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Illicit Response  
For Kyle Sloter ... there is only one question.  Exactly which finger do we size for the NFL's greatest piece of hardware ... that is ... in the form of a some gaudy ring.  Yes, there are no guarantees in the NFL however ... in this case ... what is clear to see is that Kyle Sloter is a winner ... ABSOLUTELY.  Does that mean that Head Coach Mike Zimmer is wrong about Kyle ... No!  He's just not ready just like John Randle wasn't ready to play with Millard, Doleman & Hank Thomas (although I wonder what could have happened if that did in fact happen).  

In Philadelphia, there is no question that Carson Wentz is their franchise quarterback.  The problem is ... no one appears to be checking the numbers because Kyle Sloter has outperformed & will outperform Carson Wentz in every measurable, baring maybe one (speed running) & in time ... it will prove out.  Most people don't realize that Carson Wentz & Kyle Sloter came out of the same college conference however there was a major difference in that Kyle Sloter began as a wide receiver ... that is until they asked him to play quarterback.  What was apparent from that moment forward was that there was nothing to prevent him from being & achieving ... he's clearly a winner.  Don't believe me ... look at his films in high school, then in college, then see his lights out pre-season in Denver.  Then of course we need to ignore & disregard his two pre-season outings in Minnesota.  Look at what he's posted as  his pre-season numbers ... even as they salt away runs to finish off in the red zone.  Sure ... he's raw & has that gun slinger mentality however is this the only franchise on the planet that cannot see the forest through the trees?  Has it dawned on anyone why he has never been given a chance to see if he can do it on stage?   

Sure, he has no real NFL experience and sure he is a project of the likes of Brett Favre in that he has that wild-eyed gun slingers mentality where he's going to drive you out of you mind while you pound ant-acids.  However, his destiny is clear.  Do you need to have the hand interject his will at some point this season or will the truth finally reveal itself?  We shudder at the thought but it wouldn't be the first time ... now would it.

Now, Kirk Cousins has declared himself to be a 500 quarterback, facing the fact that as a starter he's now won as much as he lost.  Not so fast.  In the NFL you are measured against your peer's, where we are flashed his won loss record versus winning teams.  Kirk Cousins is 5-13 in prime-time games and 12-23-2 on the road.  He is 4-24 versus teams with winning records (winning percentage of 16.7%) which doesn't make him a 500 quarterback.  What it tells us ... is that it is what it is ... that Kirk Cousin's is not a 500 quarterback ... he's a losing quarterback when the chips are down & apparently ... there is nothing that he can do about it.  There are a number of reasons that Kirk Cousins trends continued onward last year however regardless of the actual excuses used ... only he can be responsible for the outcome.  Put another way, with that team assembled in 2018, do you think Russell Wilson at the helm would of had the same result or would he have sized himself too for some additional hardware.  Maybe this conjecture might not have happened but it is clear for all the world to see that Russell Wilson is a winner.     

So Kirk Cousins has turned the corner ... so he says ... as everyone is on the same page.  Well, one thing for sure is that we are in for a bunch of entertainment this year ... just like last year however, will that mountain he's trying to climb ... be too high to summit.    

So, what's to be done?  Well according to Kirk Cousins, and the men pulling the trigger, they are trying everything in their arsenal to make the perfect environment for their quarterback however as Head Coach Mike Zimmer knows only too well ... nothing is ever perfect.  For example, did you notice how Russell Wilson exposed & continuously attacked Anthony Harris as this franchises weak link.  Sure, that was alarming as coach knows he needs to tighten things up to get back to formidable.  So then the action of this franchise becomes the path of least resistance ... which is to continue placating Kirk Cousins.  Very bad move!  As after all, Kirk Cousins hasn't done anything to change the result.     

If you listen carefully to Kirk Cousins he backhandedly stated that the quarterback situation must play itself out, where these quarterbacks are deserving of being NFL starters.  Of course, Kirk Cousins focus is on Kyle Sloter, who is the only person on the planet that realizes that there is something very wrong out there. on the field.  In other words, what does it say when your starting quarterback ... the highest paid player on the team ... is sporting an endorsement for cash on the side of his ride.  Allow me to put this another way, "Did I pay you to miss that kick (field goal) or did someone else pay you to miss that kick".  If it is the former ... shame on me.  Regardless, it doesn't matter because you missed that kick. Said another way ... regardless is doesn't matter that you dropped that ball, which might explain why Laquon Treadwell is treading upon thin ice.  Sure, he might have just dropped the ball but does it really matter as to why?  Now ask yourself, if Kirk Cousins is willing to do something like that endorsement deal, what else is he willing to do for a fee, and based upon that ... well, you better have a back up plan. Let me tell you ... that the fans of this franchise are SHORT ... very short ... like humans getting pounded like telephone poles into the mud to build a slip or a dock for your boat on that placid lake.  There is no shorter anywhere.  We can take no more ... what he said ... only what he do!           

So, do you want to know why Sean Mannion is this franchises back up quarterback?  Well that's because that is exactly what he is ... a back up quarterback.  Is he challenging Kirk Cousins for the starting spot on this team or has he accepted the role on this team to placate ... and work with ... Mr. Cousins?  Do you think that pick 6 he threw last week was an abortion or does it state his case?  How come that pick 6 didn't count against him but rather was applied to Beebe under miscommunication?  So, that's how it works in the NFL?  

So is Kyle Sloter a back up quarterback?  Well consider this.  Teddy Bridgewater was on PUP to start the season.  Our starting quarterback played in the 1st season contest, then was out for all purposes for the rest of the season, which put our back up quarterback Case Keenum at the helm to run the show as our starting quarterback for the remainder of the 2017 season.  The back up quarterback at the time was ... Kyle Sloter.  How come we didn't make personal moves to find a back up at that time?  Well, it was clear that Head Coach Mike Zimmer was OK with Kyle Sloter as his back up ... that is ... until Teddy returned which didn't happen until we played Kirk Cousins' Washington Redskins.  You also might recall, that after the 2017 season, the only quarterback on our roster was Kyle Sloter as all the other three quarterback had left for greener or browner pastures.  So what changed ... you might ask?       

In 2017, Pat Shurmur was our offensive coordinator where he had first hand knowledge in regard to Kyle Sloter & his abilities and could clearly see something very special in him.  In 2018, as the head coach of the New York Giants, it was rumored that Coach Shurmur wanted to make a play for Kyle by making a trade with this Vikings franchise for him.  Thank God the price was considered to high or maybe Zimmer/Speilman were smart enough not to be fooled.  In other words, it could have been like Stanley Kubrick screwing the studios out o 2 of the greatest cameras ever made for a song & a dance ... because the studios didn't know what they had.  Now Coach Shurmur has cast his lot upon Daniel Jones ... which means for the foreseeable future ... the Giants have no need to Kyle but there are 30 other franchises out there.  The team that should trade for Sloter is the Eagles however that move would not placate Carson Wentz as their starter ... so the point is mute.  In other words, in knowing the abilities in Wentz ... a similar conjecture could also be applied to Kyle Sloter.     

Then it happened.  The Vikings grabbed a hold of Jake Browning.  Jake was a cheap prospect where no one really knows his future.  What this would enable this Vikings franchise to do is to have Kirk Cousins as their starter.  Then they could placate him with Sean Mannion as his backup quarterback, leaving Jake as this franchises 3rd quarterback either on the practice squad or making the 53 man roster.  This left Rick Spielman the opportunity of trading Kyle Sloter, and his rather oversized pre-season numbers, to another team for a big fat draft pick that they couldn't do in 2018.  There was only one problem major with that scenario & it still remains today.

Rick Spielman & Head Coach Mike Zimmer still don't know what they have in ... endorsement for a fee ... starting quarterback ... with a losing record when it counts ... Kirk Cousins.  The only "BOSS-TRUMP" card that the both of these two gentlemen hold in their hands is Kyle Sloter.  Why?  Because he's the only entity on the planet that does not & will not placate Kirk Cousins ... and why should he?  Kyle Sloter is the only insurance policy that this franchise has to ensure an outcome that may not be possible for Kirk Cousins to achieve.  You see, you can try to achieve it & fail, or you can realize your shortcomings and then deal it all away.   I don't think I could handle another 2009 ... can you?

Under this franchises banner ... "W

So what if Kirk Cousins turns out to be exactly what he is as of this moment ... A quarterback incapable of winning when it counts?  Good question!  The answer comes in the statement, "DON'T DO SOMETHING STUPID".  There is nothing on this God's green earth that is making you do a darn thing ... except that is ... what falls under the word PLACATE!

It's not like you didn't just get the biggest message from the cosmos, to have ever hit the media, courtesy of the most dynamic entertainer in today's NFL.  Baker Mayfield's exact quote was, "Some people over think it. That's where people go wrong. They forget, you've gotta win."  That quote wasn't about Daniel Jones, as he hasn't had his opportunity yet & Baker Mayfield knows that, however, it was clearly an insult directed at Kirk Cousins & his ilk.  How did Bill Parcell's put it, something about your record being what it is ... actually.  Gentlemen ... Don't over think it.    

So what can Head Coach Mike Zimmer & Rick Spielman do?  After all, Kirk Cousins is under contract for 2019 & his huge money is also guaranteed in 2020.  Kyle Sloter is only under contract for 2019 and in 2020 he is a restricted free agent.  As a restricted free agent a First-round tender will allow Kyle Sloter to negotiate with any other teams however this Vikings Franchise will have the option to match any deal and will receive a first-round selection if it opts not to match the deal.  So your thinking ... you can't pay 2 quarterbacks ... well, do you think you could if one of them was Tom Brady.  In other words, expect the competition for Kyle Sloter's services to be fierce  however the final decision will rest in this franchises hands, whomever is running the show.  Unless you are absolutely out of your mind, you should hold onto the greatest insurance policy this team has ever had by holding onto Kyle Sloter until Kirk Cousins proves that he can win the big games.  Week 4 in Chicago will tell us just about everything that you will need to know.  Keep in mind, it wouldn't be the first time this team has paid players enormous amounts of money for little or no return.  Can anyone say Barnyard Berrian, amongst others?  The difference being that Rick Spielman & Head Coach Mike Zimmer will be considered geniuses as they found players like Thielen, Beebe, and a whole host of others that people missed on.  That's what happens when you play your players for their sweat equity rather than reaching for cast offs with "too big money".     

There is a message for Kyle Sloter that you need to take to heart.  Your body language of disappointment is overwhelming because you are being treated unfairly but your young & you will adapt.  It's never as good as you think it is nor is it ever as bad as you think it is ... is horse crap.  What matters is what shows up on film and it goes well beyond your individual particular performance.  Kyle Sloter has the ability to inspire people like Captain Comeback & Favre's gigantic ass tilting every field into his favor.  That, on film, is undeniable.  In every game that I've seen you play, we've lost ... that is, until you walked upon the field.  That just doens't happen.  Every true fan of this franchise knows it and they are hungry for your particular stew.  Always remember that they told THE BIG HIM that ... at best ... you'll be carrying a clip board.  They were talking to Tom Brady.  Also, let's not forget A.A. Ron on draft day where he got to prove them that they were all wrong.  Your time will come..      

You want a guarantee.  Well that is exactly what I'm prepared to hand you.  As the ladies would say, "Kyle Sloter is the Shit!"

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 22, 2019