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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Destiny of Fate 
The lot has been cast.  The play ... to unfold.  The results ... already in stone. Time; being only an illusion.  The death of the OxY-ear.  Will the field tilt once more ... the enigma within the gods.  What of the faithful ... does Beserker Rage and its Fury lie within this invasion.  The days are upon us where the assault thrusts us upon the field of death ... there is now no escape.  Will it spurn around the Chelor god, or does demise erupt under the hand of 8118.  Does Chilli's/V-V unleash the fruitless finger for which only Odin has an answer.  To much to ponder for a team that's only hope lies with over the top of an umbrella.            

Stuck upon 13W's, we are nothing more than dogs with fleas.  Like JRandle of 98, we have a peaking DE with a bum knee.  Toine's crippled.  Chief EJ on IR.   Let's not even discuss fumbles. An impetuous RB that rather slam his head into walls rather than cut for leverage to run for day-light due in part to a lack of discernable conviction.  What did Favre teach us?   A home team that never wins big on the road.  A team that Jeckle's into Hyde at Sunday's/Monday's dusk not to mention the quaking instability upon the fault of a migraine.  The pitting of souls: an interception king versus a web of loving intercepting arms not to mention an officiating crew hand picked to ensure the result as just deserts for the poster boy Williams Wall.  This is a no-brainer ... bet heavily on the Vikes ... then get your head examined.            

The world has been waiting for the carnage, like viewing a crash in slow motion.  That is the fate that has been drawn for Brett Favre.  No thought of 10-year old child is going to change that.  What does fate hold in store?

One thing is for certain, regardless of the result the NFL wins.  What hangs in the balance is the identity of a franchise, searching for a new facility.  A franchise that has never mattered like the Pokes, Iron Heads or those treacherous Beaners of Boston.

A job too tough to pierce a simple veil.  The league of have's and have not's.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 22, 2010

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