of this years draft, it is not so much of what you have, or even in what you may need, it is about what you need to stop.  Putting this in perspective, was it Rodgers that brought Green Bay it's championship or was it more influenced by Mathews.  Maybe you might remember a slight tiny nuisance that was first to acquire the designation L.T.  These guys could devastate any team.  Why would anyone occasionally practice the starting quarterback as a free safety ... it is based upon what you need to stop.  "What the hell is their starting quarterback doing back there?" 

We need to draft based upon need!  Do we really need to conform to what we are told to do?  "We need a left tackle!"... but there is more than one dominant left tackles available.  "We need to draft that shut down corner, The Honey Badger!"  Do we need a kick returner that either can't or won't hit or do we need someone that can cover and hit like a freight train?   Sort of like drafting Troy Williamson that could run like the wind but couldn't catch a cold.  Instead, could there be a fortune a-foot as another franchise covets a certain sure-thing pick?  According to the immortal words of Bud Grant, regardless of need, we draft the most dominant position available.  We didn't need Adrian Peterson ... did we?  Before we draft, we need to do the following:  First, we need to root out the treasonous behavior and expose the reality.  We next need to relocate this franchises resources into scouting & rooting out talent.  It has done well but it is not at a championship level.  

The most appropriate term for it is known as a paradigm shift.  Explain Michael Vick in terms of Achilles?  Explain Tebow?  Explain Cam Newton?  What made Bill Walsh successful may not be the West Coast scheme.  If that were the case, how teams have run the scheme without Walsh's success.  One could argue correctly that what made the quiet one Bill Walsh successful was in his openness and acceptance of the paradigm.  This kid Joe Montana is nothing but a bunch of skinny bones in desperate need of some pasta.  Not in Walsh's eyes.  This kids is special.  He's got a knack that cannot be fathomed upon any level.  Said another way, someone recognized that this kid Favre's butt was so heavy that every time he walked on the field the massive weight would shift the field to his favor or better said FAV're!

The Viking Ghost Writer

December 26, 2011