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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

A Spheroid - Fate - and Minnesota Vikings History!
I was made to remember that the ball is a spheroid.  In just about every other sport the ball is round.  The ball represents fate.  The Minnesota Vikings, it's player, it's fans ... the franchise, is like a super-hyped-up-fraternity.  Any player that straps on those horns shares a common bond with every other member that has ever worn those horns because they all shared almost the same experiences.  What you may not realize is that you also share the same fate.  Fate, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.  

Destinies Darlings ... a label which describes a team on which good fortune has shined.  This to, could be said, was defined by fate.  The "Bus" fumbles at the goal line ... it's picked up by the defender ... there is no one in (camera) view ... he's going to take it to the house ... the camera swings ... Rothlisberger is now in view ... the only man between him and certain playoff death and Ben makes the play.  Fate was like a companion on that day. 

They are all going to say that this team is too young ... too inexperienced ... too foolish ... too prone to mistakes ... too whatever ... and it can't be done, or this team can't do it, or it just can't make it over that hurdle, or that it's too tough a road, or it's just an impossible dream ... but I'm here to tell you that you carry two things:

A spheroid that represents fate and a past history of greatly-statured and proud individuals that carry the trademark of Minnesota Viking History.

You will not know why the ball and fate bounces a certain way ... it can not and will not be explained.  You will ask yourself why did you deserve this ... and there will be no explanation.  

You will be there to accept it.

Since all glory is fleeting ... it would be truly wise to remember the ones that have come before you ... the ones that have paved that highway ... the ones for which fate has never shined as brightly.  

Let them know, we did it for the fans.  We did it for the franchise and most importantly, we did it for you too!

Now prepare yourself to ... accept it!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.13.07

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