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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Building A Stadium ,,, A LEGENDARY VISION!
Some could argue that people build stadiums but ... no one person ever did so, although I believe that one did build the Coral Castle.  You don't have to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids ... but no one knows about it.  Someone might say that it is a visionary that builds a stadium ... but if this were true, was it Red or Ziggy.  That idea falls short on so many levels.  Some could argue that legislatures build stadiums but really, what has government ever done but to oppress true growth & development into twisted, warped & perverted purpose.  No government, in the history of man has ever done anything efficiently, or even well, nor will they ever.  You could argue that the league builds stadium however it's 32 different franchises are so segmented and independent that all they share is a common vision.  So what is it that builds stadiums?  The answer lies within the statement, "The House that Ruth Built".    

One could say that no stadium shall be built in Minnesota unless it has a roof on it.  Well one of the smallest towns in this country is supporting a team that has no roof on its stadium.  It is also one of the coldest places to play in the nation.  Well, of course, it would be too cold to play there for the fans.  That statement is rather odd because to even get a chance at a seasons ticket in Green Bay, you need to survive a generational thing just to be able to have that chance ... so maybe this cold issue really doesn't matter that much.  Well, having a stadium with no roof will never work in the twin city region ... it did up until 1981. 

They say that if the Vikings build a stadium with a roof on it then we can leverage another Super Bowl in Minnesota (like Bills vs. Redskins).  Well, that ship has sailed as the Super Bowl has now been scheduled back in cold weather climes.  The new rule ... 1 of 5 in cold weather climes.  There is a very high probability that there will be no snow at the event scheduled in New York due to the effects of the ocean ... however the gods will have the final say on that day.  What we are failing to understand is that the time has come for the re-establishment of CLASSIC NFL LEGEND's, where Super Bowls are contested where they belong ... in true cold whether climes.  Why are the southern most regions granted these prizes, time & again ... uncontested?  As if it were their birth right.  It is time to re-establish the true 12th man ... the one that can never be ignored ... like earths gravity acting upon "Lunar-Man" ... oppressive, cumbersome and non-ceasing.  What the NFL for so many years has failed to understand was that it wasn't the nice balmy whether that mattered ... it was the statement, "There was absolutely nothing that would prevent me from being apart of this once & a lifetime event.  No amount of wind, rain, lightning, snow and ice could retard my advance".  There is no more powerful  a statement ever uttered.  "I rather die in these elements ... than face the possibility of missing it."  Progression to ... Lore.  This is the LEGEND that defines this stadium ... the one that does not yet even exist.  Now you're talking my language.   

This franchise is no political pawn. They are and shall always be ... in terms of the stadium ... of specific purpose.  It is about maximizing and nurturing the community jewel ... not about ... fitting to all purpose.  The intent is to devote a monument well beyond a book keepers 30 year investment ... A LEGEND.  There isn't a politician alive that could sway me into any such roof. We made that mistake once ... we won't make it again.  I think the great Joe Willie Namath said it best, "Who do you think this is ... the Dallas Cowboys?"  "This is Minnesota.  You want to watch the Pokes ... sit in you're family room ... gendered genitalia!"     

Well we need an indoor stadium for other Minneapolis-St. Paul events.  You have one ... it's called the Metrodome.  It may not be suitable for the future needs of an NFL franchise but there no reason that it cannot accommodate these indoor requirements indefinitely and support itself on its own merit.  Ingenuity & evolution can do that very thing.   

So what exactly is it that builds stadiums?  It is inspiration that builds these venues.  Tell me what inspires you about building a stadium in Minnesota?  Is it corporate welfare?  No, but we understand that it is a necessary evil.  The axiom is as old as time ... it takes money ... to make money.  Is it the politicians that are telling you that they are protecting your interest by not providing the funding necessary for this project?.  Sounds wholesome, like he's a guy that I can vote for however this politician is either ignorant or they are apart of the most short sighted bit of smoke & mirrors ever perpetrated upon any community ever.  Maybe you forgot.  So I'll remind you.  You can always tell when a politician is lying ... his lips are moving.  What this takes is balls!  Big Beefy ones!  Does this sound like your favorite politician?  

Maybe the greatest debacles in the history of man involved allowing the Brooklyn Dodgers to relocate to Los Angeles.  It's a good thing the Lakers never amounted to much.  The city commissioner of LA once remarked, it might be the greatest blunder ever made ... ever!  Turns out that she was right.  The only thing that should be on the mind of a politician is one thing, and one thing alone ... wages ... and all the taxes that result.  This sum total represents both power & control.  If they are lucky ... they'll get the opportunity to steer it.  That is all any politician ever wants: money, power and/or control.  If this franchise leaves this region ... then combinations of all three are lost.  As such, telling you that they are representing your interests in turning down this franchise is nothing more than a bald face lie ... of the highest order ... and unfortunately for you, it will cost you both heavily and severely ... if you allow political distortions to rule the day.

Allow me to put this another way.  New Jersey used to be pharmaceutical row.  The politicians got involved.  All of the pharmaceutical companies and most of its manufacturing moved away.  I fear to tell you how much a homeowner now pays in New Jersey every year in homeowners taxes alone.  In Minnesota, you might call these yearly homeowners taxes two (2) mortgage payments.  So before you allow a politician to tell you that he's protecting your interest, you better hope that he's sporting something other than ... TINY NUTS.  It's going to take men from keeping this from exploding all over this region.    
So tell me again, what is it that inspires you about building a stadium for this region for its favorite son (greatest & most respected franchise ... barring none).  For me the answer has always been, and always will be ... a simple man.  It is a man that will not sell out to anyone ... ever.  A man that stand his ground ... no matter what.  A man that put the needs of the ones that are willing to sacrifice everything for something that cannot be measured.  They call it a LEGEND!        

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune wrote, "Saturday, he produced touchdowns on his first three possessions".  What is that?  A LEGEND!.  "When he produced a field goal on his fourth, he had led seven consecutive drives that ended inside the opponents 10.  What is that?  A LEGEND!  When coach Leslie Frazier was asked if Webb had earned a shot at starting he said, "That's a good one.  Because of some of the things he does, and what it does for the rest of the team, you CAN'T IGNORE HIM.  It's something that you're going to have to take a real hard look at going forward.  HE'S DONE IT.  He did it a season ago, as you recall (Philadelphia)."  What is that?  A LEGEND!  Souhan said, "Webb produced a comeback victory and altered the Vikings most essential debate."  What is that?  A LEGEND!

When Harvin was asked about Webb, his quote was so direct & powerful that is should never be repeated again.  This is without doubt one of this leagues greatest athletes, making a statement about Joe Webb the athlete.  Visanthe Shiancoe said, " When we need him, he comes through.  He's got a track record now.  As a quarterback, he's extraordinary.  I think he's definitely a starting quarterback in this league, put in the right position."  These statements ... combined with it's progression ... made me think back to the day when I first had seen L.T.  I heard the Legend however I didn't believe it.  It must be a fluke ...  a happenstance ... it can't be true.  Then I saw the legend for the first time.  What was I seeing?  What was it?  I was seeing a legend.

So, do you really want to know what builds a stadium.  It's a legend.  A legend that we have already experienced.  It's decade after decade of legends.  It's a legend that is standing right in front of you.  The imminent LEGEND!

One final thought for the day.  One man can change the world.  It's biblical.  Look it up.  Noah. Moses.  Before you take that next step.  Before you take that next breath.  Ask yourself the question.  Are you that man?  The answer is obvious.  Somehow I've always known the answer to that question.

In short ... you, and that region, become the LEGEND ... that is your stadium.  How can anyone separate themselves, from them self, without destroying a part of the very fabric that is oneself.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 28, 2011