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Genetic Code: Selecting GM Spielman quite telling
The hiring of Rick Spielman as this franchise's GM is quite telling, especially with the glaring issues facing this organization.  Tom Power's, of the Pioneer Press, ".., Rick Spielman is the Wrong Man ..." points out numerous organizational & personnel issues, however there is always a great deal that is hidden from view that just might be of greater concern.  To be direct, I'm very happy with the staff under Spielman, specifically the job that Scott Studwell has done, however I firmly believe that we have no idea of exactly what Spielman is capable, however this new position will quickly make or break him as there is very little Teflon left to protect him from the coming onslaught.  Your prior management triangle is gone meaning that in the future there will nothing left to protect Spielman from the masses.  
It is my believe that the problems facing the Vikings are as old as time ... in fact, it's roots are biblical.  It is my contention that Rick Spielman is nothing more than a yes man serving two (2) masters, which is completely unseen & unheard from the ear & the pen.

In the movie, The People vs. Larry Flint, when Woody Harlson utters these words, "Don't sweat it Bro ... I love ya.", it told you just about everything that you need to know.  At the time, Larry Flint's brother was running his brothers multimillion dollar organization while Larry Flint was fighting off demons of his own.  At that juncture, Larry Flint re-established himself as the dominant wolf, it's leader and prime visionary.  Up to that point, Flint was disconnected from the world.  
So what can be found in this famous quote.  First, although I love my family members deeply, there is no way in the world that I allow any of them to run my organization.  Why?  They will never have my vision and they will never have my best interests at heart as you can serve only one master.  The one master has always been oneself.  Genetically, the default position has always been to compete for favor between siblings.
Recall your last conversation with your parent or parents about one of your siblings.  How it is so easy to point out your brothers or sisters shortcomings.  As you mature, you try desperately to hold your tongue, to pretend that these things don't matter, to act like you're above it.  However, this above all, is that it is deeply written within genetic code to destroy our sibling at every opportunity.  Why?  It wasn't all that long ago when there wasn't enough food to keep every family member alive, where the parent had to decide who survived and who did not.  In fact, it is still happening today. 
As distasteful as it is to see two brothers at each others throats, that dates back to Cain & Able, they are at the very least honest within their genetic code.  What I'm saying is that when you see one chick pushing the other chick out of the nest, as distasteful that is to watch, your reaction to it is actually a deep and honest exposure of your own genetic code.  It is this exposure that erupts a stirring within your soul.  

When the "Viking Triangle" was uttered, my thoughts was never of Zgyi Wilf, Brad Childress and Rick Spielman, it was of Mark Wilf, Zgyi Wilf and Rick Spielman.  Here is the basis of treason and how it might go down.  As a yes man, Rick would listen to the bile spewed within his ears, telling him exactly what Zgyi needed to hear, and of course Ziggy would then ask for his trusted brother's opinions.  Somehow this all coincides within Zgyi's master plan.  If Zgyi had a definite view for this organization, then it was transferred and blown into the ears of his yes men.  There is no way a bunch of yes men are going to confront the masters vision.  In most instances, Zgyi Wilf will never have the capability of making this organizations every decision, as such he has to defer to the people that he is paying to run this organization?  This is where Mark Wilf may have influenced and has wheeled his power and control over this organization and its decisions through it's yes men.

I come from a large family.  Now think of my most despised sibling rival.  Now I see my opportunity of ripping the carpet from beneath my siblings feet.  It's in my code to take it.  How do I do it?  First, destroy any open voice and replace it with yes men.  The Matt Birk's, Pat Williams and the Visanthe Shiancoe's never stood a chance and are replaced by the Kyle Rudolph's, that are vying for playing time, that are smart enough to tell his employers, and every media source around him, exactly what his employer wants to hear.  Have you every wondered why only players with the most outlandish over paid contracts ever stick around this organization.  The answer might be based upon truth ... Joe Webb is truth ... the whining Prima Donna that fills us with his excuses & alibis, that is Christian Ponder, is not.  

Next consider, how did Bernard Berrian end up with that unbelievable contract.  How much was he paid per catch?  31 other franchises, media sources and millions of fans throughout the land see an opportunity to sink that Viking ship.  We no longer have the luxury called Moss.  The idiot Childress always runs Peterson on 1st down, and takes Peterson out on 3rd down so he doesn't have to be a man like the immortal Walter Peyton and block to protect his quarterback.  We go as far as to express ourselves by telling of our desire to feed Peterson the ball at every opportunity, which just might be a major red flag with the word stupid on it.  With Bill Walsh, you never had to stop one man ... you had to stop his attack!  Knowing this, it is not so hard for 11 guys to stop one guy ... no matter how good he is.  Then the story develops where the Vikings need to stretch the field with a deep threat to open up Petersons running lanes.  Today, all that theory does is give us all a sick feeling.  But nonetheless, pressure was allowed to build within the organization ... translation ... opportunity.  So instead of investing those multimillions of dollar into depth, and multiple threats, like other successful organizations, we toss all of Zgyi's hard earned dollars into a savior like Bernard Berrian.  Yes men are always willing to take the path of least resistance rather than to actually have to work their butts off searching for talent that can actually help this organization win a championship.  Now tell me, who had the most to gain from such a decision.  Was it the Ghostwriter?.  Was it a Viking fan?  What it an organizational yes man?  Or was that decision based within the Genetic Code?  Don't sweat it Bro ... it's just a toy to play with.

So do heads roll?  Isn't it odd that it is never a yes man that gets the axe.  It always tends to be a scapegoat.  Someone that actually wants to progress toward a championship.  Someone that is quite willing to expose shortcomings within an organization.  Someone that is not going to spew the company line but would rather rely on the truth as his foundation.  Goodbye Shank ... you gave us one hell of a run.  Let's not look at your growth as a player, your production and your abilities to help this organization ... after all ... genetic code dictates that your head must role.  It is truly unfortunate as Minnesota, no matter what they might offer, is the best possible spot for you.  My guess is that the Genetic Code will be certain to blow realism out of the water with either no contract offer or an offer smaller than a white mans pecker swimming in the Pacific currents.  The master plan is not to win a championship but to submit to the genetic code.  

Recently, I read an article of how proud this organization was that it had a common message throughout the organization.  A great example is, "Christian Ponder is our starting quarterback".  Everyone throughout the organization is toting the same line.  Here's the problem ... what if you're wrong?  How long do you continue pushing a lie within the organization before someone decides that we've make a monumental mistake.  How can you possibly correct any problems based upon lies, half truths, and misrepresentations.  Is your answer to surround yourself with yes men?  Allow me to be direct in stating that we find ourselves in this position today because that is exactly what we did.   

When I was a youngster, I followed the Oakland A's when they had Reggie Jackson, Rollie Fingers, & Vida Blue.  They had one of the most hated owners in the history of man.  The most interesting well documented fact about this moment in time was that this organizations eyes and ears was nothing more than a kid with unlimited & uncontested access to the locker room.  The kid was the anti-sibling.  Isn't it odd that an innocent kid, before he knew much about politics, didn't know how to be a yes man ... and told it like it was.  
Joe Webb, is this franchises quarterback of the future.  It is my guess that Mark Wilf has done everything in his efforts to get Webb on the first possible train out of town in the worst possible way, and if he can't do that, then he wants Webb on the bench, where he can no longer hurt his plan for this organization.  If Mark Wilf is successful in trading Joe Webb, what will follow will be a franchise curse of 50 years, transformed from Detroit to Minnesota.  It is already in process.  There was no mistake in playing our home game in Detroit.  If Joe Webb goes, there is no way Harvin signs a long term deal with this organization ... even if he's tagged for a year.  If the genetic code is unsuccessful ... Joe Webb will most certainly bring this organization its first championship.  Now consider this ... one word from the genetic code ... and Webb is gone ... as now the entire football staff and its players, represented by Leslie Frazier, have now been successfully placed outside of the loop.  The curse shall follow the franchise to LA.  No biggie, as when this happens the LA franchise won't be owned by the Wilf's.  Kind of Chills you to the bone ... doesn't it?  Genetic Code ... Why don't you just cut my throat ... why don't ya?   

Of course this is all conjecture.  Who am I to predict the future or to tell it like it is.  All I have to say is ... open your proverbial metaphorical eyes.  
The Viking Ghost Writer
January 4, 2012