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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Broken Glass
Here's the question ... the only question.  Are you (Joe Webb) willing to crawl through broken glass for me?  From time to time you will see some of the "Greats" that wore Viking Purple.  They'll have that answer for you.

It wasn't all that long ago that I was watching Czonka shredding our defense, with Kraus being the only soul between this freight train of a man & the goal line.  It didn't happen once ... it happened all day long.  Paul could have given up but he didn't.  He was badly beaten & battered that day.  After each crunch I expected the man to stand up and spit out his own teeth.  It was brutal to watch.  Two Hall of Farmer's meeting upon the NFL's greatest stage.  To Czonka, Kraus may have been nothing more than an insignificant gnat however in our safeties mind was a thought ... he will feel me.

It wasn't so long ago that we watched Sammy White crossing the middle in the NFL's greatest game.  It is known as the Assassin's greatest splash play.  Today, it is an illegal hit and there are now numerous Raider's rules.  Our wide receivers knew exactly what was lurking in that middle ... the instantaneous sleeping pill.  What one never considers is what it took to do what he did that day ... everyday.  What I can clearly tell you was that this Rookie of the year wasn't stupid.  He, like the men he stood with had the heart of a champion.    

They will tell you that Bud Grant was not a great coach.  The more that I look at it, forgetting how much the game had evolved in time, one could think that they were probably right however Bud Grant was something that most of them were not.  He was a motivator of men.  In my opinion he got more from less than anyone in the history of the NFL.

What I've learned from these men, what I've learned from my male role models, what I've learned from playing the game is that there is no disgrace in losing ... there is no disgrace in being beaten down.  It is how you lose the game that matters.  

Metaphorically & hypothetically if I were to stand with Joe Webb, watching a limb dangle from his body, as we walked together from the field beaten & battered ... would it be called "The Aces".  The uninitiated, the uninvolved, the ones with no skin in the game will call you losers.  In the historical book ... it is the only thing that matters.  Winners don't always win which is why they sometimes end up on the junk heap of life whereas these characters from which I speak live within our hearts forever.

So when your asked about the broken glass metaphor, the shards will represent the roller coaster of all careers where the "crawling through" represents the purity of your soul.  The "me" is not for the Ghost Writer, it is for all that touch your soul.  Shakespeare said it best, Do we hold our manhood cheap?  It is the brave that taste the blade but once but it is the coward that feel the sword a thousand times.        

Which path do you think the above men took?  Somewhere along the line a man can lose their soul as there is little consideration for it.  There is one thing that I can share with you that is unequivocal and undeniable.  When you look into a mans eyes you will know its path.  There are some shoes that I wish never to stand in.  

So my choice becomes, do I chose to risk getting the snot beaten out of me in choosing to stand with Joe Webb.  My personal choice would be have my limb dangle from my body rather than to continue losing in this way.

Leslie Frazier's opinion on this matter is irrelevant.  It is not his voice that needs to be heard.  Frazier & his crew are prepared to build a winner.  The only words that matter on this issue must come directly from Zig Master!  Let my people go!  After all ... the only true thing that really matters is freedom!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 26, 2011

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