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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Couldn't Play  
Ponder couldn't play ... because he had no off season ... in his rookie year.

Ponder couldn't play ... because he had no offensive line to protect him.  Funny how they were able to protect Joe Webb sufficiently.  

Then Ponder couldn't play ... because in 2012 he had no weapons other than the league MVP Adrian Peterson in the backfield.  Then of course Kyle Rudolph gets with some real quarterbacks ... and he made Pro-Bowl MVP by tearing it up.  So Rick Spielman dutifully ads weapon after weapon ... but to no avail.  At least the QB running lanes are now open. 

So this morning, I spoke with a hard core fan of the 3-0 Miami Dolphins.  We were to discuss an immanent trade.  Tannehill for Ponder ... straight up.  Then I get the look and then he asks ... "Did some print stupid on my forehead? ...  Do I look stupid?"  Then its all explained to him.  Christian Ponder is Leslie Frazier's guy.  He seeing him do positive things all the time.  He's his starter.  The owner Ziggy and Mark Wilf support this.  Rick Spielman is all over this.  Christian Ponder is an elite quarterback and is going to win a championship.    

His response, Christian Ponder reminds me of nature.  You drive down the highway ... observing the wonders of nature.  You notice the chill in the air and the leaves are turning brilliant florescent colors.  The day passes into evening.  Then you see it.  There ... right there in front of your high beams is Christian Ponder.  Nature at its best.  The proverbial deer frozen in the head lights.  

Ponder scores two (2) touchdowns ... with his feet.  No alarm bells are going off.  Why?  Ponder can't find his open receivers ... oh sorry ... they aren't good enough ... they just aren't getting open.  Then I think back to the wondrous Steve Young.  His receiver gets in his grill and says ... "Steve, I was wide open ... why didn't you throw me the ball".  His response ... priceless ... "Everyone was open".    

Remember the old days.  Old Tark would take off ... out of his collapsed pocket.  He'd sprint out right ... settle his feet ... square his shoulders.  If he felt the rush he'd back out and scramble left.  The lineman would pop the turning D-lineman as they reversed and change direction.  Then each and every one of those D-lineman would curse the day Mr. TEE HEE was born.  That left side scramble would be a sprint to an opening on the left side.  Old Tark would settle his feet and square those shoulders.  A split second read on depth, course  and speed and then release ... fire ... and he'd hit that target.  If the event that the rush got to close again ... he's pull out again and reverse direction to search for another opening to settle his feet.    

Hey!  I used to warn you about Ponder.  He was an over-reach.  A first round bust.  He's so pathetic out where I now feel genuine empathy.  That's right empathy ... because I'll never be an elite NFL quarterback either.  So I want to help.  No one ... and I mean absolutely no one ... should be throwing any pass down field unless their feet are settled and sure sometimes those D-Lineman are breathing down you neck ... but not always ... where there is more than enough time to settle your feet, square your shoulders and while doing so determine depth ... course ... and speed ... unless it's a Brett Favre shovel.      

Maybe the red flags should have waiver.  Ponder plays a rookie quarterback Andrew Luck ... he loses.  He plays rookie quarterback RG3 ... and he loses.  He plays rookie quarterback Russell Wilson ... and he loses.  With these three ... the sparks fly immediately.  It's 3 years later ... and when we need it ... it never seems to be there.  Then September 22, 2013 where Hoyer gets his second start.  Sure he tallies 3 interceptions but the sparks did surely fly ... Ponder loses again.    

Ponder took those shots ... and at the end ... when we needed it ... the skill set was not there ... and maybe ... just maybe ... it was never there.  Ponder might be the smartest quarterback in the league.  He may be the best practice quarterback in the league ... but the spark ... the juice ... is not just there.

So how bad could it be.  Funny you should ask because it hit me like a ton of bricks.  "Yeah, we lost to the Browns".  The response, "You lost to the Browns?"  Yup!  What followed was almost like a scream turning into a boisterous baritone belly laugh.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 23, 2013