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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Dictating Defense - Fear Factor
To beat the Bears, our defense needs to dictate coverage.  They want to select match-ups ... we need to take those options away because after all they are playing the Minnesota Vikings not the Boston Patriots.  The seven (7) man front needs to include Evans, Williams. Griffen, Allen & Robison. where the later need to float in and out as both linebackers and defensive ends.  To play this our defensive coordinator Alan Williams needs to get over his fear.  You cannot dictate defense with a leg on both sides of the fence.  Piss or get off the pot.

Both Bishop and Greenway may not be our best coverage options however they clearly have a nose for the ball as both were the leaders in tackles for their respective team.  Short term you may give up some yards ... but no blasts ... with a long term view based on thumping people.  Regardless of coverage, a great rush makes great DB's.  Henderson always seems to be a fraction of a second late and Mitchell is a mystery.  Henderson has his role but it's not in coverage.  Facing a 3 wide receiver set, Bishop out Josh Robinson in.  

On every offensive play they have one quarterback and five down lineman.  What varies is the number of running backs, tight ends and wide receivers.  The 5-2 front is a hybrid of the 49ers 4-2 front.  The 49ers don't have three defensive ends or four linebackers on each and every play.  Regardless of whether they are announcing the run or a passing formation, by dictating this defensive front to the offense, it exposes their intentions exactly, which with this bunch is more than half the battle.  Regardless of the pre-snap plan, the offense is either overloaded in coverage or overloaded by pass rushers.  Neither is tenable to a quick hitter as QB's throughout the lead are well versed at the big strike on a rusher overload ... causing indecision ... as it may or may not be there.  The addition of either a tight end or a double tight end set ... slows their quick tempo offense to a crawl.  

Last week everything was complete chaos.  That was the growing effect of Leslie Frazier and Alan Williams 5-2,  ... as no one on offense could rely on anything ... but it's hard to give up on old habits.  Have to have a Mike ... Have to have a Will and Sam ... Really?  It's not news that Reggie Bush ripped us apart ... just look back at 2009 but that's not the standard nor the norm.  What you saw with Reggie Bush last Sunday was Bunker Hill.  When the British referred to that battle as a victory ... the reality was that it wouldn't take too many Bunker Hill's to destroy the British army.  There is no way Reggie can sustain this pace throughout the season.  

Where was Toby Gerhart?  Do you think they'd put eight in the box to stop him.  So AP wouldn't have had his big run but its not about that particular run its about winning the game.  Winning the 4th quarter by never giving up on the run is the answer. AD is a pro's pro where he'll execute any plan which includes him climbing the walls ... to torch down the world.

This voice has been silenced.  Well ... maybe it has ... and maybe not.

Before the sports beat calls for Leslie Frazier's head, or any other part of this organization, other than it's owners which always gets an unearned pass, we need to pay attention.  This group has every piece in place to strike hard in 2013.  When we are only favored in five of sixteen games at the start of the season ... it is clear who and what is being handicapped.  As Michael Jackson once said, "One bad apple", as we all know, "can't spoil the whole bunch of girls", then it's clear what we must do.  One change and the handicapping ... and the odds ... change historically.

It was fun watching the NFL this past weekend.  My wife hates football.  When I tell her look at that, and that, and that, and that ... to which she's seen it all before and was not impressed ... then I tell her ... I wish our quarterback could do that.  But again, what weren't we all supposed to see versus the Texans this past pre-season.  

The season begins on Sunday 

Not to worry ... I have a pillow for pine splinters.  See ... it starts with ... see this clip board here ...  Enabling has never been the answer.  You have no idea what you have.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 11, 2013