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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Harvin -
I don't think there is a person throughout the league that doesn't love Percy Harvin.  Unfortunately that also includes the owner, management, his coaches and the players on the team but the objective of this organization is not to pay a player whatever he wants.  It's to assemble a championship team.  I say unfortunately because coveting any player means blindness or partial blindness to reality.

Like it or not, this a business held under some very specific rules.  Every time I hear this I want to puke however these realities needs to be discussed in the open for the fans to understand and for this Minnesota Viking franchise & its management to capitalize upon.  What was done in the past really doesn't matter.  As a good facilitator, this statement has to be owned.

Like it or not, there are two very important apparent realities.  The first is that the Boston Patriots hold the Blue Print to success under our present rules system and that the greater our franchises cap space ... the more competitive that we become. 

The Boston Patriot's system is very simple.  When it comes to signing their high priced free agents, less Tom Brady, they make it very apparent that they love that players ... they love his skills, etc ... but we cannot afford to pay you.  Become a free agent and get your guaranteed money.  Once that player gets his secured money, they find a way to get back to playing with Tom Brady.  Substandard, or not Patriot Ball, is the quickest way back to New England.  Now the entire league can subsidize the Patriots salary cap.  How the Boston Patriots get away with this, without having the NFL monitoring guaranteed money is some way is absolutely incredible but that my friends is the true cost of not having a true franchise quarterback.

It would be hard for me to believe that both Phil Loadholt and Percy Harvin were not starring at a physical contract, as we speak, that will actually pay them well above fair market to play for a championship caliber team but neither player will sign that contract for one of two reasons.  They either want to be released to play for a championship level ready team ... as if that truly mattered or they are chasing more money for their agents pay day.  The funny thing about the latter is that no agent will take one hit, nor will they have to face the long term affects of playing in the NFL ... but, the grass is always greener ... isn't it.  

I admit, to be fair, that there maybe many other reasons however it is the third reason in which a player signs a contract that will have the most meaning throughout your life.  It is called leadership.  Answer the question, why did you re-sign with the Vikings organization.  What part of your compensation could not be measured in dollars and cents.  

Tell me ... how much did Adrian Peterson sign for?  The quickest possible answer was that there isn't a fan on the planet that cares.  What he is doing has absolutely nothing to do with dollars and cents.  He is leading this franchise to it's first Super Bowl championship.  He wants to immortalize Sir Zymunt's first hoist of Sir Vincent's piece of hardware ... hopefully in the locker room in front of the entire organization.  It's to realize a dream state held by millions.  

So Phil ... your from Oklahoma ... what's in store for you?

The Viking Ghost Writer
February, 28, 2013