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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Egregious Tone
How egregious was the New York Giants recent sideline "walkie-talkie" incident ... well consider the following.

Take someone that has an unusually high winning percentage ... like Tom Brady.  Now let's for a moment consider that the speaker that is provided by the NFL that is located in each of the quarterbacks helmets works as intended where the communications is shut off based upon the play clock, thereby keeping the playing field level.  Now consider that some team has figured out a way to continue the communications with said quarterback undetected.  When the difference between winning and losing a game might be based upon making one more play in a game ... the incentive to cheat becomes so great that having that advantage becomes overwhelming.  Why?  Because coaches & players are judged to be great upon their won loss record ... individual achievement records ... which leads to playoff accomplishments.  

Now let me ask you, after Tom Brady won any of his particularly significant events, have you ever seen any league official seize his helmet during the game or check him for an illegal ear piece.  

Suppose for a moment how this communication might work.  Call it a time dependent assessment communication tool, with a 2nd speaker concealed within that helmet .  Just as you have 1 official watching each receiver scheduled for coverage, so too would a team have one individual observe only the movements of one player on each play.  Prior to the start of any particular play, that individual records the player that he's responsible for by recording his number into the system, accounting for any substitutions.  From that an evaluation on that specific player is established.  In other words, for Julian Edelmen or Rob Gronkowski, they have a clutch catching rating of 92 & 95 out of 100, respectively whereas Matthew Slater might be rated at 74 (meaning that even if he's open, he might not catch the ball).  Now imaging six (6) team observers continuously hitting a percentage button, ranging during the play from say four of them (10%, 50%, 75% & 90%).  Here is how it might work.       

Eldemen's observer gets a pre-snap read knowing that his defender is out of position based upon the route that he's scheduled to run. The observer evaluates that and gives a pre-snap evaluation of 100% or 75% communicating, a pre-snap read, that he believes that Edelman has a 75% chance at success.  All of the other observers are also communicating similar pre-snap evaluations.  Based upon an overall computer rating, a signal is sent to Tom Brady's ear piece, maybe being a particular tone.  Knowing that all tones are not accepted equally in Tom's ear, he's literally forced to garner his attention to his most advantageous target.  Now, being seasoned over the years, Tom's then shifts his pre-snap gaze into the opposite direction, hoping to shift the defense into an even worse alignment ... then he snaps the ball.   

As we are all aware, just like a "walkie-talkie", the whole world doesn't end at a pre-snap condition ... or in other words ... the feedback from these six observers is continuous.  At 2.3 seconds, Edelmen's observer might be pushing 10% whereas at 3.2 seconds Gronkowski's observer might be pushing 90%.  All the while the computer is providing Tom Brady continuous feed back by communicating a varied tone, as the play develops, for Tom Brady to react to, to direct his successful focus toward making his remarkable plays.  

Of course this is complete conjecture, as Tom Brady has never been caught cheating ... ooops!  Scratch that.  Let's just say that there is absolutely no proof that anyone out there is cheating in away similar to this manner but there is one thing that we can say without doubt.  There is motive to do so and there is an enormous amount of pressure to do so beyond our limits of understanding.   

What is clear is that it appears that each of the owners in this league are willing to trust each other not to cheat because after all there is a gentlemen's agreement between them all that everything that they do is on the up & up ... sort of speak.  It's just like Bum Phillips used to say, "You take yourin', & I'll take Myin', and we'll ...".  It was a man to man, head to head statement however, there was obvious shortcoming & problem with his assessment ... Bum's team had never won an NFL championship for some reason.  So in reality, what is clear, is that there must be trust between scoundrels because the NFL league officials are not doing it's job.  You might be wondering, "What job might that be?" 

They call it, unannounced snap inspections by league officials ... that can occur at any time whatsoever.  

For this to occur, it has to be under the following rules:
1. Anything found by the league officials must be disclosed to all 32 owners.
2. Nothing found can be disclosed to the public.
3. If any contraband is found on any player by a league official that player will be immediately removed from the game.  There shall be no reason given as to why.  
4. Any and all disciplining that results shall be implemented by the commissioner and shared each franchise.
5. Each franchise shall be given one only vote, to determine if they agree with the punishment, where a 2/3 majority vote can overrule the action taken by the commissioner.
6. Each franchise shall give an assessment of the action taken by the commissioner as being either too harsh or too lenient.  The overall evaluation shall be directed by weighting each franchise votes divided by the number of super bowl victories plus 1.  In other words, if a franchise has no Super Bowl victories, and they believe the commissioners assessment was too lenient, it would be 1 vote against the commissioners level of punishment.  If a franchise has 6 Super Bowl championships, and believes that the punishment by the commissioner to be too harsh, that franchises assessment would be 1/7 or 0.143 points in favor of reducing the punishment.  Each franchises weighted number would added where the higher number would instruct the commissioner to increase or decrease his punishment.  This weighting would prevent owners from assembling into what is known as a good-old-boy network of NFL champions.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 20, 2016