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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Inflamed Erupting PUSTULES
Comparing Donovan McNabb's season long putrid performance to any particular play last weekend is like having a doctor say to you that, "You're Festering Inflamed Erupting Pustules are nothing to worry about.  That fetid smell emission is completely normal".  Just like reading a Viking injury report in years past, "We think he's going to be alright  to ... we had to amputate ... the bile deep within the bowels of the Viking Nation just isn't toting the company line any more.

There is genuine fear dispersed throughout our sports beat ... observing the full-court-press and the full implementation of "The Gag Order".  Whether it is seen or heard ... it's implied behavior is clearly blazing through the sky like a fierce & imposing shooting star.  The sports beat writer's creed of, "I report only what I know", tells a glaring story.  The silence is deafening.  Do you think your silence, or better said your dancing around and skirting the issue is helping this team or hurting it?  Will you have changed your mind when this franchise is stolen from under our feet like a thief in the night?  Do you see Jacksonville or San Diego as that pearl franchise or is this beleaguered regional franchise, with its rich & vast history, the true proverbial diamond in the rough?  Haven't you ever heard of misdirection?  Tell me how many industries have left one state for another?   In Pennsylvania alone we've lost Caterpillar, Hershey & Harley Davidson and way too many others to count.  The states are at war & what you cannot see is part of the illusion.   The pay off for such a coup is without measure.  So go ahead ... bury your head in the sand but do me a favor.  Wipe those smiles off your faces.  When I see it in print, I'll know that you still have a soul & that you don't have your heads buried in the sand.  

Tell me.  Exactly for what are you willing to fight?  What is worth your contempt?  At what point will you peak behind the that curtain to peer upon "The Grand & Powerful Oz"?  Who will it be that paints the actual face upon this franchise?  Have you yet to run out of white wash?  Tell me!  What is stirring within your soul?

So McNabb, you're tired of the boos.  Well your in luck because these Chicago fans plan to cheer for our conquering zero.  For each toss in the dirt or thrown away opportunity is one nail closer to sealing the fate of this 2011 coffin.
Is Ponder ready?  Is he ready to become that franchise quarterback?  Hardly!  Here me ... IT'S NOT HIS TIME!  Somehow the VIKING NATION & its sport beat has bought into the premature anointing oils that have been sprinkled upon Ponder ... as if this was something of substance.  How is it that you've been blinded by the same leadership team of the same franchise that has shoved McNabb down our throats week after week.  It is time to wake up people.

My belief is that Joe Webb has that true Viking heart ... something that transcends race, pettiness & overwhelming odds.  There is a direct correlation between Kurt Warner & this kid.  Just because you have an attention span of a gnat doesn't mean that it didn't show up on film.  The kid is a winner.  Now Webb sits upon his punish chair ... waiting for an opportunity that will never come ... because the demeanor of his youth will not sell out to the highest bidder.

here was something about Kurt Warner that transcended the game itself.  His soul was not for sale ... an it never will be.  When I watched him play for the Barnstormers I thought to myself ... this kid should be playing in the NFL.  It showed up on film immediately ... just as Joe Webb did.  In the NFL Warner was supposed to be this throw away cog ... the perpetual back up ... that is until Trent Green blew out his knee during the pre-season.  What followed was "The Greatest Show on Turf".  For Kurt Warner, there was never a choice in regard to his soul ... and now this kick his foot in the dirt aw gosh athlete is on his way to the NFL's Hall of Fame.

So regardless of whether your speaking of the crippling effects of McNabb or some anointing oils splashed upon some kid that had never played a down in the NFL, you better clearly understand that what you've been searching for all of your lives is actually sitting there right in front of you on his punish chair.
You don't get to choose your champion ... you can only get the hell out of Joe Webb's way.  When you do, the entire universe of bile, contempt and despair shall tip upon the pivot like a polar shift.  Just like it did last year.  Oh yeah!  The release of that stadium and where you want it teeters upon the back of Joe Webb.  The house that Joe Webb built ... has a nice ring to it ... doesn't it?  
The frothing dogs are at the door!  Ding Dong!   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date:  October 13, 2011