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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Class Action Law Suit
Today, the league has provided a special exemption for the Minnesota Viking franchise, possibly succumbing to the political pressure by the governor and other political members, as well as other outside influences that were directed upon the both the Viking franchise and the NFL.  This exemption releases Adrian Peterson from his contractual obligations to play football and still get paid by the Vikings franchise.  The money to Adrian Peterson comes from season tickets, ticket sales, The NFL Ticket as well as other sources.  It could be argued that the NFL exemption for Adrian Peterson is tantamount to a bait and switch by the NFL.  The NFL promises entertainment and Adrian Peterson was no small slice of that pie.  The public accesses the perceived level of entertainment and then that individual decides whether he wants to purchase that entertainment.  At $11 million dollars per year, Adrian Peterson is the prime factor in making the decision to purchase that product.

Was Adrian Peterson injured and placed on injured reserve?  The answer is no.
Was Adrian Peterson disciplined by his team?  Yes, but the organization rescinded the judgment to deactivate him.
Did Adrian Peterson lie, unlike others, about that fact that he disciplined his child?  No.  In fact he was forthright and did so based upon a long standing code passed down to him from his father.
Did Adrian Peterson violate a NFL league rule?  It appears that the answer is Yes, however no one can specifically tell us exactly how many games for which he should be suspended and this is the crux of the problem as any new standard cannot be applied after the fact.

If for example the NFL determines that Adrian Peterson must forfeit an entire season for his action then that might be construed as too harsh a punishment that would apply to this particular franchise, and not another franchise, as it is apparent that some franchises count, and others don't.  What is particularly heinous is the leagues refusal to impart a suspension as due process has not occurred proving his guilt or innocence.  This is America ... love it or leave it ... but it is a process that must be allowed to follow it's course.  What Adrian Peterson admits is not to be construed as either a conviction or as a sentence as punishment as disciplining your child, as you were once disciplined under the moors that you were instructed, may not even be a crime.  In other words, the cart is clearly in front of the horse.  League tampering ... based upon the court of public opinion and conjecture, on the other hand ... well that is another matter.  In the old days they referred to these types of actions as a Witch Hunt ... call it Bully Gate 3 or Tom Brady cheetin' 15.     

In America, during the grand jury, Adrian Peterson did not plead the 5th, which was his right to do.  In short, he could have said absolutely nothing leaving the burden of proof upon the state however he waived that right and he admitted his actions.  Why?  Because whether you like it or not ... whether you agree with it or not ... he saw his right to discipline his child as his right as a parent.  To be direct, and in comparison, my father used a strap on me and my sisters and there wasn't a day in his life that my father didn't know that I loved him.  To be direct, there was a time when a spanking by hand just didn't do it however that strap spoke to me in a way that could hold no other meaning.  It was his way of getting me to understand his way of thinking about things as I was clearly going down the wrong path.  To put this into perspective, my father attended just about every parent teacher conferences and relished the opportunity but not for the reason that you might think.  He stood right next to me as we approached each and every one of my teachers and the first words were my fathers.  He stated quite clearly to each and every one of them that if I was ever to get out of line that he gave them his permission to let me have it, and to send a note home, so that he could give it to me when I got home for good measure.  In my neighborhood, my father wasn't the exception ... he was apart of the rule.  Again, up to the day of his death, my father knew that every day of my life that I loved him with all my heart.  Did I ever use a belt on my children ... No ... but they were introduced to the sound of the crack of the belt.  Every night my wife said it's time to go to bed.  Did those kids move upon her command?  No.  Then I'd clap my hands together and rub them hard against each other and I clearly state," It's time to heat em up".  Let me tell you they moved and then found a way to get to bed without question.  They understood that I had a job to do ... a job that I was willing to do for them.  Did I ever hit them?  No, I didn't have to.  To be direct, it was only last month when my son told me how much I abused them with all those spankings, when I asked him directly, "Son ... when exactly did I ever lay a hand on you".  He thought about it and then laughed when he realized ... "You never did".  But it was right there each and every night for them as it was my responsibility to guide them through life without either faltering or wavering.  Let me ask you, do you think that my children might love me as much as I loved my father?    

Last Friday, on the very day that the Vikings deactivated Adrian Peterson, with my wife we watched an old movie, "The Fighting Sullivan's.  It was about five brothers that collectively joined the United States Navy and secured a special exemption so that they could serve together on the same ship.  After the Civil War, where entire towns of men were wiped out in one single day (Antietam Creek- Sharpsburg, Maryland), the United States Government implemented rules to prevent brothers from serving together.  As a result, all five Sullivan's sons lost their lives at the same moment when their ships magazine exploded sending their ship to the depths of Iron Bottom Sound in the Solomon's.  What was poignant in that movie was a pivotal scene or plot as one of the young sons was preparing to run away from home.  When confronted by the mother, the young son said that he'd never come home again because his father hit him.  The mother replied, "It is your fathers right to hit you".  One of the ten commandments states quite clearly to honor your mother and father.  The way that I interpret my religious duty is that if that honor is broken, it is my duty as my sons father to remedy that honor where I asked my son at the tender age of 20 in front of my mother and intended future wife, "Son, can you ever imagine me grabbing you by your neck up and slamming you up against that wall over there?"  That statement came out of no where ... but the timing of it was apparent and necessary ... and the determination in my eye for an answer to my quarry was apparent.  My mother thought nothing of that question as she clearly understood the depth and meaning of it.  His intended was shocked by the question and my son, reeling from that statement, had no immediate answer for that question ... so I helped him out with the answer.

What I told him was that prior to the depression that my grandfather owned three drug stores.  He was a pharmacist and my grandmother was studying to become a doctor.  I told him that during the depression he lost all three of those pharmacies.  Who knows, today he could of been the rightful owner of a chain of drug stores like "Rite Aid" or "Walgreen's".  Instead he made a decision as he lived in an Italian Ghetto in Rochester, New York.  In that decision, he had my father go with him throughout that ghetto.  What he found was empty shelves and homes with no coal to heat them.  There was no medicine to treat the people that desperately needed drugs to survive.  My grandfathers choice was to deliver that medicine then get on the phone to order tons of coal and then he bring back bags of groceries so that these people could survive.   For this, my family lost everything ... but no matter ... as it seemed like everyone in the depression had lost everything.  No one in my lifetime ever said thank you to my grandfather or my father in my presence but then again ... they didn't need to.  However ... to my son I said ... if you do anything to disgrace my grandfather, my father or my family then let it be clear ... you will have to deal with me.  My son not only carries my name and the name of my father and  grandfather ... he carries an honor that goes well beyond the grave, and the way I see it, no one has the right to stand between myself and my son.

Is it any wonder why the courts today are filled with people that are based upon the axiom of a simple "Time Out" to which I say ... Shut the hell up and stop trying to micro manage the world.  Keep in mind that someone that always thinks that they are right ... but never is ... falls under the categories of Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democrat or Progressive Republican.  Each and every day they will deny being any of those things.  So your a Liberal ... No, I'm a progressive.  Tomorrow, so your a Democrat ... No, I'm a socialist ... and on and on and on.  Well it's no longer politically correct to use certain words today so I've adopted an unused word to describe each and every one of them.  You're a RETARD which is applicable and they always think they are right but they never are.        

So ... What is certain is that every year each franchise has the ability to win the NFL's ultimate prize ... a Super Bowl championship.  It could be argued that Adrian Peterson was a key and vital component to the potential of that 2014 championship.  From this point forward, regardless of what anyone might say or do, that opportunity has been extinguished by this special exemption because that is the net result.  

It is obvious that this is a win-win for Adrian Peterson and Jerry Jones knowing that Adrian Peterson will not have to endure any wear and tear on his body for his upcoming 2015 campaign in Dallas, TX.  It may also be a win for both the league and the Minnesota Viking Franchise in not having to deal with the potential league wide fall out but it is clear that this is outright tampering by the league.  Every member of his team will be made to pay the price of this tampering.  Allowing Adrian Peterson an exemption to walk away from his contractual obligation from the people that are paying his $11 million dollar salary, without due process, opens the entire league to a Class Action Law Suit.

It is now clear that the league finds itself changing it's policies after these events have occurred ... succumbing to the judicator of the courts of public opinion.  Originally a 2 week suspension, which has now changed to a year long suspension, due to someone lying about a domestic violence incident which may be justified, followed by the leagues union intervention into the matter, clearly indicate a very public changing or shifting of it's league policies ... after the fact. On the other hand, stating that people who paid good hard earned money for season tickets, or that are ticket holders for any 2014 game, or that purchased or are under contract with Direct TV under the NFL ticket must now endure having their seasons entertainment destroyed by an indefinite suspension, or any other terminology for that matter, is in direct violation of the contractual agreement.  In other words, if these ticket holders had known that the league would be irreparably harming the Minnesota Vikings franchise, in any manner that it so chooses and at any time and in any manor prior to its purchase, they would have never purchased this entertainment.  In other words, the league may be held responsible for the liability to all holders of this entertainment for not having a clear and unambiguous policy in place prior to the event occurring.   This makes no mention of the distress caused by such actions as this might be our one and only opportunity of ever winning a Super Bowl Championship ... EVER!

In short, when the league released Adrian Peterson from the obligations of his contract where he was to be available to play for the Minnesota Vikings for 15 games in 2014, they have in essence violated the contract with these ticket holders.

In short, if there were a Class Action Lawsuit to be opened against the league for irreparably tampering with this franchise, without due process, without meaningful actionable precedent, of a disposable good (game go on whether your there or not), I'd be the first to sign on the dotted line.

Do you think these millions of dollars in Class Action liability might upstage this political expediency, as to be direct ... this Viking Nation wasn't born yesterday ... as we know a bait and switch when we see it.  Oh yes, we've all been irreparably harmed by the tampering by the league office ...  without due process.  The NFL is a perishable good in that it cannot be bandaged like a boo boo.  Either you're there for the live event or your not ... as the train has left the station without you.  Hey, it's only butt load of money.  Might that be trump?   

Happy birthday dad and thank you for not sparing the rod on this spoiled child ... filled with an uncontrolled demon ...  as you shaped me into the man that I am today.  There wasn't a day that I didn't know how much it pained you to discipline me onto the path of a righteous man.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 17, 2014