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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Harbaugh -The Dirt Patch!
So, what did last years debacle in Indy tell us.  In short, without Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts are the worst defense in the league.  Apparently, it would be very hard to convince any hard core NFL that the Colt's defense hasn't been that way for many many years.

So what does this franchise do.  Hey!  We gotta' get these guys in Minnesota.  Leslie Frazier, a by product of that Colts defense is made our head coach.  Now Alan Williams, coach of those breath taking Colts defensive teams between 2002 - 2011 is made our Defensive Coordinator.  The 49ers blew us up.  Whoop!  How do we put this genie back into that bottle.  

Watching Jasper Brinkley was a complete an utter Joke.  It was worse than watching EJ over-run plays as a rookie.  Gentlemen, EJ is gone.  Erin Henderson is here to carve his niche in Minnesota not to play one year in Minnesota to then (maybe) join his Middle Linebacker brother somewhere else.  Erin Henderson is the best Middle Linebacker that we have.  Open your eyes Viking fans ... tell me that I'm wrong.  Erin is here to help this team win a Super Bowl as the middle-man in that defense ... not to audition for outside linebacker for another team.
 Is it just me or are you sick of this mindless ... "So, what would you like to do?"  Outside Linebacker.  Outside Linebacker.  

When I heard that Everson Griffen, the most naturally instinctive player that this organization has on defense, less maybe the statesman Toine' or Greenway, is practicing on your 3rd team, I want to explode ... but again ... this is the Colt's brain-trust after all, protected by (Chris-Detroit Lions &) Rick Spielman apparent Viking hater club.  Whatever you do, don't put Jared Allen & Everson Griffen on the same side.  Jared Allen is the best & most devastating drop back lineman in the league.  The result would be a gapping unbalanced "Lunch-Pail-Bucket-Hole" that two DE's would exploit like two true Vikings on a quest.  Hey!  That would be the only team in the league sporting two (2) defensive ends and two (2) linebackers simultaneously on the same side of the ball.  Imagine what those line stunts would look like?  Oh!  The humanity!  Tell me, who's is going to deal with this duo, but again, we have that Colt brain trust running the show all protected by Chris Spielman's brother.  I'll bet that when these defensive pin heads finally do succumb that they split these guys... one on this side and the other on that side.  Oh!  Don't you just ooze confidence is these jesters running the show.  How is it that they don't see this?  The fact of the matter is that they do, but they need to squash it all like a bug.  Get back in that bottle.

Everson Griffen, here is your choice.  Do you want to play part time at best at defensive end or do you want the chance to be a Hall of Famer as a full time hybrid Linebacker-DE.  A promise is only a promise.  It's time to get your head right.    

You might of missed it but at one point you could hear the 49er's commentators kid that Mistral Raymond looked like he was avoiding contact.  Hey!  If this were touch football, he'd be my man.  Let me say this directly.  Jamarca Sanford may not have mad skills.  He may have hands of stone but he's not afraid of a little contact.  You know ... To get his nose up there.  Tell me, why does Harrison Smith look like a beast?  Did I miss something?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  Colt football!

Jim Harbaugh, if you were standing right in front of me, there is one thing that is an absolutely certainty ... it would be a cheap shot right to your teeth.  Exactly how many times did your players go for Joe Webb's legs ... impressive ... you low life piece of excrement!  Yeah!  You're a class act all the way.  NFL coach of the year ... please!  

Making excuses for Joe Webb is not my thing however correct me if I'm wrong but that kid was running for his life on every play.  Joe, if you ever get to meet Fran Tarkenton, I'd expect that you'd be the first to extend your hand in empathy.  When they asked Sir Francis why he was always scrambling and why he didn't stay in the pocket behind his blocking, his response was ... "What blocking?"  I understood that our offensive line depth was woeful due to injuries but that 2nd team effort was a complete & utter joke.  

I've seen this thing about Jerome Simpson being an elite receiver, deserving of said contract, with only this 3-game suspension holding it back ... all I have is one question, "You can catch the ball ... right?"  Because that is what receivers are supposed to do ... catch the ball.  I guess they must of forgot to add your stats for that 49er's contest.  Yeah, I'm ready to eat these words.  I'm begging you to cram them down my throat, cause in this neck of the woods, we don't drop balls.  I  don't care how fast you are.  I don't care how well you run a route.  All that matters is ... did it hit your hand or hands and did you catch the ball?  That is what nails down elite contracts.

At first, these Rick Spielman moves just didn't make sense because us die-hard Viking fans tend to think logically.  If Ponder, the rag doll, is incapable of winning games, then it only makes sense to be prepared in advance for that eventuality by having that excuse within your greedy little mitts.  Colt defensive football is absolute and reliable ... isn't it?  Let the excuses for Ponder start flying.  I could have won the game but our defense was woeful.  It's not like this organization is preparing the field for us all by telling us ... Don't expect too much (this year)!  We've already conceded 2012.  Now that's backbone and fortitude for ya!  
You may be able to protect Ponder in the pre-season, but when that first whistle blows, all of your investment in this clown will be exposed ... maybe not in game 1 ... but certainly, that calling card is coming.  It's eventuality screams within my ears.

If you think that I'm here to slam the Vikings as if I get some personal enjoyment from any of this, then you are a fool.  I watch these games in absolute and utter distress.  So, what is behind it?  If opportunity knocks and you shut it out ... it's a sin.  If you're a Viking fan, and you find yourselves sitting on your hands ... accepting rather than fighting for this organization, in it's entirety, with everything within your being ... then that, ladies and gentlemen, is a sin.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
August 13, 2012