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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Bulletin Board Material
We'll need to open up a vein here, to write this, to save the faithful a little coin and maybe even some heartache.  Before you lay it all out there you might want to consider a Michael Strahan direct quote, "Our entire team wore black (during our playoff run) because we weren't going to a party, we were going to a funeral.  Our own funeral."  Hope has a way of making us act in a very odd way.  What we need to keep in mind is that a man that stretches out the collection plate never gets to crack a smile.  

Here are a few items to consider in laying odds & coin on the Vikings for this upcoming contest in Nawlins'.  These aren't my words, these are the words on the street.  They are overwhelming ... designed to take that smirk of your face.
- The Viking haven't won a championship game on the road since December 30, 1973 in a 27-10 victory over the Cowboys and that's when they were a tough as nails outdoors team.
- The Vikings are not a road team.  They're undefeated at home.   
- The team has been lights out at 12 pm CST on Sunday.  On Sunday & Monday night, they were an entirely different team.   October 5, was an entirely different alignment and more importantly, they are an entirely different team than what we were playing.
- The Vikings are less 2-Key Pro Bowlers, Sharpe and Birk.  Birk actually has had an even greater impact as this offensive line hasn't generated the Peterson yards on the ground especially against the elite teams.  The Saints greatest weakness just might be their run defense and we are impotent at generating the ground grind-age to consume that clock.    
- The Vikings are also known as Minny-Ha-Ha!  Pick your slur here.  They were the first to lose four (4) Super Bowls.  That stigma alone is the heaviest of all burdens when considering piercing the veil. 
- The Vikings may have the #2 ranked defense against the run, but they are soft in the middle.  The Saints will be particularly adept at exploiting our secondary.  
- It's not a question of if Adrian Peterson will fumble it is just of matter of when he'll fumbles it.  For the Vikings to win, they are going to have to play mistake free ball on the road.  Sounds like hoping for an honest politicians.  The Saints have proven time and again they are more than capable at driving in the stake with each and every mistake.  
- For some reason, history has shown that over the hill gangs typically are unable to carry that rock over that goal line.  The Vikings fall within that history.  Winfield's crippled, Edwards is hobbled, big man Pat is talking about retirement and let's not forget about old #4.  
- The primary reason why 40 year old Favre was the NFL's #1 draw of the 2009 season could be likened to watching the carnage of an accident in slow motion.  People just can't avert their eyes from the oncoming carnage but they all want to be witnesses when it all hits the fan.   
- The burden of the Vikings franchise is in the fight of its life, embattled within the state.  Could it be ... No Super Bowl! ... No stadium!  Is there a relationship between Twins and the word Championship.  I walked the streets of Cleveland on a Sunday during the regular season when there was no NFL franchise ... imagine the deep grayness amongst the pawl.  The second rule of plumbing is the path of least resistance. What do you think we're going to get?       
-The omnipotent one is not amused.  Although the Saints also have players involved in the Star Caps controversy, the Williams Wall and the State of Minnesota are the leagues poster boys and are directly within his cross-hairs.  He's made it clear that the Williams Wall should be suspended and he'd relish the opportunity of doing it for either this weeks championship game or Super Bowl 44 if our legal system didn't tie his hands.  Simply put, some franchises like his Patriots count and some just don't matter at all.
- Last weeks selection of an official's team was a clear message to the franchise.  The Pokes were allowed to hold Allen at will, to cut block engaged players (Edwards), they even allowed a kicker step on our player that didn't even touch him and then fall over to draw the laundry and let's not forget the cheap shot on Favre on a dead ball false start, which should of been a neutral zone infraction.  In Minnesota is might not matter ... it will within the Super Dome.

Even up, the smart money should clearly be on Saints.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 18, 2010

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