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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Game Ball 
I don't usually give out game balls but ... 

in each game there are outstanding moments that occur that require my recognition.  I can allow none of it to escape me ... for that is my debt to you.  Somehow as a group we've found out how to capitalize on many of those opportunities that found its way to presentation ... rare events indeed.  We have been very fortunate to finally have the sun find its way of shining down upon our hind quarters.    

These opportunities have come from hard physical preparation.  They have come from astute study.  They have come from a gracious "on-high-power" that has found its way of bestowing & distributing talent to a bunch of good solid men of strong character ... well, most of you anyway.  These opportunities have come from the combined efforts of this franchise's team.  They have come from an unlikely bunch of knuckleheads that have found their way to this franchise to turn the unlikely into a reality.     

Now, you stand with me exhausted with nothing left in the tank.  Some of you have absorbed your share of punishment.  Some near to you may have fallen (to injury) on this day & most of you will endure an epic marathon of endurance in the coming weeks that will test every fiber of your character.  Some of you may be fortunate enough to have survived unscathed ... knowing only elation & exultation ... while others may have to face a great deal of despair.  These are the makings of our lives.  

In your thoughts you may be wondering if your efforts on this day were fortunate enough to rise to the level of receiving a game ball.  At times in the past you may have felt that you've been overlooked as your efforts were nothing less than outstanding ... even spectacular ... with no Game Ball reward.  Take heart, as at the very least, you've made the efforts around you as something to be accomplished ... rather than failure.  Thus, my dilemma ... because a game ball to be divided a hundred ways in recognition of all that effort, is no longer a ball at all ...

... suffice it to say that if on this day you were fortunate enough to be able to strap on those horns ... to do battle on this day ... all I have to give is my gracious gratitude for all your sacrifice in achievement-that-can-never-be-taken-from-you.  It is now apart of NFL history.  Understand that no Game Ball can adequately represent how I feel about every one of you ... when given the opportunity of peering into your eyes ... and thus your souls ... clearly understanding what you've given to this franchise on this day.  

"No Game Ball can cast the shadow of any Viking ... that can hold his head high".

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 29, 2017