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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

EGO versus Destiny 
I can remember my first look at Cordarrelle Patterson.  It was sometime during the draft.  I couldn't really understand what I was looking at first but one thing was clear.  He was the best broken field runner that I've ever seen.  

In his rookie campaign, Cordarrelle put up some impressive numbers however what we all tend to forget is exactly when Cordarrelle did this.  It was at the end of the year under some unusual weather conditions.  Think back to that contest when we played in Baltimore ... a game we had no business even competing in.  While everyone was sliding onto their hind quarters, the flat footed Cordarrelle was hoofing it into the end zone.  Sure we lost the game but something was screaming at us on that day.  Cordarrelle reminded me of the great Kansas Comet playing the 49ers on that sloppy field scoring touchdown after touchdown.  Cordarrelle had an innate ability of performing high speed flat footed cut and slash maneuvers while others floundered into the abyss.

Sure, under normal conditions, Cordarrelle appeared to be pedestrian but what we are about to experience on Sunday will be anything but normal.  Sure, Cordarrelle fumbled on his last great kick return ... the victim of a place kicker ... and sure he had a smile on his face, that the owners wanted to wipe in disgust ... but that wasn't anything more than his coping mechanism.  Cordarrelle is internally in turmoil.  Just as know one knows why this team is winning or losing it's contest ... so too will the gods chose who and what to release upon the cosmos.  If it is their choice to transform goat into god then we must yield to it.  It is that simple.  Keep in mind that Brett Favre won only one Super Bowl but without his kick returner ... it doesn't happen. 

So here is the question.  Will Norv Turner be strong enough to unleash Cordarrelle on Sunday ... as there will be no coping with his misdirection or his open field assault upon the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks.  

Keep in mind that decisions and directives come from on high.  Thou shall not risk ... no matter what ... and in the minds of both Norv and Mike Zimmer, Cordarrelle represents great risk.  However from great risk ... comes great rewards.  Be leery of the Sea Cock fake on special teams as it is better to ensure the play that to become exposed by the risk.  Carroll is a creature of habit.

Before you come with answers to these queries, you need to come to grips with the unforeseen.  Consider that there wasn't supposed to be even one more game played outdoors in Minnesota ... let alone two.  There is no doubt that neither Teddy nor AD like the cold however they will carry the advantage.  Although all those great players and coaches of the Met Era cannot be there is physical form on this day ... their spirits will be with you.  When you fly by the seat of your pants ... no one understands why it is possible ... only that there is someone there with you.  Carry the pain of their aching hearts with the standard of a new era.  The eyes of the world will be upon you ... as no one will be able to avoid their eyes.  There will be no greater interest on this day.  The winds that defeated the Napoleon have arrived. 

Years ago, before Joe Kapp had asked if his receiver wanted to catch that ball with the laces up, or down or on the side, Bud Grant had exhaustedly decided to run the ball, slamming his head against the wall ... again and again.  All the time Joe Kapp pleaded, over and over again, to allow that deep ball that eventually won the game.  It took everything Bud had within him to eventually let it rip ... but he did.  Neither Burnsie nor Bud had what we possess today ... the edge threat that decimated the Ram's on opening day in 2014 ... scorching over 100 yards on the ground on that day by none other than Cordarrelle Patterson.

So you think this is not important.  So you think this is folly.  Well consider what the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks gave up to secure Percy Harvin from the Vikings which included a high draft pick and enormous money under Percy's new contract.  Carroll would give up anything to prevent being pounded and attacked on his edges and Percy was unmerciful on Carroll's DB's and safeties.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 9, 2016