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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Harbored Emotion
Well the team finally found the nerve to ask for purple pants.  With purple pants, I assured my son that the Vikings would win, as soon as the color was published ... I just didn't know how.  It was apart of your destiny.  The teams focus however should be on asking for the activation of Joe Webb.  Everything, & I mean everything changes upon this decision.  Allow me to explain.  Yesterday, I was not its witness.  If I had continued to watch ... it would not have happened.  The momentum shifted the very moment I walked away.  My daughter asked me to take her to see Jackass in 3D, where the comeback was texted to me by my wife.  I wonder what color pants might they wear in Chicago ... a team that they will need to sweep.

By the way, nice hit Jared ... I think I left some teeth back there on my seat.  As a DB, I used to have a reoccurring dream of doing that very thing.  Sampson ... Does Mullet = Sacks????

You people should be ashamed of yourselves carrying signs to oust Chili.  Any true fan worth their salt should clearly understand that the outside world will do anything to sink our ship and here's the faithful, wearing purple, carrying the message from the evil that perpetuates throughout the league.  You make me sick.

As for Chili, I've absolutely loved your calls in the red zone.  4th & goal from the 1.  Right call ... wrong personnel.  Again, yesterday, Adrian into the mass left ... Favre rolling out right.  Right call ... wrong personnel.  Try putting Favre on the bench for just one play and put Webb in that very play & your going to have to make a choice ... guess right or guess wrong.  Really, there is only one guess & it's always wrong.  Why?  Because you have to split your forces.  Napoleon ... Divide & conquer!  Dah!  Adrian left ... Webb rolling out right.  There is no stopping that.  We can will a Super Bowl with that!  I also understand that the kid can not only run but he has the biggest hands in the league to catch the ball.  I also understand that he can throw it too & wasn't there something on U-tube about some kid having some jumping skills akin to a guy named Rice.  Chili ... isn't it time that you've made that decision.  Even at this late hour that kid can still win the NFL's rookie of the year award.  Just make him part of the active 45 ... use him & you'll never ever regret that decision.

The bottom line is that Favre wants to win & he will do so with anything that compliments what he does.  Why can't you see that?  Joe Webb is not his rival.  Favre is his mentor.  In life there is no greater relationship.  It's time to dust him off.  

Let's not forget that every time that you've failed in the Red Zone, Chili made the decision to run his horses.  From where I'm from they say, "You gotta' have Brass Cahonies to run it like dat!"  That's the guy that I want calling the shots.  I love Bud Grant but he'd conservative you to death.  You allowed Chili to be crucified.  Not me ... I stand firm by his side.  Go peddle your fish somewhere else.  Chili understands one thing very very well ... you don't want to play his team when we have a lead & he'll do just about anything to get it.  What the team has learned in every one of your red-zone failures was an enormous lesson.  A lesson so deep, dark & dire that when you are called upon to run it in the worlds greatest game ... you will do so without fail.  Now I ask you, would you trade Chili & his gut-wrenching decisions to allow you the opportunity of learning the most important lessons of your life or would you rather play it safe & kick a field goal.  Never hold your manhood cheap ... Chili didn't fail ... you did ... he was just being an arrogant prick by not giving you the one undeniable weapon that you need ... his name is Joe Webb.

What happens when AD runs in the 3rd & 4th quarter?  What happens when you see AD on the sidelines in the 3rd & 4th quarter?  Hummm!

When Brett is slinging it, it removes that extra defender from the box.  Hummm!  Buddy Ryan knew that he had one more defender to bring that you could muster to block.  He also knew he had to make a choice where to locate that defender.  Hummm!  You bottle up Brett and clamp down on his throws & your going to get him killed.    

Randy Moss coming back to Minnesota was destined.  Don't believe me ... read back into the history of this commentary.  Before you shit-can Chili for the ages let us consider the harbored emotions of the man called Moss.  Firstly, yes firstly, this man was exiled to a place called the Raider Nation.  Randy recoiled in this hell hole.  What followed was again HOF numbers with the Beaners.  There was a great deal of anger focused upon Red McComb's & the prior Viking organization while in exile.  So let's ponder the questions?  Did Randy freak out under the new cast of characters?  Hardly! At least not at first.  Was it too much to overcome that there was no Denny Green or Mike Tice or Cris Carter in this Déjà Vu environment?  Well in fact this played a key role as there was no allegiance or ties that bound Randy to Minnesota.  There was also no foreseeable future in Minnesota ..  (No Hall of Fame Favre).  So, yeah Randy freaked out but not for the reasons we are lead to believe.

So now let's ponder the more likely scenario that no one seems to even want to consider.  When Moss was traded to Minnesota, what did Warren Sapp say about the movie Red October, "Son, the Rooskies don't take a crap without a plan!  Believe me, Belichick has a plan."  Was I the only one that saw a highly unusual reaction when speaking about the Moss trade on the face of Bill Belichick, all with that sly look in his eye & smirk upon his face?  Could it be so brazen that the master Beaner & the harbored emotions of the exiled Moss was to set a plan into action, that was directed at the very soul of the Viking organization.  I know, nothing can be proven, so it didn't happen right?  To answer that question, you need to look no further than what Belichick did to the Bronco's.  This one man gutted this organization like a pig & now he's attempted to do the same thing to my beloved Vikings.  Open your eyes people!  

No, I say keep the draft choice ... a small price to pay for dealing with sleaze.  Mr. Belichick, you are now on notice.  At some point, the league will be looking into Mr. Belichick's shenanigans when he next chooses to screw with the wrong organization.  What must of made Mr. Belichick squirm in his pants was in having Randy espouse his allegiance to Mr. Beaner, his pretty boy QB, & the rest of those cheatin' bean pots as those words exposed Randy's & Mr. Bean's plan of revenge.  Always remember that a man will betray himself in his own words every time.  Moss ... you're such a tool!  Maybe one day, justice will be served, like the Simpson's Moe Sislack once said in a monkey knife fight, "He ain't pretty no more".  

I'd like to think that what set Randy off was the thought of once again being used as a decoy (Mike Tice Era), which would be fooling myself, however it is now clear that his emotional scaring drove him to the brink of madness ... not of his own doing.  What he held in his heart was egregious bile ... enough to blind a man.  How else would any man consider destroying all the equity gained within this community.  In time, he will find that what he did, which is beyond burning a simple bridge, is tantamount to treason.

Tell me Randy ... How will you feel if the Minnesota Vikings find a way to win Super Bowl 45?  Only you & Benedict Arnold will be able to answer that question.  Understand one thing.  You are forgiven.  You've earned that right however keep in mind that behind the eyes of Mr. Beaner is pure evil.  There is a reason that he has the eyes of a demon.  In time Randy, hopefully history will see you as nothing more than a used rag in this incident, where the focus will eventually find its mark on a man named Belichick.  

Now again, before you throw Chili under the bus, let us all remember who he chose.  He chose the Minnesota Vikings ... he chose its players ... he chose its coaches ... he chose the fans & every aspect of this organization.  He chose it's destiny.  Why? Because men like Brad Childress fall on their swords all the time.  That's why soldiers like him end up dead ... for the greater good.  That's why I see Buddy Ryan for what he was, what he did ... not for what I'm told to hear & see.  

I spoken with many heroes of numerous wars.  They don't wear their metals.  They don't speak about the atrocities of wars and their experiences.  They keep it all to themselves but to a man they've always told me who the real heroes are ... it's the ones that have fallen upon their sword.

Yes Brad, I'm mad as hell.  Not because I want your head on a stick ... it's because you haven't given it's witness the very thing that we all deserve.  The activation of Joe Webb.  Now humbled before the masses ... will you give this aching nation what it deserves ... its gift from the gods.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 8, 2010

appy birthday Cathy and Andrea!

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