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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Hovering Ghost  
Something is deeply haunting the ghost ... stirring the memories of that fateful day of October 5th, 1998.  It was Brett Farve's cosmic introduction to Randy Moss.    

It as if Ghost Writer was acting by remote control ... directing me to Charlotte, NC for that September 25th NFC clash.  The showdown with the NFC's 2015 Super Bowl's representative.  There is something very important about to unfold.  Being it's witness ... there is no personal choice in this matter.  Seats have been secured directly behind the visitors bench.  Plans of this magnitude has never happened in this 55 year history ... reaching for that brass ring.   

No one can help thinking of last years two clashes with the Hawks.  The first tilt was a one sided affair where my beloved was thrashed unmercifully ... watching two key defensive figures pulled early from that contest.  Watching the whiff in it's place.  The second Hawks stanza ... within the harshness of the old winter wonderland ... we awaited a victory that never came.

Rivera & Newton have hyper extreme expectations ... in their return to the Super Bowl.  They expect to successfully dab their way to victory on this day, but maybe not so much.

There are 31 other teams that are represented in the head lines.  From the outside, the pot has been stirred to create excessive pressure upon that Bridge Over so much troubled Water.  Propaganda ... with a definite purpose.  One garbage statement can do exactly that & if it is marketed well, people will tend to believe it as if it were there own thought or idea.  An idea cast within the Cauldron of Evil.  The statement, "The success of this Vikings franchise is dependent upon the growth (to elite status) of Teddy Bridgewater."  In short, make Teddy assume a pressure-filled-stance to destroy his steady favorable development toward this team's goal.  It is a statement that can not be defended ... only laughed at as just ridiculous unfounded  fodder.  

Although it might happen that way ... it is hardly realistic.  Just like in 2009 when Brett Farve was promised that all he would need to do is set up behind that veteran line and hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson.  It was tried for about 1/3 of a quarter and then scrapped in favor of what Brett did best.

Let's not forget that Teddy has only completed two (2) years in this league, where he wasn't even expected to start for a large portion of that first year.  Now think back to the debacle of Peyton Manning's 1st year in the league.  It wasn't stellar ... it was dismal.  By comparison, "A-Ron" Rodgers is in his 12th year.  By comparison, Teddy's actually off the charts however there is one very important key to obtaining this years very achievable goals.  Teddy has to develop under Teddy legs, sort of speak ... not under some unrealistic "elite status", formed in some morons mind.  Something that can only be obtained having invested 12 years in the league.

Does that mean that Teddy shouldn't look forward to hoisting this years Super Bowl trophy.  Well if the two ex-Viking quarterbacks Tavaris Jackson can do it and Joe Webb can get to that game ... Teddy's bridge over so much troubled Water can certainly achieve that ultimate honor too.

The Ghost will be hovering on October 23rd also and Washington may soon be on that list too.  Being it's witness.  The foundation has been laid.  Traveling to great events requires practice ... you just can't show up to a Super Bowl.  You must have evolved key preparation.  Invisible ... known only to himself.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 8, 2016