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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Die is Cast
It's in motion now ... It's now too late to stop.  The die has been cast.  

So you might ask, how do you punish the entire league for it's actions and why does it encompass players throughout the league?

To put this question into perspective, Adrian Peterson could of stood his ground & refused the Ponder Merry-go-round but instead he bided his time.  He might of been told that Ponder didn't concern him and that it was not his decision and to leave it up to management to make these decisions.  Instead, he should of taken a firm leadership role and stand his ground like he's done in the last few days ... but he didn't.  For that he paid a price.  Adrian could have allowed the people of the Republic of Texas speak for the nation instead he put his trust into a broken system of omnipotence.  Adrian ... it's not your fault, you were trying to do your best for others and you stood your ground like a man.  There are too few men in this world that can even come close to that.  
Now Adrian Peterson is told to hold his tongue while the league states that he has not enough remorse for his son.  Really?  I'm supposed to believe this NFL statement from on high?  Instead ... could it be that Adrian Peterson is railing against and unfair and ever changing triad of punishments.  No!  No!  It couldn't be that.  No, the league says that he has no remorse.  Really?  Really?  Give me a break.  The man told the truth ... a far cry from the should be felons throughout the league that walk away clean as a whistle.  Now we must apply the Liberal Agenda and punish him severely.  Put him to the rack and whip him until he sheds skin.  The omnipotent one has spoken.  

The league and its members should not have stood by and allowed this to happen to Adrian Peterson.  There are voices throughout the league that should have opened their mouths and stated that what is being done to Adrian Peterson is beyond unjust ... as of course ... in time ... this precedent will soon apply to them.  To a man ... not one of them stood up ... as they all bent their knee to power ... or they delivered it.

So the die is now cast.

Just like Dan Akyroyd selecting the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man as the instrument of it's own destruction, so too has the NFL selected its own punishment.
 The NFL stated that it was worried about it's revenue ... relying upon the courts of public opinion ... to poll their calculated moves.  The destructor has now chosen its form.  So I ask you now, do you think fantasy took a hit this year ... well that's nothing baby.       

There is one undeniable fact when it comes to the NFL.  There is no way to protect your product in the gladiator pit.  As the saying goes ... and eye for an eye ... where in the end we all end up blind.  Yes, this too is biblical.  
News Flash:  It's now almost 4,000 years later and apparently Abraham is still on the commissioners exempt list with little to no hope of reinstatement.  Apparently Abraham had no remorse for his actions concerning his son according to league sources.  Apparently Abraham tried to kill his son but at the last minute God stepped by telling Abraham ... just kidding dude ... I wanted to see if you'd really do it.  Suffice it to say that you proved your devoted love for the one and only ME!  I AM WHO AM!  However, this was clearly a case of domestic violence, that has no limitation whatsoever, and Abraham's actions must be punished and all restrictions prevail until the end of time.    
So how is the NFL going to be punished?  Well, the entire league gasped when Tony Romo added a few broken bones in his back to his resume but what is coming is like a spring rain as compared to the coming onslaught of a great storm.  So, how can the revenue of the league be crushed resulting is such a cry throughout the land that no one will be left unscathed?  The answer is quite clear.  What is Gronk without Tom Brady?  What are the Bronco's without Peyton Manning.  What are the Packer's without Aaron Rodgers smug-like smile spread across his weasel face.  Get the picture?  Everyone expects Peyton Manning's career to end on his own terms and they expect him to complete the 2014 season.  Well ... my son ... it's out of our hands now ... Nothing can stop it now.
  Why does it always seem that the innocent are punished ... always in what appears to be an unjust way?  Poor William Santiago ... after all, the innocent aren't so innocent.  It breaks my heart ... literally ... but, of course, I am it's witness.   Like slow motion never ending car wrecks.     

Once it begins, the green ugly monster will be too difficult to control.  The New Orlean's Saints should have been stripped of their title.  Instead they received a simple slap on the wrist.  A poor precedent that is viewed with keen interest throughout the league.  If we turn a blind eye to this, then we win ... as winning absolves all.  Do what you have to do to get the prize and then worry about the consequences.  Good luck with that.  It's all coming home to roost!
There is a price to be paid.  The gods are beyond angry ... livid comes to mind.  It's course shall be fulfilled as the gods will not be denied ... no more.  For the omnipotent one ... this is the end.

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 19, 2014