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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

It's Obvious
It's obvious ... expect the Vikings to be picking at slot #12 tonight.  For a suitor team to want this spot in the draft they have to be supremely confident in a player that they covet that they don't expect to be available when they pick and they have to have enough compensatory picks available to make the deal sweet for the Vikings to move out of this slot for a later #1 draft pick.  To be direct, no one is going to have the compensation that's going to turn the trick.  Some are expecting the #1 Cheatin' Beaner, God's gift to the draft selection, to give up the Viking's 3rd round pick to swap #1's with the Vikings but this is just not going to happen.  The Chick is way to arrogant in that he knows that his player will be available because his organization is the best which knows way more than the average Bear {Fraiser & Singletary}.  He will also not realize the compensation necessary to cut the deal, as it will require more than their first & 3rd round picks for this particular player.    

There is another reason.  Expect the Bear connection to fearlessly select a Defensive End this evening, regardless of our sordid history.  This player, like Chuck Forman, will be of Hall of Fame caliber but he have an asterisk assigned to his play.  In the future, all Viking's, just like Jim Marshall just won't get in.  You'll have to await for all this player stuff to evolve.  

There is one thing for certain & that is neither Singletary nor Frazier will field a team that has any glaring holes in our defense.  Just as Johnson had the most to gain in the Texas home court slaying of Kennedy, so did Frazier.  Most don't recall that the Benny Sapp trade doesn't happen without Frazier's say so but somehow it happened and now look who's in charge.  Somehow this fact just seemed to slip under the radar but a glaring hole it did create OB1.  Let's just assume that Frazier's voice was cut short on pulling that trigger which falls in line with another 2010 glaring trade.  

As for the Vikings #2 pick, well that is an entirely different matter.  I expect that particular slot will be charged and energized by a universally coveted player.  This will be caused by a series of unexpected positions dropping early, leaving coveted needs glaring for several pick rich teams.  This is the unintended consequence of the present NFL lockout & free agency void.  The only question will be, will the Frazier crew recognize the frothing over that draft slot or not.  If they do, they could be rewarded with a series of solid stock that will provide the much needed competition for the potential defensive voids.         

If Webb develops the deep seeded chip on his shoulder and commands the respect through the never ending process of proving himself every day striving for, but never achieving perfection, with the genuine fear of never getting to play another down in this league, then I expect him to be immersed into the starting role.  Webb is too talented to be moved from QB as he's too great a natural to be moved to another position ... at least for today.  Only the a true Hall of Fame caliber QB will be able to displace him and to be direct, the Vikings are not in the position to give up immediate compensation except for one player.  That will only occur if Denver selects a QB at the #2 position, which is highly likely as there is no Elway on their roster, regardless of how many QB's that they might have.  If this happens, the Vikings will have to face their most sordid question in their history.  Do they move Webb to a vastly different near full time role to generate on the field with Harvin, Peterson, Kleinsasser & Shiancoe?

Every team has its successful identity.  We are a pass defense dominant team, whereas our recent history has been at or near #1 against the run.  On offense, we are a pass first dominant team, understanding that a running the ball will win the championship.  This is vastly different from our prior identity of being a run first team, which is a no-win chess strategy of attrition.  If our team is entirely dependent upon the production of one man, stating that this is AD's team, then we are destined to fail.  Our most successful historical QB's by far are mobile, mobile, mobile ... an accurate as hell on the run.  Tarkenton & Cunningham and to a much lesser extent Culpepper as he just ran.  The pocket passer is a myth in that they win championships because they are surrounded by the best team, full of positions.

As the new head coach of this Minnesota Vikings team leading this 2011 team there is only one quote that I have any interest in.  It is as follows:

"No one is perfect.  No one is without flaw.  I have no regard for excuses of any type whatsoever.  I don't expect excuses from my team and I don't expect to give excuses for anybody or anything.  I don't care to hear about what we have and what we don't have.  I don't care to hear about where we are in the process or about any other expectations whatsoever.  We are in competition with 31 other teams.  My expectation is to take it, not give it, and it is time to stop whining about it.  Our backs are against the wall and this football town is in crisis.  We have allot of work to do no matter how good anyone of us thinks that we might be.   Do we have what we need to do this thing?  No, but we will gather the pieces of the puzzle that will have a common goal & direction to live as men of character ... something that this collection of individuals can look back upon and be proud of regardless of gender.  This process is already in motion and let me be very direct, I'm not a patient man.  I will expect my team mates to live every aspect of their lives with verve & fervor that includes both themselves and their families.  They are to reject any slothful attitude that will confront them each and every day.   Will I guarantee that we will win it all, no, but I can guarantee you that each and every one of us will die one day knowing that we tried with all of our conviction, with everything within our hearts and beings to achieve that very thing.  I expect to be prepared to be beaten by the very best until we find ourselves fortunate enough that that no longer happens.  Expect me to be on my knees pleading for the health of my players, a kind bounce "now and then" with a plea for knowledge with the wisdom to use that knowledge to establish a solid foundation which will become the character of this organization.  I hope to be surrounded by people that are forthright and true.  I will instill the mind set that makes any weather condition to be favorable only to a true Viking heart.  I plan to expect more ... only then will you achieve more.  I will expect this of myself.  I will expect this everyone that is apart of this endeavor.  Together we stand ... Divided we shall fall.  This ship is leaving this dock.  Having one foot in two places never works.  I refuse to be apart of any link that breaks.  Do we now understand each other?  Are we clear?"

Do we lack a leader?  Time will tell.  As for Frazier, it is not necessarily in his words.  For Grant it was in his eyes.  There is something behind Frazier's demeanor.  Too many might think that still waters run deep but the broad shot or warning has been cast.  That XX Bears defense ripped tendons.    

he Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April 28, 2010

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