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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

"We have a place for him"!  That statement then evolved into being a back-up for Aaron Rodgers ... followed by a protest rally in Green Bay.  My first thought was ... this is going to be a circus ... a nightmare ... and bad bad generational ju ju for the Pack!  Having die hard purple in these veins, you might thing that I'd be elated ... and at first, I must admit that I allowed myself a brief pondering, so as not to upset the gods, but this careful thought evolved into something beyond distress for a man that has gutted me open for way too many times.  Respect for ones artistic history of work can do that!  Yes, respect for a childlike heart that has endured everything we've piled all over his plate.   

For years, my closest insane Viking compadre would lament, why did they just release this guy or that guy?  They could of got something for him?  They could of got allot more for Moss!  Why did they just do that ... are they (Vikings ownership or management) stupid or what?  I never truly understood their actions until now.  The Beserker nation has learned these individual have a heart, and apparently ... we are about to be rewarded for it.   The key distinction here is those players that the Vikings gave their outright release to, weren't just no-names ... they had a marketable value.  I'm not talking about the no-names that get released all the time, and if your a true Viking Fan ... you know what I'm talking about.  

In this case, however, we are talking about something and someone that is beyond the hall of fame.  For a time, most just knock around the game for a while, but then there are these entities that arise for a brief moment in time that just defy time ... for all time.  Joe Montana gutted us like pigs ... year after year ... and by all rights I should hate him for that ... but I can't.  Why, you might ask?... How could I feel this way? ... the answer goes something like this, "If Joe Montana was a Viking ..."  What he did and how he did it is for the ages ... events that we all can carry as the images of a masterpiece that smote our souls like the notes of a Beethoven score.  It etches your soul for all time and you hunger daily for a repeat performance.  Unfortunately, in football, it's a live event, where the gods sparingly toss us a lightning bolt of brilliance now and then to persist and prolong our suffering.  This is why we devour the sport.   

How could it be that Adrian topped 250 yard twice and then gets shut down the stretch.  This was no injury issue.  The answer lies no further than the image of Jim McMahon whining for Ditka to let him in the game after being in traction all week long.  Behind, in the sterile confines of our roofed arena, McMahon dropped back for what was beyond a momentum changing play to Gault.  Just prior to launching that arrow, however, the man they called Sweetness just annihilated poor Dennis sacrificing all he had to ensure that spheroid found its mark.  That play launched Super Bowl XX ... immortalized the 85 Bears, and it cemented Walters immortality into the hall of fame ... and that play shall live on for ever.  Adrian, you are fun to watch, and they will give you that rock, but you deserve nothing and I'm quite tired of hearing about what you want.  Until you fully comprehend the history of this game, it's heart, it's sacrifice, it's duty, it's honor ... you will face that impenetrable wall.  Potential is just that!  You are just a custodian of time ... with a choice.  What Walter did on that day, on that play, was only a snap shot ... but in no small part, it  defined Sir Walter, action after action, for all time.  Today, we all ache for his patented finish to his runs and his soul that beamed with both humility and brilliance.   

As stated on Saturday, July 12th by this author ... having Brett is purple would be a monumental mistake ... in my opinion, beyond the Herschel Walker gaff.  We couldn't possibly be that stupid to put our long deserved chance at the greatest prize of all into the hands of individual that could and would benefit in two ways: selling out to the highest bidder and still be the hero in Green Bay for doing it.   There are no words that can convince me of that risk.  

What is about to come down hard on the Packer's organization is the statement, "What is good for the League!"  What is good for the League is having Brett play and having one final shot at the prize.  What is bad for the league is shilling Brett to a non-serious-contender that can't protect him for 30-peices of silver.  There are way too many hero's that have been emasculated before our eyes in this way.  If the Pack chooses the later, the gods will never forgive such an action and shall punish the Pack for it.  Consider yourself warned!        

At this juncture, it appears that Brett's ship has sailed.  You were content with that fact and were about to get nothing from his retirement.  You were about to move on ... move on then!  In time ... the Packer faithful will understand it.  Now, there can be only be one response from Green Bay.  Brett's announcement for his unconditional release has shaken our organization (Green Bay) to its very foundation.  We've made many mistakes.  We are not prepared to respond at this time.  

Go to Brett.  Apologize to him.  Counsel him.  Tell him it's ok to go to Minnesota.  Tell him he can go where ever he wants to go and thank him one final time for all he has done for the Packers and let him know that he will always be welcome.  Then wish him well ... and mean it.  You are in a no-win situation.  Rather than dwelling on Brett ... I'd much rather dwell on the idiocy of gaffs made by the Packers management, which of course is about money.

Brett Farve can be no indentured servent!     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 14, 2008

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