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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Cleveland calls and offers their 4th, 5th and 7th round selections for the right to move up one spot to the 3rd pick to select Trent Richardson.  The stains play hard ball, securing the deal about an hour before the draft begins by telling Rick Spielman ... "One time offer ... take it or leave it".  It was like watching a monkey in its pen scoop up a healthy fresh steaming pile ... ripe for flinging ... to see what would stick.  It was a masterful bluff ... nudging Viking decisions off center.  The petulant Spielman panics, and accepts the offer.  All that needed to be said was ... "(taking a deep breath) I'd like to feel what its like to be on the clock at 3.  Click!"  This is nothing less than poker 101.  

Someone that's willing to dole out that kind of ice cream for nothing is probably willing to sweeten it with some nuts, cherries, whipped cream and maybe some awesome strawberries.  One can only hope that this offer was not an answer to a question ... "What do you think its going to take to have that #3 pick?"

It's not as if the Brown's and the Buc's would have to endure four or five (15 minute) stanza's to await the fate of Trent Richardson, especially if the Vikings had selected him at 3 .... verbally opening the door for a trade.  Tell me ... what would have happened to Cleveland's and Tampa's war room awaiting the pomp & circumstance of both Luck & RG3 ... awaiting the final ticks of the Vikings pick?  Watching every Viking war room official speaking into dead silent phones, motioning hand signals and orchestrating body language directed at Rick Spielman for our entertainment?  A touched up Speilman sweating profusely for the cameras writhing over the decision.  Tick-Tick-Tick.  Just imagine those prolonged 15 minutes ticking away in the Vikings war room awaiting that 3rd pick.

It never happened.  Wasn't this the biggest possible Spielman-gaff ever?  Well ... now that you put it that way ...  

Instead Rick Spielman comes off being a big hero, for knocking down the equivalent of late round 3rd, 4th & 6th round picks (both 4th {Detroit} & 6th {Titan} round picks in 2013) however the stink of it was that there were 2012 impact players looming.

The news reports that the Buc's were not willing to deal.  Then why did they trade out of the 5th pick, after Trent Richardson flew the coup?  Wasn't it absolutely clear that Trent Richardson was their guy but the perceived price was too high.  Why do I say perceived, because for the next 10 years, the Buc's are going to be kicking themselves for not offering a "straight-tabled" #1 swap with a #2 or #3 sweetner.  It never happened.

The one statement that Spielman uttered that passed my desk was that he was going to wait until the Vikings were on the clock.  I thought Spielman was a man of truth.  Why didn't he hold to his word?  It's my firm believe that the Buc's war room was relying on Spielman's statement ... just as I was ... as if it were written in stone.  Again, it never happened.

So your saying, now we'll never know.  There is a funny thing about that statement.  Watch what happens in Cleveland?  Trent Richardson is going to be anything but invisible.  The Buc's are going to deny their lust for Trent Richardson till the end of time however they are not going to be able to hide their body language.  You cannot hide a direct shot to the heart.

Was this calculated?  In my opinion ... absolutely!  Tampa has been out of the NFC Central Division for some time now however you'd be hard pressed to tell me that these games are not played as if they were divisional games ... hard fought ... slobber knockers.  Once a divisional rival ... always a divisional rival.  There is no love lost between these two franchises.  So the question ... do you want to potentially face Trent Richardson every year or would you rather face him once every four years (except the Super Bowl)?  Slam dunk!  Heart Shot!  No question about it.  Put another way, how eager would the Vikings be in facing Adrian Peterson every year?  That's right ... things are tough enough. 

Pick your poison ... "Heart Shot" or "Monumental Gaff".  I'd rather have the shot at more impact picks.  

The Viking Ghost Writer