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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Flashback to the Future
In a dreamlike state, you find yourself immersed within the future.  You've been waiting patiently for this day like a petulant child.  Rumor has it that Sidney Rice is certain to play in his first game of the 2010 season.  Harvin & Berrian are already back deeply wrapped-up within the continuity of the groove, churning through defenses.  It's apparent that somewhere along the line ... there was some sort of cosmic shift.  There is a new name emblazoned upon the lips throughout the league, but you can't make it out.  Stammering ... your focus shifts.     

Apparently, there's a new face on the scene, someone that can slice through defenses like a hot knife through butter ... causing an interstellar disruption.  You come to realize what was once caged (Harvin & Rice) is now running in-step with this new force ... unrestricted ... at peak flow.      

Then you hear it ... you hear that question for the first time.  How in the hell can any defense cope with all of these threats, now knowing they are about to add Sidney Rice into this mix?  It's unimaginable.  The answer ... the answer that you've been waiting for all of your life comes to you like a cool sweet breeze on a hot, torrid & humid summer day.
Absolutely no one (no defense) can deal with it!  The force is now overwhelming.

Just for a moment, look at what we've done with our draft picks since the Tice era.  Draft board savants that need to be tested for steroids.  Could there be another explanation.

Now we find ourselves back on September 22nd, 2010.  The brain trust just allowed Vincent Jacksons ticker in San Diego run out.  The arrogance of the price was way too high.  The Southern California mess stays there, within their friendly confines.  We clearly understood that it is better to act than to react.  We clearly understood that there is much more that can be done with prime draft picks.  The uncertainty of the CBA & un-win-able bidding wars that stare us directly in the our faces are too overwhelming to ignor.  

Sooooooo ... who is this man ... this new face that finds itself on the lips throughout the league.  You tell me!

What I can tell you is that in most instances, when you're looking for answers, you do so by first looking within!

We've been waiting all of our lives ... unleash the fury!  Berserker rage stirs deeply within our souls.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 21, 2010

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