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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Yeah!  You can look at the money but not me.  When Adrian Peterson signed that 2nd contract he made a fateful decision.  Let there be no mistake ... this decision was made by a man ... not a child.  There is no one that's going to stand in those shoes but AD (his agent collecting the check won't have to take one hit) ... so that means one thing, and one thing only ... this is a man on mission.  Men are made to make tough decisions every day but this decision was fateful.  AD, like Walter Payton, both made money (every dollar earned well), however both of their decisions were to build a championship team for the franchise, regardless of where this franchise plans to hang its shield in the future.

If AD consumed too much of this franchise's resources, then he's going to be one beat up individual.  He knows that.  If he chose a man's cut, which I firmly believe that he did, he will build a winner just as Sweetness did so many years ago.  Sweetness did it with hushed tones, intelligence, and an unspoken leadership that defied explanation.  AD knows that he cannot do it himself where he now has to continually build the pieces around him ... and settle for absolutely nothing.  When you expect more ... you get more!

As for Leslie Frazier, either the Zig-Master has tied you're hands or your firmly entrenched within denial.  Either way ... it is all soon to be exposed.  The honeymoon is over.  My wife, like 80% of Americans, are firmly entrenched within the concepts of "AVOIDANCE".  Men don't avoid ... they confront their obstacles directly and immediately.  You can squander your opportunities week after week to your hearts content but you cannot avoid the will of the gods.  They have made their demands clear & concise.  They have acted and they are not fooling around.  It is your choice.  The ball is firmly in your court.  Choose!  Choose wisely as you're about to be exposed.

Keep in mind that these are not my words.  I am only the messenger.  I am it's witness.  My fear is that in all your foolishness you will cut me and will bring me to my knees however, the result will not be by my hand but by the choices of men.  Do not avoid what is nothing more than a sledge hammer to your head ... how to train a mule.  The rage is screaming within my ears!

Allow me to be clear ... there is no boundary that will not be crossed!  I'm powerless to stop it.  Last year, you were given a pass because he was on the field.  Allow me to be direct .... PATIENTS IS AT AN END!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 13, 2011

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