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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Somehow, the message became lost in the mist.  As it's figure head, Kirk Cousin's bore the brunt of it all not realizing that the anger. mistrust, and disappointment wasn't a reflection of him as a man but rather was me railing against that vicious cycle.  Before that 2018 season, what appeared before me was a repeat of that 1972 season in which this franchise went 7-7, thereby missing the playoffs ... with a team full of individuals destined for a run. 

In looking at Kirk Cousins yesterday, what I saw was a man in turmoil ... which is quite literally a place that he shouldn't be.  He could get into a street fight with just about anyone where his worst result would be in facing himself in a showdown.  The problem is he doesn't see it.  There is a gross of messages that we need to pay attention to, that literally lie at his feet.  He just needs to play free & unencumbered.  The myth of the coming savior has been shattered ... and now it's time to get down to work.  KISS - Keep it simple stupid!  

To be direct, I didn't see the game live.  What I had was a radio broadcast coming from the Green Bay network ... where what was heard over & over again was ... "I'll take that".  What it meant was the screwing over of this Viking franchise.  The tape, afterwards indicated something very different ... as it was far worse ... much more than could be heard in just words.

Firstly, in Kirk Cousins strip sack, you will see two Viking linemen engaged by defensive linemen, where a Packer defensive lineman lunged toward the feet of an engaged linemen.  The result would be an "Inconceivable Tell" where three Viking Offensive linemen were brought to the ground tripping over one another.  There is no way that this "Tell" could possibly be missed by the officials but of course it was overlooked.  What followed was a strip sack of Kirk Cousins.  Seeing three offensive linemen all collectively falling over each other on the ground most certainly should have drawn a flag for illegally blocking of an engaged linemen (a so called safety issue).  This was a disgrace.  Instead the Packers were granted a short field that resulting in a go-ahead 21-0 lead.  To be direct, Kirk Cousins statistical 10 interceptions of 2018 needed to be combined with all his fumbles, as it clearly signaled his inability to contain ball & retain "possession security"  In 2019 he appears to still be on the same page however what happened yesterday was unmistakable.  Maybe the commissioner, who was in attendance, had hard money on the Packers ... because there was no explanation for the travesty that occurred on that field.  In short, what happened to Kirk Cousins left me with a whole new feeling that has turned me 180 degrees from my prior views.  It is now clear that Kirk Cousins is destined for much more.  Instead he was quite literally robbed out of what should have been ....    

Then later, when those 6 points were taken off the score board, one more thing became apparent.  If this same call was made against the Packers, there would have been a riot.  In other words, a call of this type, and how it was handled, could not have been made against the home team Packers, as it literally would have resulted in a riot.  The call came from New York ... not on the field.  Can you follow me on this one.  It is true that Cook made contact with a defender however the defender initiated the contact within that 5 yard chuck distance and the ball was not in the air at the time.  Cook then continued into his route by breaking left, where his hands were not on the defender and he was in no way blocking when the ball was in the air.  The defender looked to be covering Cook by leading into his pattern.  Let me tell you that if I'm running, and someone is directly in front of me while in that run, my hands are going to be out in front to protect myself like shock absorber during any potential collision.  When I see linemen block, players are pushed or leveraged out of the way, and there is generally hands grasping onto the fronts of those shoulder pads.  Grasping & leveraging clearly did not happen when the ball was in the air.  That penalty and the result of taking away Digg's touchdown was another travesty that would have locked up the score early in that contest at 21-14.  Again, what I heard was a collective sigh of relief followed by the words, "I'll take it".   

As for the interception that ended the drive in the 4th quarter ... that wasn't Kirk Cousin's fault ... it was mine.  His mindset was a product of that 1972 season.  It forced him to rectify something that did not need to be rectified as if he were chasing his own shadow.  There is nothing wrong with Kirk Cousins except his one & only flaw.  That is the failure to obey the Mike Zimmer's Command #1 which is that every drive must end in some sort of kick.  Adhere to that law ... and the Vikings lose ... the fault will lie at Coach Zimmer's feet as that can only happen if his people failed to follow him.  When Kirk Cousins fully accepts Coach's unquestioned #1 command ... only then will he make the correct decisions.  Today he knows that he didn't need to force that throw but he did it to pull himself out of the fire raging only within his mind (Everyone has an opinion & they all stink).  Again, there is no need to rectify anything my son ... you have a machine at your fingertips and now you must put that dragon inside you down.  It is time to play.  That's right ... just play ... like you were in a playground full of knuckleheads.  When you chose to control possession & time ... there is no way you can lose any game.  When the field compresses, there is nothing now that can stop this team.

What Kirk Cousins may not realize, not being immersed within our history, is that after that 1972 season, there should have been four straight Super Bowl appearances (except for an out of bounds catch on a 4th & 22, followed by a an illegal push-off on December 28, 1975).  What also occurred after that 72 season was an impassioned affair with Sir Francis that still resonates today.  You've got to allow that to happen to you.  It will if you do just one thing ... protect the ball ... following it with some sort of kick.

My anger was due in part to my overactive impatience ... having to deal with that 1972 season, part II.  It's not your fault dude ...   Maybe we've both been too impatient.  

The most overwhelming message, of course, is that you've never been paired with a 700 yard rusher ... ever.  It's time ... as Randy Moss said ... to rip it up.  Everything that you've done up to this point is irrelevant.  Can you see what that future, with these changes, might & could look like????  What would Tom Brady be ... if he tried to do everything on his own?  Before, your role included having no support ... no choice.  It's different now & they are hoping that you cannot see that ....
If it is a cycle ... and it is ... then you've got to accept what is coming.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to accept something that you may think that you don't deserve.  The coin is irrelevant.  

It was too easy for me to come off as if bashing you into submission ... and then we are forced to remembered that cycle.  What happened yesterday in Green Bay, WI will not stand the test of time.  My anger was as much at a 7-7 "72" season as it was in having to deal with last years 8-7-1 but in those days we had to deal with those 1972 Dolphins & also the Pittsburgh Steelers with that rookie running back Franco Harris ... on their home turf.  At the time, no one saw that these would result in the legends of the game and now ... today ... you're apart of it.  

Yesterday, was played out for me.  It was my punishment as well as my wake up call ... I'm behind every one of you ... and that now includes Kirk Cousins ... no matter what.  We are in it.  We are galvanized.  The wind has shifted & the course has changed.  Go Vikes!  

Post Script:  If it always appears that everything written is out of sync ... then it must contain a message ... and if it is out of sync ... what does that say about you and your perspective.  You can wait to join the band wagon or you can choose to get on board the turmoil ,on the deck, of that ship.  This is that franchise and that is your entertainment.  Go ahead and try to rip my heart from my chest ... as the ride ... has cloaked it into something that only a Beserker could fully understand.  Try again Cleveland as it all makes a good "Major League" story.  Absolutely nothing can compare ....    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 16, 2019