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Das Kaput Commish  
Our NFL commissioner had his opportunity to be "COMMISSIONER".  Now his status within the league is in absolute ruination.  He has failed the most ultimate test ... where he can no longer say, that his intent is to protect NFL players.  He's lost his power and ultimately his ability to lead the league.  Kaput means broken.

Rodger Goodell had taken a great deal of time in accessing the situation.  His decisions in regard to suspensions within the New Orleans Saints franchise took a great deal of time to ponder, consider and then ultimately make his decisions.  It is without doubt and without question that bounties were applied to influence the outcomes of games, that were absolutely 100% against the NFL rules that were in place to protect its players.  These rules have been in place for some time.

This isn't a simple omnipotent assessment to someone's wallet, to fine  a safety or a defensive back, that may or may not have left his feet (launched) at a defenseless wide receiver.  This is a blatant disregard to protect every NFL player within the league.

I wonder what the Dirt Patch Jim Harbaugh is taking from this decision.  It's open season in the NFL.  As the season progresses, the value of each game increases exponentially, as they are played, where we will direct our players to take the appropriate actions to ensure a result.  Way to go Rodger Goodell.  You've stripped yourself of all possible respect & power.  I wonder who is now having a good laugh at your expense.

Instead of abiding by the decision, the poor underprivileged New Orleans franchise, who have never ever seen the benefits of a Super Bowl ever, decided to boldly challenge his decision without regard to anyone other than themselves.  The case was put in front of an arbitrator that is nothing more than a judge that gets to decide the case based upon facts and evidence.  "So, you have nothing in writing?  No!  So, you have no actual evidence?  No!  Do you have any witnesses?  Let me get this straight, you're asking me to have NFL players submit their testimony against other NFL players?  Yes!  Well that isn't going to happen.  The truth was revealed to me in confidence which I am not willing to expose.  Well then, judgy-wudgy says ... Case dismissed!  The New Orleans flip-off of fingers flailing from beneath their chin ... take that Commish!  "You got Nothin!"

Then I guess it never happened?  The problem is that the commissioner knows 100% without question that severe violations of league rules did happen.  Can you look in the mirror and say, "I guess Kurt Warner's career did not end in a 2009 (season) playoff contest versus these Saints"?  Can you say that, "Brett Favre's beating in the 2009 NFC championship game didn't occur versus these same Saints"?  Hey, you can't prove a thing and it only cost a little more than $50,000 dollars in fines to purchase a Lombardi Trophy.  Therefore, it never happened.  Oh, but it did!  No problem ... we'll sweep it, and every players safety, under the rug.  It's a good thing that your livelihood, Mr. hard working Pro-Bowl player, has little to no value to me.  So I wonder what tomorrow's going rate will be to purchase a Lombardi Trophy?

The commissioner has one card left to play.  It is the death card.  It is his one and only chance left that he has to resurrect his absolute and unquestioned power within the league.  This is the true measure of his reputation ... in tact ... or in shreds.  It is the leagues only chance to prove unequivocally that they do intend to move forward to sincerely protect every player in the NFL.  This is the decision that any decent liability attorney will point to.  Without this decision absolutely nothing the commissioner does holds any meaning whatsoever.

There is one more item.  If the commissioner is forced to recognize that the value of each game changes exponentially, as they are played, then additional action is immediately required.  In other words it is impossible to state that an opening day game has the same value as the AFC championship game.  He needs to immediately issue a decree.  After applying the death card, not subject to any judgement whatsoever, he needs to make it 100% clear, "Actions of this type, on any NFL field, at any time including the playoffs, will not be tolerated, and officials will be encouraged to take the time necessary to evaluate questionable behavior and immediately eject players for actions deemed detrimental to the league."

That and only that will send the message that the NFL's interest is to protect it's players.  This action is without question.

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 12, 2012