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It Looms
Just for a moment, consider a cosmic shift in regard to Kirk Cousins.  A shift that allows him to play without all those critical comments that have forced him to play against himself rather than within himself.  

This cat is capable of tossing the ball all over the yard including competing against the elites in the NFC.  On a short week, where this franchise had to travel to the west coast, Kirk competed in a shoot out with Geoff that included his precious Kupp.  Maybe fortunately for him, we lost that contest that may have been different if played in Minnesota or if not played on a short week.  It's fortunate because that was a very valuable learning experience for this franchise.

What LOOM's is everything that still has not been activated ... at least not yet.  To be direct, we've seen only just bits & pieces ... a glimpse of what is to be.    

Now recall, early in 2018, Diggs might have been regarded as our most explosive receiver, which opened the door for Thielen to explode on the scene statistically.  The weavers began to squalk demanding that coverage be shifted to what appeared to be an uncovered Thielen.  That coverage shifted into taking both Thielen & Diggs away, maybe weakening that defensive schemes to our run game.  Unfortunately, for this franchise, in 2018 our running game & offensive line was in woeful shape, where we could not take advantage of the weakened defensive run scheme.  

For this franchise, an inept run game had a double whammy effect in that Kirk Cousins statistically was maybe the best statistical play action passer in the league.  What good was his play action prowess if we could not run the ball?  The results were evident?  To not make the playoffs,  

So ... in this 2019 season ... IT LOOMS!  What Looms. you might ask?

Well you still have that 4,000 yard plus passer who is still as deadly accurate as ever.  You still have Thielen & Diggs maybe one of the most reliable tandems in the league.  Now add to that Don Beebe's kid that cannot be covered in the slot PERIOD.  Now add to that a rebuilt offensive line with addition of Bradbury & Kline, working within a zone running scheme that clearly cannot be stopped by anyone.  Now lump onto that pile maybe the NFL's best running back that "Levels the COOK's" as what appears to be a power back.  Now add into that the bacon bits of this kid named the name of Mattison that still hasn't had the chance to develop his NFL frame, but is clearly the insurance policy of not overusing our best athlete.  Now, I know your thinking to yourself ... hey this is cool but we still haven't discussed maybe the most unselfish NFL player out there that for years did what was best for the team rather than to seek the glory which of course is Kyle Rudolph.  So you've had enough yet.  Not so fast, as there's one more little sprinkle by the name Irv Smith Jr., that is just beginning his emergence as one of Zimmer's new offensive hybrids (Is he a flanker or is he a tight end)?  Let the nightmares begin.     

So with all that ... what might be wrong? 
Why is it that the Viking Nation has any fear going into the confines of Chicago's new & improved Soldier Field going up against that magnificent defense for this up & coming contest?  The only thing that comes to mind is the greatest motivational speak ever uttered by an American:

"Hey, what's all this lying around S--t?  What?  Over?  Did you say, "OVER"?  Nothing is over until we decide its is!  Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor?  No!  And it ain't over now!  Cause when the going gets touch ... DUMP ... DUMP ... DUMP ... The tough get going.  Who's with me?  Let's go!  Come on!  Heyee!  (Void, chiasm. lethargic do nothings). (Now the Question of all Questions).  What happened to the Viking's that I used to know?  Where's the spirit?  Where's the guts, Huh? This could be the greatest nigh of our lives ... but you're going to let it be the worst.  Oh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto.  We might get into trouble.  Well just kiss my hing quarters from now on!  Not me!  I'm not going to take this this!  Wormer?  He
's a dead man.  Momalard?  Dead!  NeiderMeyer?  Dead! ..."  

This importance of this night is much much more than you think.  

Maybe it's time to count yourselves as being apart of this ... where the time for allowing anyone to cheap shot Kirk Cousin's is over.  For once ... allow him to breath free.

Yes, my friends ... it LOOM's! 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 23, 2019