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Cage Match - Rookie of the YEAR
Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes and Corderrelle Patterson may not know it but we have a fairly deep history in regard to rookie of the year honors.  The honor has been bestowed upon Chuck Forman, Sammy White, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss.  It is quite apparent that one of you will not be bestowed with this honor possibly finishing as low as 4th in the voting, so the NFL has issued a new policy.  To determine the outcome of this years award between the two finalist there will be a cage match to determine winner.  This year, all the award committee may have to do is to announce the final two finalists.

You see, the entire NFL is of course overlooking the Minnesota Vikings which means they believe that not one of you three is going to have any impact whatsoever on this 2013 season.  Sharrif wasn't even expected to see the field due to the presence of Kevin Williams.  Well that theory is not out the door ... isn't it.  Corderrelle apparently was buried well behind Jerome Simpson but until old Jerome can reliably catch a 3rd down slant over the middle ... without dropping a ball that hits him right in the hands ... then maybe there just might be an opening for someone with an internal flame.  Corderrelle should keep in mind that in 98 Randy Moss at the start of the season was buried on the depth chart where he didn't have his breakout performance until game 5 against the 97 NFC Champion Packers.  

Then there's Xavier Rhodes, a rookie that's expected to make all kinds of mistakes.  What a funny and moronic thing to say.  DB work on an island and just about every one of them is making mistakes ... some bigger than others.  The ones not making the mistakes are picking splinters out of their butts.  The key question ... of course ... is what poor "X" going to do about it?  Does "X" mark the spot?  Is there treasure buried under the "X"?  What's lost in the shuffle is a guy name Leslie Frazier ... a DB by trade himself ... which is quietly progressing toward a special elite level in the annals of the NFL ... while other like the Dirt Patch end up wallow in their misery.  Then there's this guy Alan Williams, which is quietly unfolding and unleashing "The Frazier's-Williams" ... AKA "The FRALIAM" ... which is the evolution of the brilliant 5-2 defense which of course was not even mentioned in the 2012's final four game sweep ... but just take a peak back into Houston.  Yeah, there's no way for any "X" to proliferate in this scheme as if he were assembled, part by part, in some scientific lab by a mad scientist.

So the entire league is basing all their evaluations on who's going to make it and who's not based upon the play of established franchise quarterbacks.  After the pounding Rodger's took in 2009, everyone expects him to finish the season ... but what if that wasn't in the cards.  Then the entire NFC flips on its head ,,, doesn't it?  Last year the Dirt Patch out in San Francisco had an insurance card by the name of Alex Smith behind the exposed run option offense of Colin Kaepernick.  Regardless of whether you realize it or not THE DIRT PATCH is absolutely sick ... as there not much behind Colin and the exposure of the run-option.  All this makes our off season moves particularly effective against Wilson's crew ... but that will be decided against the Vikings of old in Seattle on November 17th.  This is the Viking's pivotal game as that will decide whether a return trip is required or if the birdies get to come back within the "Din of the Dome".  

It is a mistake to think that you cannot win in this league without a franchise quarterback.  No quarterback, on his own have ever won it all.  On the other hand, history is littered with great teams, with sub-standard quarterbacks that were smart enough to let it happen, that ended holding onto a filthy piece of sterling silver.

Unless you've been living on Pluto, the health and safety of Ponder 2013 is a huge question mark.  He hasn't finished a season unscathed since his Junior year at Florida State?  What happens if Christian goes down somewhere along our regular season schedule?  What happens then?  In 2012 Mark Sanchez put up the worst quarterback play followed closely by our own Matt Cassel.  Mark will be on a relative short leash if he reverts back to a poor playing style leaving us what?  Bethel-Thompson looked good against 3rd stringers but he's not proven and he won't get to play against 3rd stringers   

It was a great move picking up a left handed punter.  It's once again going to be a brilliant move.  There is a problem however.  He is left handed and he has no natural right side and  nothing is going to change that.  Blair Walsh has lost his binkie (Kluwie) and has gone from automatic to a head case.  Before he was drafted, there was a huge question mark seeing the glaring difference between his junior and senior debacle but now it's explained clear as day.  If you look to the past you'll see quarterbacks holding the ball.  You have Joe Webb slated for special teams.  It's time to get him holding the ball on extra point right after he scores red zone touchdowns.  He can do it all.  Most importantly of all ... he'll do it without question ... without malice ... and without regard to himself.  Not every quarterback could be trusted to either this or is capable of handling the role.  Once this change is made, all the pressure comes of your left handed punter that doesn't have a chance in hell at succeeding as a holder for a place kicker.  Walsh is drowning in silence and if you give him Webb ... the dividends will pay off handsomely.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 4, 2013