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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Watching Cordarrelle Patterson exceptional performance as a gunner live on Sunday brought me back to a time when Everson Griffen was searching for field time behind Robison and Jared Allen.  At the time, it wouldn't surprise me if Everson could be used anywhere on the line or as a linebacker or even at safety.

Before the Vikings decide that Cordarrelle Patterson is never going to be an elite receiver in this league they might want to expand his team role even further.  Maybe Cordarrelle might never start in front of Griffen, Robison, or Hunter, but that doesn't mean that there may not be some sort of significant role for him on defense.  If Patterson has pass rushing skills, that versatility could be transformed to spell Robison as the drop back spy giving our defensive ends added rest.

Something tells me that in the 3rd & 4th quarter Patterson could provide additional flexibility as a flex-defensive-specialist.  Where Patterson may be deficient on offense, it may not matter as much on defense ... as Patterson instincts & athletic skills may dominate the picture.  What is clear is that as the spy he could cover a whole lot of centerfield in the process with receiver skills.  Wouldn't it be neat to find a level-2 Eric Kendricks or Anthony Barr, standing right in front of you ... putting Zimmer's genius into the stratosphere.  Far be it from me to allow Mike Zimmer ... our head coach ... to steal weapons from both special teams and the offensive side of the ball.  There isn't even a name for the position of Zimmer's concept.  Oh my ... the humanity.  

Kick Returner slash Gunner slash some sort of Defensive Specialist.  Could Zimmer be one step closer to the asylum?  Zim ... why'd you do it?  Patterson wasn't doing much anyway so I thought ... 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 20, 2016