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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Good versus Evil 
It's interesting that the has come up with a new pain ranking, listing our beloved Minnesota Vikings as 5th on the list ... but of course this only makes sense if you discount the historical record.  As it stands, looking forward to our 56th year in the NFL ... no team even comes close to this franchises misery record.  There is absolutely no debate that could possibly sway an argument any other way.     

In chess, there is an opening move.  In this case, it's Rick Spielman's move.  He is either going to lead this team or he's going to get played like every other NFL GM.  His move might not be obvious but it should go something like this.  Based upon the most recent moves involving Derek Carr & Kirk Cousins it has become apparent that to protect a player in the NFL you have to put a ring on him (pay him way too much money) & it is also apparent that the franchise tag isn't to protect a franchises interests ... it's to overpay for services rendered.

The opening move should be something like this.  It must be both bold and forthright.  "Hear me directly ... Sam Bradford will not be franchised.  There is no if's, and's or but's in regard to franchising Sam Bradford.  Also, if a contract for Sam Bradford is to be considered ... it will happen only after the conclusion of the upcoming 2018 season.  His contract will not be based upon whether he wins the upcoming Super Bowl or not, his numbers ... if offered ... will be based upon how he plans to structure his team ... not his wallet.  Keep in mind that two of the best quarterbacks in this league (Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady) are not the highest paid quarterbacks in this league.  They are well paid but their contracts are structured based upon their team.  The franchise tag, although beneficial to one person only (Kirk Cousins) is not conducive to the interest of the overall franchise."   

There is no doubt that Sam Bradford is in the most incentive based year of his career.  The Vikings would love to pay this man for realizing his potential but they'd be a fool not to let this thing play out.  Either you've got a set or you don't.

If this franchise were a mirror, I'd say that it has reflected all over my life.  These guys weren't really hero's, or even flawed role models, they became mentors that were helping me by teaching how to overcome life's adversities.  In the early days, when the snow did fly & the dragons breathed fire upon the field, there was nothing like those knuckleheads performing their wares in front of a wide eyed kid.  There was really nothing like it anywhere.

At the time, I pondered the ying & the yang of good and evil.  I thought that I needed to somehow explore the roles within evil to succeed.  After all, we were the good guys that just kicked the heck out of your hind quarters only to lose on the NFL's brightest day.  As a youngster I'd ask myself the question, would we have won if we has somehow changed from good to evil.  The Raider's were bad boys.  The Cowboys were nothing more than scum & the Steeler's weren't a bunch of angles ... were they.  Again, I was young & I didn't understand it but I did know without a doubt that evil was involved in the historical record ... I just didn't understand it and it would take me almost a lifetime to grasp it all.

Allow me to elaborate so that you'd better understand what I'm talking about.  It's December 28th, 1975.  Were in the 4th quarter of the opening wild card game at the old Metropolitan Stadium.  The greatest Vikings drive in our history just occurred where we've taken a 14-10 lead late in the 4th quarter.  Fast forward.  It's now 4th and 22 & Drew Pearson catches the ball out of bounds.  Game over.  Then this ref comes to the side lines & calls it a catch & the clock stops.  There is time for one more play.  Staubach pump fakes then tosses the Hail Mary to Drew Pearson.  Problem is Pearson pushed off on Nate Wright where offensive pass interference should have been called nullifying the touchdown.  The problem was the same exact evil entity was involved in that play and he looked allot like a zebra.  The result ... Fran Tarkenton's father dies of a massive heart attack.  

How else might you explain our historical record.  At each step & upon each failure, did evil intervene.  So you might be thinking, might we intervene on the dark side to be able to win it all.  After all ... it worked for the Saints ... right???

Well I'm hear to explain it all to you so that it is a clear as an azure river.  There is absolutely no competition in regard to good & evil.  Good is many many many more times powerful than evil.  It's not even close.  To put this into perspective consider the following statement, "Evil has to hide itself into the cracks of society".  If this is true then it most certainly cannot be as powerful as the causes of good.

At the time, I didn't understand the power of message contained within Star War's.  Darth Vader constantly tried to sway Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side.  Senator Palpatine who became the Emperor also known as Darth Sidious also tried to sway Luck Skywalker to the Dark Side boasting of the dark sides power but Luke refused.  If the dark sides power was so powerful why didn't they smite all that stood in their way.  Did you ever notice that the emperor always hid within the cracks of society.  This wasn't just a coincidence ... it is of fact.  The forces of Good far & away out weigh all that evil can muster.       

Has the devil ever come out face to face against God ... mono e mono.  No, as the outcome of that outing is certain.  The devil must hide himself amongst the cracks of society and prey upon the weak within the fold.  Do you get the picture.

Then how is it that we have lost over those many years.  Well was it a good idea to have Brett Favre become the leader of this franchise when he'd been banished for the frozen tundra for throwing that NFC Championship game pick that secured the Giants another Lombardi.  No, it wasn't, but when Brett sank our ship versus the Saints using the same tactic, it secured his legacy back in Green Bay.  In short, we infused evil at this organizations very core.

Could Blair Walsh be far behind?  Could Gary Allan Anderson be far behind?  

Our history is littered with the words hope, where we constantly find ourselves saying ... I hope he never does that, but of course he does.  

So how do you know.  Well take a look at Harrison Smith.  Do you think he's for sale?  Take a deep look at Adam Thielen.  Do you think he's for sale.  In my opinion Adam Thielen only cares about one thing & that is in getting another chance to fly ... to make people take notice of his God given talent that has toiled in obscurity for so long.  These are the men of your foundation. 

Do you see Sam Bradford commanding his agent, instructing him in how his team is to be built upon his own personal sacrifice.  When you see that type of leadership, akin to Billy (Willam Daro) Bean stating he did it for money once, and that he'll never do it again that way, then you know that you've got something.  Until then however, all you've got is an overpaid contract that's willing to break your heart at the drop of the hat.  To be direct, when we all peer into Sam Bradford's eyes, we all see something missing.  It's not his God given talent that is missing, it's his leadership toward an unquestioned franchise goal. 
"This is my gun.  There are many like it, but this one is mine."  Sam Bradford is lost in that he doesn't have a clue what he should be striving for."

No just for a moment, Imagine Derek Carr standing in front of the public media where he said that I was offered 25 million dollars per year for 5 years and I asked my agent to turn it down.  Instead I asked to be paid in the same range of this leagues two greatest quarterbacks (Rodgers & Brady).  I did so because I'm trying to build a franchise ... a history ... and my careers longevity.  I know it's selfish to do so but that's just who I am."  Instead, he's nursing a broken leg & he took the money.  Good luck Derek.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 20, 2017