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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

To cull:  1. To pick the best elements or parts from.  2. To collect or gather.  3. Anything picked out & put aside as inferior.

To culminate:  1. To terminate at the highest point, summit, etc.  2. To end or conclude ... culmination

On Christmas morning in 1998, I opened a gift from my wife.  In it was a shirt.  On it was 1998 Central Division Champions.  My wife immediately saw the look of horror upon my face.  I immediately saw this as a prelude to a bad omen.  After all ... this was our year.  It couldn't end that way, but alas ... it did.

Now they speak of these NFC North Division Champion hats.  It certainly feels good to finally achieve this goal for some, like Case Keenum, & the genuine joy was apparent.  Then I heard about these next hats ... that also come with jewelry.  These are the hat that you should be looking for ... but alas ... that bit about jewelry just did not strike the right chord. 

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for jewelry.  The Patriots are looking for more jewelry.  All the elite teams are searching for more jewelry.

Although having jewelry given to you sometime in the future would be a nice gesture, just like receiving some sort of trophy at some point in your life, this Minnesota Vikings franchise is not interested in any of that.  Our interests lie within the word ... CULMINATION.
I remember the first time I heard the word "cull".  It was John Wayne that uttered it in the movie "McClintock".  He was describing the governor of his state ... his wife's suitor ... metaphorically describing a worthless heifer, that was so low of character & "without-value" as to be almost not worth his time to remove it from it's miserable existence.

Even if your just the tiniest part of this historic franchise ... like we consider ourselves... every part of your fiber rails against being considered any part of "The Cull" & strives ... with every step ... to achieve "CULMINATION".  There is no hardware in existence that can compare to achieving it.    

Believe me when I tell you that you won't remember that pay check (you don't even look at it now & you probably don't even know who signed it).  You won't remember any piece of any hardware, although you may look fondly upon it from time to time, but you will remember Teddy's tears in our nations capital.  You will remember the roar of that crowd last week when they announced Teddy's name.  You will remember exactly where you were on any or all of those days that define this season.  You will remember that knucklehead that stood next to you.  You will remember that unselfish determination of that next man up ... week after week ... never understanding how or why it could possibly happen.

That hardware, that they are referring to, is like Homer being attached to the boulder of shame.  Don't believe me.  How will Sam Bradford look upon that hardware?  How about Teddy?  What about Case Keenum being told you were not supposed to get this as it happened for every reason other than you?  How about Rick Spielman ... you got lucky ... after all, you missed on all those draft high draft picks?  How about Coach Zimmer ... you only achieved this due to being able to play in your own complex.  To a man, every word of jealous rage will be slung upon them ... and with such fervor ... so as to pierce the heart.  This hardware is its symbol. It is not something to strive for.   

On the other hand, striving for & achieving "CULMINATION" is vindication of purity in its simplest form.  Purity of heart & character is the only way to achieve it.   

Will it be "CULMINATION", something that it carried on every day of your life ... or is it 30 pieces of silver.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 22, 2017