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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

You may have missed it.  Just recently Mark & Sir Zygmunt Wilf just assured the nation that Leslie Frazier will be back as the Minnesota Vikings head coach in 2013.  This maybe true ... if the Vikings win Super Bowl XLVII, but at present, with Christian Ponder at the helm, THE VIKINGS ARE ONLY HALF AN OFFENSE and are perilously close to self imploding.  This fact is undeniable as the Bear's team that we just faced is but half a team.  If the Vikings falter ... one of the surrogates is going to have to pay for the poor information provided to Sir Zygmunt's regarding Christian Ponder, where Leslie Frazier is clearly the man on the hook.  

Sure, Mark & Ziggy's statement maybe true today ... but not tomorrow ... and no that doesn't make Sir Zygmunt a liar.  It makes him a business man. 

Sir Zygmunt is known for real-estate, right?  Most mistake the fact that money is made on property when its sold, which isn't true.  The reality is that the money is made when the property is purchased.  To confirm this you need to look no further than the Viking recent sweetheart stadium deal. 

This is how it works.  Someone buys property for $175K where the fees for purchasing the property was about $10K.  They now have it on the market for $225K but they are going through a divorce and are motivated to sell.  It's been on the market for about a year.   So, you do the math figuring that the offer to buy the property should be about $185K ... right?   The answer is no.  There are times that you must be a low life scum bag where the opening offer might be $160K.  Again, you make the money when the property is purchased ... not when it is sold.   

So, why the real estate lesson?  The answer, is in understanding how Sir Zygmunt's mind works.  To be successful, Sir Zygmunt certainly didn't purchase his property after all his cards all his cards were laid on the table for all to see.  He worked his magic upon real time information, before it hits the streets, where his focus was on the key information that would make him his money.  If you were paying attention, then your focus was on two key statements:  "Motivated Seller" & "Divorce".  Sir Zygmunt's decisions didn't happen over night and he's not about to lay his cards on the table.  In other words, sometimes it's necessary to paint a picture based upon a snap shot photograph that everyone seems to love ... but the balls always moving ... isn't it?  So, was this a smoke screen ... made by the last line of defense ... directly from the horses mouth.  The question is ... what made this happen?  Well ... the devil is in the details.

Congratulations!  Since November 11th, versus Detroit, Christian Ponder actually outplayed an opposing quarterback, where Jake Cutler actually put up Christian-Ponder single digit or teen like numbers using the new overall quarterback rating system.  Ponder achieved this improved quarterback rating for two primary reasons.  The Viking coaches abandoned their prior approach of imparting Ponder into relevancy-at-all-costs by putting the ball into his hands in the red zone.  Christian Ponder also benefited greatly from our first two drives which resulted in red zone scores. 

Again, Ponder will never be an elite level quarterback but he is most certainly a very smart character.  In our ten drives (last one doesn't really count), he only had two 3 & outs.  This occurred because in most cases he found a way to take himself out of the equation.  The bottom line is that drive efficiency gives the defense time to recharge their batteries and the result most certainly showed up on the field to Ponder's credit.  Ponder had several 1st down throws, which was nice to see ... finally ... but you need to look no further than, "Punt, Punt, Punt, Interception, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, End of game" to see a glaring sledge hammer right between the eyes.  If we were ever to face an offense on a roll ... we are so screwed with Ponder at the helm.   You need to look no further than the Saint's versus Giant's game and by comparison our game was like watching paint dry.

Isn't it odd.  For this team to take a step forward ... Ponder had to take a couple steps backward.  The correlation here is quite relevant.  As Ponder's play approaches zero the Vikings Super Bowl prospects elevate exponentially.  Odd!  Very Odd!  Don't you dare say the words Joe Webb.  

After all of this, after completing Ponder's 23 start, how is it that we can still accept any statement in regard to his ability to lead this team?  Many, it appears, are not buying that baloney anymore. 

How is it that we still allow the Viking organization to sit upon Joe Webb ... day after day ... as if what he's done ... what he's capable of ... doesn't matter?  How is it that we still are willing to accept this organizations company line ... especially being so close to that first Super Bowl title?   Am I still the only person on the planet that wants to see what's under that stone?  Have I the only Viking heart that's eager to finally peer upon that diamond in the ruff?  We are sick to death of you telling us what's we are supposed to see behind door number 2 ... we want to actually see what's behind door number 2.  It's that simple.

The entire league is desperately & deeply entrenched within an NFL evolution ... RG3, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck ... along with many many more ... flying in the face of the old guard (Manning's, Ryan and Brady).  What do we get ... week after week ... a heavy dose of Ponder-ism ... the worst representation of the old guard.  There we sit ... hoping against all hope that something will change ... but it doesn't.  Why?   

The next road game awaits ... where we are about to see Ponder tense up once again like a deer in the head lights.  Every time, seeing the rush is like an electronic shock to the jewels.  He flashes so tight, that he could pop a brick, just backing up upon a brick wall.  What being said just doesn't translate. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 12, 2012