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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Hallelujah!  Finally ... A Viking with a set!  Chad Greenway took a leap into the abyss when he spoke out of class by making his heart known to the Viking Nation in regard to Brett Farve and its relation to his team mates.  By doing so, he just reinforced my respect for him as a true Viking ... an extension of his awesome play on the gridiron.  Chad is absolutely right.  

There are two distinct advantages in seeing Bret Farve in Viking purple.  The first is portrayed from his wife's perspective where she wants revenge for the way Bret was treated by Ron Wolfe ... it's called extracting a pound of flesh by having Bret win a Super Bowl with the purple and waiving that trophy at the Packer Cheesers in disdain.  My read on that, since I'm not blind, is nothing more that Mrs. Farve checking the script on the upcoming Viking check to ensure its value.  The second, is in regard to Bret's Legacy, and here my friends, is what is so troubling to me.  

It has never been adequately disclosed why Bret was not welcomed back with open arms at Cheese central.  We were told, the Packers were moving on ... with their fan base left in complete shock as to why.  For me, all it took was a few minutes of watching a championship game.  Here's a guy that has pin-point precision all year long that throws the ball in the dirt.  My eyes are wide open.  Way back on June 8, 2008, when I wrote of the Patriots loss ... historically, I made mention of the G'ants, New York money ... and punishment for the fool.  Call my reasons for doing so, respect for a legend that found a way to consistently carve us up.  There was a reason that I left that statement purposely vague and that was because the fool was Bret Farve.  You're only allowed to crap on the owners carpet once ... after that ... you're made to hit the bricks ... and that is exactly what happened.  

We've all heard of the Win-Win statement.  Well how does that apply to Bret Farve.  Well, in the unlikely event that Bret wins a Super Bowl in Miami wearing purple ... well that's obvious ... the Vikings win and Bret wins.  Now let look at the counter to this original blind view.  What happens if Bret takes us to that show and loses ... just like he lost to the G'ants up in Lambeau.  Now ask yourself, does this loss add or detract from his legacy.  In my book, understanding the Packer base only too well, Bret becomes a hero to these people by sinking our ship.  It also stinks of reparations.  So ask yourself, do you want a true Viking at that helm ... or do you wish to cast your lot with a man's legacy that wins when we lose.    

I have a reoccurring dream.  The game is over.  I'm sitting on my hind quarters, apparently alone,  at least from my view, where I'm picking blades of grass with my fingers on a natural turf field ... a gridiron.  There are uncontrollable tears welling in my eyes, where I rock back and forth, where at that brief moment in time, I'm completely inconsolable, unable to express or share my thoughts.  A true slobber-knocker.  This manifestation comes from years of experiences ... expectation, sudden death, fortunes that turn on a dime, blown calls ... from watching years of legacies dismember my team (Montana, Young, Snake, Green-Greenwood-Lambert, et-al, Czonka, Odoms) ... ever patiently waiting for the day.  This overwhelming vision, that is emblazoned on my brain, occurs after a Viking Super Bowl Victory.  

Chad Greenway's words are truly prophetic ... where do his (Farve's) motives lie.  The answer apparently somehow lies within the statement, "Fool me once ... shame on you.  Fool me twice ... shame on me."

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 12, 2009

Post Script:  

Where is the fan outrage?

Why do I feel as if so many of us are silent or are mute to this debacle going down?

How can so many be so quiet over such an issue?

Where is the intestinal fortitude of our players ... why won't they stand and be counted?

Yes, we did hire McMahon as a Viking, but I saw that as different. This occurred after he was planted on his throwing arm up in Green Bay (bounty hunting), where Jim was cast off unceremoniously.  Jim's story was open and evident.  Farve's story is anything but clear and evident ... it appears to be smoke and mirrors.


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