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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Dead Zone
There are only two infamous rivers that flow north, the most famous of which is the Nile.  The other river has been the life blood that pumps through my veins, offering historic panoramic views hidden throughout its depth.  It direction of flow is guaranteed, as it is flanked by an esker running the full length of the state, seen like the great wall of china.  The magnificent aqueduct of stone, that carried the infamous Clinton's Ditch over it, was built upon the hands of an Irish Immigrant Song, is now history laying obscured.  The songs of a flanking Mill Run, of the mighty Flour City, that churned the husks of bread for the early nation are still alive today.  The river features three gorges, one an immense escarpment, hidden and made extinct by the last ice age, flanked by an untouched forest of small lakes and eskers.  Many miles to the west, a separate infant lower gorge, traversed by its new path, contains three picturesque lower falls at one end and an upper region, at the opposite end, that is known as the Grand Canyon of the east.  This canyon contains three impressive falls of its own guarded by a high hydroelectric dam.  This particular river also contains a dead zone ... a place that has always haunted me with it lore ... where nothing lives, knowing that this scared region, which is hidden from view, may contain within it a lore of wealth.  It is this region, this dead zone, that stirs within me this day, as there was never a purpose for this region, and its history.  That is ... until this day.    

World Series, Super Bowl XLIII, Stanley Cup State Capital Harrisburg, PA In studying the art of war, there are many axioms that transcend history that have been studied by the greatest minds in history.  There is one axiom that incessantly rings through my mind ... there is no greater spirit, no greater warrior than one that finds itself standing firmly upon the field of death.  It is this Dead Zone, where true Beserker Rage and Fury spawns.  On their travels, toward that fifth championship, and now sixth, that passed through our dome, it could have all been derailed on that day with a "Were-Bear" step closer to Odin.  Too many ... the wretched of this league ... that were once clearly in our rear view mirror ... have gone on to pass us by.  Sickened!      

Peer deeply into the future, and there are two clear paths that even the uninitiated see lying before us.  One is strewn with a field of Walking Dead.  As you walked the streets of Cleveland, on that cold fall day, these eyes of despair could not be mistaken.  Their very souls had been ripped from their bodies only to be soiled upon with insult of a long awaited displaced championship.  Does this Dead Zone approach?     

The never ending insults, the latest of which is Bud Grant being labeled #1, as to have never won an NFL championship, where revisionist history by the NFL network, plays its role and takes its toll.  Those striving to breath free must be put down before us at every opportunity.  What is now Super Bowl I through IV was at the time the World Championship of American Football.  These revisionist Super Bowls were not NFL Championships as there were two separate leagues.  January 4, 1970 was an NFL Championship won by Bud Grant's team, something that can never be taken from him, and no one says boo to the NFL network's blunder and insult.  The next time Len Dawson states, maybe we were just a better team (on that January 1970 day) ... ask Mr. Leonard about the 27-10 beat down that he, and his team took on opening day of the 1970 season up in Minnesota.  It was on that day when our warriors were allowed to play Minnesota Viking football rather than having to execute some obscure plan that didn't fit our mold.  Maybe the reminder of this physical beating will finally take that smirk off old Leonard's face.  By the way, this bit of cellulose ranks very highly on my list of Viking greatest games ... a day Mr. Leonard would soon like to forget.  An off-season full of Stram's inflaming commentary to stir the cauldron of regret and tug at the souls of the faithful.  Maybe you weren't the best team on that day!        

Now NFL films, which had officially closed the book on Bret Farve, lists his bio epitaph stating that he's only won one championship (1996 season) in his illustrious career, something that probably gnaws at his very soul to this day.  Bret is now staring directly into the death of his career ... only this time, if he chooses to do so, it will be on his terms ... untethered ... free of his
indentured servitude.  At this stage, Bret knows that he can be no savior, only the seasoned captain, on his final voyage, to maybe help guide us through the cracking thunder of an immense squall.  What is his purpose ... could it be to plant the seed from the death of his yarn of legend.  How would this tale of lore stack up to a couple of lousy worthless coins.    

Now combine the final word on Bret, with the stench of Elway's, "No one has ever gone out on top" jaundra, that derailed our Moss-um 98 season, only then to be passed by by lowly 99 Ram's, 2000 Browns (and signal cheating 41-0 Giant's), and 01 laughing stock Buc's.  

Still waiting ... still waiting!  There is a debt to be paid that is long over due that balances on the precipice of a Berserker Nation.  Odin ... Odin!  Sway upon Viking winds.  

Yes!  When you strap on those horn, be sure to look deeply down as what pushes back upward upon your feet ... where your find yourself ... you're deep into that hurt locker.  Regardless of Bret's choice, Childress will find himself deep in that locker too.  Only a "Were-Man", and the lament of the truly insane ... have a chance to escape the DEAD ZONE!  

They fight they way they do because they have no expectation and no chance of escape, because they are in the dead zone ... The Art of War!  For many ... this can only be true!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 16, 2009

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