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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The success of Teddy Bridgewater means that this Viking franchise has the ability to develop quarterback talent ... a product of both Norv Turner and his son.  What Heinicke did this preseason immediately showed up on film where he can clearly compete in this league.  In Spielman's book, summing these two key factors, Heinicke has not only earned a roster spot on the 53 man roster ... he represents at minimum a future draft pick if the Vikings are patient where they choose to deal him some other team in the future.  Drafted or undrafted ... Heinicke's school ... the level of competition in his background ... all of it is irrelevant.  Heinicke can play where a team like the Cowboy's would be certain to grab this kid up if he hits the market.  Have you seen the 3rd stringers in this league and let's not forget Christian Ponder who still can't perform when it counts.  Also, let's not forget last season which clearly indicated that Mr. Shaun Hill is just one play away from injury ... a far cry from a 3 year potential as a steady backup.  It is of fact that backup durability, now in his 14 season, is not the same as starter durability.  This makes no mention of salary considerations as backups in this league are paid quite well by comparison to undrafted free agents (which Shaun Hill once was).  Now ask yourself the question, "Who will be Shaun Hills replacement in 2016?"

Teams are always building their rosters, where for the Vikings, it may be prudent to consider a trade prior the 4 pm EST Saturday deadline.  Chase Ford, as expected had a very nice pre-season.  This along with a great deal of tape indicates a proven veteran that can help some organization.  It would be nice to get a 7th round draft pick for him prior to the upcoming deadline however that's not realistic, especially knowing of his upcoming pending release.  Although he's going to be on the street on Saturday ... there are teams that could definitely use his services where relying on the waiver wire just might not do it.  The Vikings need offensive line versatility/depth where one team can help another by trading prior to the deadline.  Whatever is done, Chase Ford shouldn't be released until moments before that deadline.

It also stands to reason that Michael Mauti is also facing a pending release where he's found himself being apart of that lower 10% that has to be culled each year.  That's not a reflection on him as a player as he's has real value in this league with veteran experience.  It's no fault of his own Erik Kendricks, the Viking's number 2 pick of 2015, can not only play, he has versatility in the pass game along with other key areas that create and wreak havoc throughout the league.  Mauti is definitely not worth a draft pick however he might be apart of a 2:1 bundle with Chase Ford for versatile offensive line depth on some other team that hasn't quite broken through in the pre-season due to his inexperience but has serious future potential.  Mauti & Ford helped us where they can certainly help another organization before they are released freely upon the waiver wire.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 4, 2014