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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Distant & Happy
I do have a message for Drew Brees ... wear your dark pants.

Today, most consider Patrick Willis to be the best overall linebacker in the league.  There are probably many others in that debate.  For all Patrick's skills, etc., my money day in and day out is on EJ.  By the way, Mr. Brees, EJ wasn't in New Orleans last January but I think he is quite eager ... "to meet your introduction." {Forrest Gump}.    

On Thursday, September 9th, 2010, I'll be exactly One Thousand, One hundred & Forty Three Miles away from New Orleans which is just about the right distance.  Why?  Because EJ Henderson scares me to death.  If given the opportunity I'd interview both Chad Greenway and Ben Leber together on tape for the purpose of asking them just one question ... "Does EJ scare you?"  My dream is to sit side by side with EJ to watch his reaction to Chad's & Ben's response.  Keep in mind that Ben & Chad are on the same side ... making that response doubly intriguing.  

On the one hand, it could break EJ up ... on the other hand ... well let's just call what I expect is a throated, "measured response" ... based in respect.  Ben & Chad are awesome ... EJ, on the other hand ... is like trying to contain fire ... about a micro-inch from its Flash-Point.  I wonder if big Pat & Kevin can keep these guys free ... like they're planning?  

I've been hundreds of miles away watching EJ on all sorts of tape and my skin begins to crawl.  He's just giving a soft spoken interview but clearly the cauldron boils deeply within this one.  He refuses to allow you to stare into his eyes ... he averts the engagement knowing that his X-ray-like stare could reduce you to ash.  Call it a contained pulverization.

As much as I've enjoyed watching the elite linebackers in this league over the years, with EJ, there is no comparison.  I've seen Butkis on tape ... he had it.  Watching EJ, on the other hand, is like a very hot and bothered ... perturbed Butkis on steroid's.  Tweaked!

In 2008 and 2009 EJ was clearly posting not just Pro-Bowl numbers but "All-Pro" numbers.  He never got the opportunity to finish.  My hope is that he finally gets to finish this season ... on his own terms.       

Just far enough ... I'm good!  Dude!  Where dark pants!~

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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