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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Hidden Lead -
I promised myself that I wouldn't do it.  The plan was clear ... I was going to extricate myself from the entire world ... to avoid all sports related media ... until I had the opportunity to watch my beloved Vikings on NFL Game Pass.  Once the game was over I could watch the re-broadcasted event as if it were new to me.  At about 10 am Sunday morning the plan was to drive home from Boston.  I was fine all the while watching the clock ... seeing that 1 pm EST kickoff approach ... dealing with that creeping uneasy feeling.  As we were passing through New Jersey, something drove me to turn to an NFL broadcast.  It was the Eagles network.    

Every available moment on the Eagles radio network focused upon that game with commentary.  The mundane was only broken by an Eagle Fart, with the announcement of some cash amount being sent to some charity, brought to you by some sponsor.  Of course the fart was a sack, or some such thing, however there was no news about the Vikings, or any other NFL team for that matter.  For all purposes, I was cut from the source & I desperately needed to re-connect ... as something was driving me.  Just before half time, it was announced the score was Titans 10, Vikings 0.  I was officially tied in.  Up to that point, not much was going the Vikings way.  Later that day, when I had the chance to see the re-broadcast ... it became apparent that at the very moment of reintroducing myself to the game ...  the hand introduced himself once again.  

If you had said before that contest that neither Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill would throw a TD or if you had said that Adrian Peterson would have less than 2 yards per carry or that Blair Walsh would miss two (2) field goals and an extra point, I'd probably would say ... tell me, which one do you think might happen?  Any one of these facts would mean certain death to this squad.  Your response ... taken incredulously ... actually was all three would occur.  So then I'd make the statement ... "So the Vikings lost?".  "No ... actually they would win."  We all would probably say you were a great story teller but you were out of your mind.  Something incredible is happening here.  What was once feared ... is no longer feared.  

Then it hit me.  Teddy's statement, "You cannot give testimony without being tested."  At first I thought that was just and only about Teddy Bridgewater, as he referred to his mothers fight ... overcoming every and all obstacles however we missed something.  Teddy was asked to lead this team.  He can no longer do it from or on the field of battle however that doesn't diminish his leadership role.  The test that he's actually referring to goes well beyond his left knee ... the test is being applied to every aspect of this organization.

For example, can Mike Zimmer withstand the test imposed upon him by Blair Walsh.  Zimmer's faith will be tested beyond its endurance.  He may no longer get to chose how his team wins.  What is clear is that Bill Parcell's, as Zimmer's mentor, is actually a good thing because his Giants won ugly ... but they won nonetheless.  After Walsh missed that playoff kick last year, my first reaction was that I wanted him gone.  I was beyond upset.  I was unwilling to accept that result.  Now, I'm not so sure anymore.  Now, when someone says that we got lucky in our recent victory ... it only means one thing ... at every step each foe will underestimate our every move.  There is no warning.  There is no better place.  Zimmer's faith in Walsh must endure as now he must face any and all tests without question.  We are all flawed but we do not cut our nose to spite our face.    

Peterson was tested.  Patterson was tested.  Walsh was tested.  Theilen was tested.  Trae Waynes was being tested.  The list is enormous.  Heck, even Xavier Rhodes has had the rug yanked from beneath his feet.  Now LaQuon Treadwell & Mackensie Alexander are being thrown into the cauldron or into the fire.  One to identify with the concept that only elite play will be accepted while the other asked to absorb the surrealistic.  Either the fire burns within you ... or you shall be burned.

Maybe Zimmer didn't realize what he was doing when he scowled at that camera instead of singing but that scowl once roamed the frigid sidelines with steely eyes that could penetrate steel.  The scowl sent a message ... that something dear to us all has returned.  SKOWL!

Watch the reaction.  Hearts will turn to our favor like none have turned before.  Do you fear the fudge packers & A. A. Ron?  Do you fear the Patriots?  Funny ... there is no fear anymore.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 14, 2016