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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Concussions-Lyme Disease-Veteran Suicides-MRSA:  
It's April 8th.  Things are still wet & muddy but the last of the frozen snow in the southern region of Pennsylvania is now gone.  The sun is shinning and there is a powerful itch that has taken control.  All I can think of it getting my motorcycle back on the road ... feeling that sense of true freedom once again.  As it turned out, that feeling turned into a tragic event.  I suffered what turned out to be another serious concussion which plunged my life into a surreal chaos ... and there was nothing that any hospital or any doctor could do about it.  There was no known AMA band aid available for this fix.  As it turned out ... there was a way to correct the damage.  I found the fix and it's painless and non-invasive ... and it's available to anyone that is will to take a  leap of faith.

Upon leaving my storage area with my bike, my normal path to exit was blocked, where I had to pass through an area of mud.  That was a grave mistake as the rear tire of my motorcycle was caked with a thick layer of mud, which I couldn't see from the seat of my bike.  Upon pulling out, from a standing position to begin my trip, the rear tire slid outward to my left.  Before I had realized what was to happen ... it was too late.  The next thing that I recalled I was being awoken in the middle of the street, being helped by a stranger to the curb.  I was knocked out cold where I was trying to regain my senses.  I then retrieved my bike and put it back into storage and then I begged to be taken to a close friend which owned a nearby mechanics garage.  Although my scrambled brain put me into a surreal scene, my brain was functioning coherently enough to indicate that I was quite lucid however both my friend and that stranger sensed that I was off kilter.  After shooting the breeze with my friend for a while he firmly suggested that I get to a hospital.  Since I was still at the top of my game, at least in my own mind, I would here nothing about going to any hospital, where instead we agreed to call my wife to come take me home for further observation.  Nothing unusual happened since where I never sought out any medical attention for this concussion.    

There was further history to consider.  When I was in my early teens, we used to play football in the street where I was the youngest in the group.  Since I hadn't hit my growth spurt yet I was at a considerable disadvantage size-wise.  On one play, I was caught underneath my chin where that contact flipped me upside-down where I landed on the top & back of my head onto an asphalt surface.  I was knocked out cold where when I awoke my friend insisted that I go home immediately.  My father took me to the emergency room where they observed the development of a large egg on my injured head.  They did some other tests to check my pupils and then basically sent me home where I slept it off and refrained from sports for a week or so.  This might help explain why I didn't think a hospital could help me after getting my brain scrambled again however what I did know, without question, is that I re-injured the same area of my brain.  My only thought was to ride this thing out.

Since that time, I've had a continual low grade head ache.  High temperatures and elevated blood pressure caused a region of my brain to feel like it was about to pop.  This pain and/or pressure always appeared in the same region in my head.  Since my accident I've felt awful ... zapped of energy.  Recent doctors appointments have indicated that my blood pressure was at elevated levels which has since been brought back under control with a second blood pressure medication.  As time passed, I became even more sensitive to salt where I would pay a price for eating too many potato chips.  All food tasted like ash to me.   I started to develop reoccurring migraine head aches with increased frequency as time progressed.  Walking 30 minutes every day since early May helped with my health but the low grade head aches remained and nothing that I did decreased the frequency of my migraines.   

What I didn't realize was that my brain was no longer functioning as it once did where I'd be finding mistakes and errors that I never use to make.  Observing my prior notes would indicate almost complete gibberish or a complete lack of continuity of thought.  Although I could work for a time, I needed to take naps in the afternoon.  I could no longer sleep through the night where I found myself waking several time per night.  I was a wreck, and I was quite fearful of discovery, especially by my wife.  If I was to tell her the truth about what was happening to me it would destroy her ability to cope with everything that she was going through too.  In my mind, it was better to suffer in silence and then laugh about all my mistakes than it was to upset her.  In 2014, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She endured Kemo, a double mastectomy and numerous other procedures.  I wasn't about to open up a new tragedy for her.  In my mind, there was no way a simple head injury was going to come anywhere close to what she endured. 

Since 2014, and even before, we both have endured setback after setback, along with good times.  It's been one emergency or crisis after the next and to be direct it's been harder and harder to cope with it all.  I've not only had to deal with these issues ... I've had to re-prioritize my entire life.  Recently, we traveled to both Charleston, SC and Savanna, GA on a trip that was delayed several times before her cancer diagnosis but now that became priority #1, as suggested by her surgeon.  There are things that you just can't put off.  Our 30th wedding anniversary was approaching and all I could think of is what could I give to her.  As it turned out ... it was to give her husband back.  The only problem now is that she might decide to return it.  

I have no idea what possessed me to do it ... maybe it was fear ... maybe it was a reoccurring voice telling me to do so ... but on October 7, 2015 at 11:30 EST I picked up the phone and I asked the question, "Can you help me?"  Being exhausted, and suffering from a low grade headache, I decided to take a nap.  Within approximately an hour, I felt something change.  The low grade headache was gone but at that exact moment it was clear that something was different.  Somehow my message was not only sent by phone and by e-mail, it was sent telepathically "Within a Conduit" where somehow the connections within my body were already beginning a process that would bring me out of the surreal environment that overtook me on April 8th.

On October 7th, "The Conduit" accessed that I was a complete mess.  My body cells were disconnected.  My spinal flow was disrupted.  40% of my brain cortex was injured.  My immune system was for all purposes wiped out and because of that, my body was susceptible to pathogens of which I picked up two on May 8th and July 8th.  I complained of no soreness and no inflammation, which was both surprising and odd.  The only change was that I was treating my prior back pain with inversion therapy which helped to decompress my spine which may have enhanced my spinal fluid flow.  The correction to my particular situation was over 2,500 miles away and it would required the evaluation of 3 trillion 500 billion of my bio-cells.

Was everything that was happening to me ... was it unique?  Regardless of whether you're an NFL athlete or a War Veteran that was exposed to concussions due to the effects of combat, all of these same issues applied equally to them too.  In other words they have the same described disconnects.  Their immune system degrades until there is little to nothing left and they all become susceptible to both pathogens and parasites.  A simple recent photograph, removing any metal from your body, is all that is required to determine your status by measuring the protocols.  Again, it is painless and non-invasive.  Don't you wish a prostate exam could make the same claim?

Approximately 3 years ago, I suffered all of these same effects, less maybe my recent cortex and/or brain cell injuries.  In addition, at that time I suffered continual back, knee and shoulder pain.  It was then that I underwent what would be a 49 day process that focused on my spinal fluid flow.  It was a once and done process that would never have to be repeated.  As it turned out, this spinal fluid procedure most likely protected my body from both permanent damage and a much worse outcome from my April 8th accident.  In other words, the 49 day spinal fluid procedure most likely lessened the  effects of my brain injury and my recovery from all of these new issues took a matter of hours, rather than days, along with a minimal number of corrective sessions (which can be quite expensive).  As it turns out, due to the 49 day process, my situation turned from something dire into something miraculous ... an almost immediate recovery.

What might this mean to an NFL player?  Unfortunately, an injury can occur any time and to anyone.  The intent by any player is to recover as quickly as possible and to minimize any and all damage.  Undergoing this 49 day spinal flow procedure could be thought of as an insurance policy on your future.  What it does is enhance the recovery of any and all body cell disconnects.  If in the future someone would undergo a concussion, or any other injury for that matter, his or her recovery from that injury would be accelerated from days or weeks to a matter of hours.  If my recovery is any measure, the ill long term effects of a concussion would be nothing more than an afterthought.  Of course these procedures aren't inexpensive however what cost can you put on your health or your mental stability.  If you were to consider that approximately $15,000 is spent on medical insurance coverage for every family in the USA each and every year, and that number is before out of pocket expenses if you actually get sick, then you might consider this 49 day spinal procedure to be a quite valuable insurance policy on your future.  By comparison, today's medical insurance policies come with the hope that some antibiotics might treat your issue but we all know that this is not realistic when compared to facing real issues like a concussion, Lyme Disease or MRSA.  I would hate to tell you how much my recent express procedures would have cost me, or even if I could afford it, however there was a reason that I was treated.  It was to prove that these procedures work where the treatments of our medical professions do not.  For an elite NFL player, by comparison, the cost of these procedure would be like a drop in the bucket.

What's odd about all of this is that an NFL elite player has a choice in this matter whereas someone like Tim, that I met yesterday, does not.  Tim has suffered in excess of 20 concussions, the first of which happened when he was a boy falling out of a tree 15' to 20' off the ground.  He's been told that his brain could be compared to that seen in the NFL.  Over the years he's been apart of numerous medical procedures with the net result of exacerbating his head aches to the point that he's just given up.  He is a lost soul with no hope and there is no one to help him.  Apparently he has medical insurance but insurance pays insurance companies and medical professionals that are apart of the AMA where the AMA is incapable of helping him.  In short, he's screwed.  He has little to no immunities and he's susceptible to everything.  There is little doubt that his body is coursing with both pathogens and parasites.  He admitted as much.  It's truly sad but there is nothing that I can do.     

Maybe one of the most heinous ailments of our recent era is treated as an afterthought however it affects tens of thousands of new patients each and every year.  No one in the medical community has the ability to treat Lyme Disease, unless a mild case is caught early, where these patients are suffering from both incessant pain and inflammation.  Lyme disease destroys the immune system opening your body to both parasites and pathogens.  When your nerve endings are shot, with no treatment available, many have chosen to just end their lives.  No one is talking about how really bad or prevalent Lyme Disease is other than it exists but if people are ending their lives rather than having to cope with the effects of this disease then it must be put into a proper perspective.  The Lyme Disease problem isn't getting better ... it's exploding ... and it's being treated as an afterthought as it is not being treated effectively by the AMA ... and there is nothing they can do about it.  "The Conduit" has an answer to Lyme Disease but that too requires a leap of faith.  

In the last week MRSA (Mursa) has once again emerged its ugly head.  There is an NFL player that has endured several surgeries and may have to have his foot amputated.  MRSA is not treatable with antibiotics and is classified as a super bug where it is now apparent that no hospital and no medical specialist can help him.  It is quite possible that the same question that I asked, "Can you help me?", just might help this man, but the question has to be asked.  All I need is his phone number, for "The Conduit" to contact him, and a recent picture of him wearing no metal (sent to my contact e-mail address). 

I can't help but to now think about Chad Greenway, who's now in his 10th season (although on IR in his 1st year).  Linebacker could be considered to be the most violent position that you can play where the head is exposed to violent hits frequently.  Chad appears to be as healthy as any backer and has experience out the whazoo however something is keeping him off that field.  Physically, he's appears to be a specimen however I can't help but think that he's a step slow here and there, and it's been like that for a while, although the admission pains me a great deal.  Is it that Barr and Kendricks are faster ... maybe ... but they are not as experienced?  Chad might be losing fractions of a second in regard to his mental processing due to the effects of his years playing football.  After all, he's Chad Greenway, where we'd like to think that he's indestructible ... but that's never been the case for any player.  Could that 49 day procedure add years to his playing career?  Does Chad know that something might be wrong within his belfry?  If I couldn't either admit having a problem to my wife or handle it for that matter ... what are the chances of an elite athlete like Chad of taking any action whatsoever?  If it's there, no doctor is ever going to take care of this cumulative effect.  In his mind he may be thinking that I'll just retire and leave it at that however I'll be the first to tell you that these problems don't go away ... they exacerbate.  Again, Chad may not have a problem where he just may have lost a step physically versus Barr & Kendricks however if he's sitting by himself wondering in fear ... knowing that something is wrong ... then he should turn that rock over to see what might lie beneath it.  If not for his career ... for his future.  It will take a leap of faith and it might be painless to find out for sure.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 14, 2015