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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Poor Mike Zimmer.  He's going to have to coach from behind his desk because he's going to be sporting a chubby all week long.  Why you ask?

I haven't seen a pocket like that since the days of Fran Tarkenton ... late in his career.  Not in the early days where Fran would say, "What pocket?"  

To be direct, I really can't accept what I saw yesterday.  Sure the Vikings won at night & of course they won a nationally televised game, but acceptance is way in the distance at this point.  I've got 56 years of waiting for that other shoe to drop ... so don't get too happy.  Nothing is done until that final bell.

Do you think the Wilf's are now foolishly getting out that check book for Bradford now?  Not so fast, as Washington is telling us that you're going to pay the elite QB either way but long term commitments without a result can lead to total devastation.  Did we learn from Cunningham's 25 million deal before the end of that 98 season ... as we acted like impatient children?  Here's the problem Zigg ... Bradford has the talent to burn that check book to the ground.  The proof in the puddin' in that when it comes to the time cycle of money, Bradford must have been born under some special star.  Now you need to coax it out of him before he coaxes it out of you.  

It's not possible to put an offensive juggernaut of last nights caliber with this defense ... is it?  That's only happens in dreams, when your head coach is sporting a giddy chubby.

Then I look at the NFL power rankings seeing the fudge packers at the top of the heap.  Did they not see A. A. Ron get slammed to the turf 4 times in the first half?  Did they not see that that right side of that line is like a sieve ... where A. A. Ron will be lucky to survive the season?  Well ... there it is.  I wonder if head coach cheese head saw it & I wonder if he might be concerned?

Then I watch the dominoes drop.  #2 KC wins the battle but loses the war.  A tough break for as solid a coach in the league as there is ... Andy Reid.  The very reason for their contention on that day was for Eric Berry ... who's now out with a ruptured Achilles tendon.  Then there is the Phillies salty trade with Buffalo for Ronald Darby, to solidify their secondary ... only to have it evaporate before their eyes.  No one even touched him ... watching the freakish effects of the natural word.

Mike's going to need help getting back on that field ... so here it is.  There is a glaring depth issue.  It showed up in Philadelphia.  Its been unchanged since your arrival and insertion at the helm.  Part of the problem is that you've not instilled a particular mind set in your group of youth.  From their perspective, they see the starters as being there ... where I'll do my best to fight it out when I'm called upon.  Their mind set is off.  They need to be hammered into believing they are in that perpetual mode of hell.  They think that they might be called upon whereas you need to instill in them that their already deep within the cauldron.  There is no win ... there is only fight ... the correct movements ... & survival,  Cool Hand Luke  comes to mind.

"What we have is a failure to communicate".  

Boss Paul: That ditch is Boss Kean's ditch. And I told him that dirt in it's your dirt. What's your dirt doin' in his ditch?

Luke: I don't know, Boss.

Boss Paul: You better get in there and get it out, boy.

They can't respect you until they hate you.  That's the first obstacle.  You're objective is to channel that hatred as no ones really is willing to pay the price to reach perfection.  By the time they're near reaching it, they are so good at what they do they'll have no choice but to respect it ... and learn to love it's meaning.  You can't see it like you're looking at art ... you can only respect pokers bluff.  It's either going to take you ... or it's going to take you.  Get it.  

I'm not here to be your daddy ... I'm here to instruct you on what you'll never be able to achieve.  Just maybe, by the end of this here season ... one of you might amount to a piece of ... that might be worth keeping around this black hole talent void.  Laughter comes from me watching or observing people that tend to ... or have to ... rely on talent.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 13, 2017