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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

There Just Ain't No Forgettin'
Do you think that Percy Harvin's recent return of 104 yards, the longest play in the history of the NFL ... not to score a touchdown ... was just something that just happened, or was there a message attached to it?  Do you think that that very same Percy Harvin, the man carrying the Minnesota Vikings first play of the 2011 season, turning it into a touchdown, was it something that just happened, or was there a message attached to it?  As soon as it happened, you went nuts but soon thereafter you quickly brought yourself to reality.  How many of you quickly pondered that that play might be an omen.  These are messages from our tormentors.  

How about the collapse of the dome, or playing our home games in Detroit.  All just coincidence, right?

Do you think that Joe Kapp's recent punch at the CFL's Hall of Fame ceremony, one of the Minnesota Vikings greatest warriors, was something that just happened, or was there a message attached with it?  Think back if you can, to our one and only NFL championship victory.  This same Joe Kapp individual brought us this one and only championship victory by stumbling backwards into the end zone, with the defensive line magically parting like Mose's Red Sea ... unforeseen.   In many ways, Joe Webb and Joe Kapp walk in similar shoes ... at least they do amongst the gods.

Do you think Ponder's one and only victory, a victory that should actually be counted as his greatest defeat to date was a mistake or that there was a message attached to that victory too?  Did we poor grieving Viking fans forget that the Panthers missed a chip shot field goal at the end of the game which would have sealed the victory ... for the Panthers.  Don't get me wrong, we all love this Christian Ponder kid ... he reminds us of all of a younger version of Sylvester Stallone's ROCKY ... an American iconic figure, but just like rocky, he's made to play musical chairs, where some unforeseen entity pulls six (6) chairs on him.  Although we all love this character, hearing the following in Sly's voice might help to drive home the point ... "Life didn't work out too good for me".  

Yes, the ghostwriter created a void in time, just disappearing off the map ... but the package must be allowed it's delivery.   
Do you think that Tebow's incredible streak of victories has a message attached to it?  Tebow, and the Bronco's are winning games exactly in the manner that this ghostwriter described.  Unfortunately this script was first written for Joe Webb ... AKA Duba Joe, AKA two way Joe ... our gift from the gods.  Just like the original 40 for 60 guy, asking for $100K ... you don't get to pick your hero's.  You just do what is necessary to get out of its way.  Instead we chose to trash our gift ... tossing it into oblivion.  Now can you see the distinction between these two men.  

Once again, from the mouths of babes, my youngest spouts off.  Dad, there is no way that anyone is going to play Joe Webb at both quarterback and at free safety.  What was never said to the one so young in mind & spirit (even as an old teenager)  ... my only thought, under my breath was ... "Have you ever seen what happens when you put a quarterback at Free Safety ... an individual that is trained to react as if he himself were throwing that pass before he throws it.  Knowledge, and the wisdom to use that knowledge combined with the gifts bestowed upon him by the gods.  It becomes an overwhelming force."         

Early in two (2) of our Super Bowl's, this franchise had the ball on the 1-yard line.  On both occasions the ball was turned over on fumbles ... shifting the balance. Has anyone actually considered what might have occurred if the Vikings has secured an early lead in those games.  Might our opponents reacted to it foolishly, by abandoning the run, switching their schemes from the run to the pass?  Think back to those great Vikings defenses?  They destroyed the pass, especially teams that reacted by abandoning their game plans.  No, this was no mistake ... it was a message.

No Sir, the gods must be appeased.  The answer lies within the Vikings equivalent of Arnold Palmer, Lee Travino and Jack Nicolas.  Who do you think these retired Vikings are?  Consider these leaders who you might consider to be the poster children of greatest Viking torment.  They themselves think they are above it & beyond it now ... but they are not.  As The Outlaw Josey Wales once said, "There just ain't no forgetin'." ... even for a Supreme Court Judge.  These individuals know who they are and their life long struggles are not yet over.  Did Joe Kapp recently remind you of that?  Although these warriors have aged, their tormented minds and their dreams of yesteryear have not allowed them to escape.  With this unfinished business, they must take up this simple & eloquent banner, back to the trenches ... for themselves and for the ones that once stood by their side ... not by taking the field of battle of course ... but in the simple task that they must perform together, to appease these gods.  Some call it RECON for today's kids that can't do it alone!  They shall be entrusted with the task of removing the curse from this franchise for all time. Understand that it was as if the franchise had defiled sacred ground ... it needs to be put right.  The instructions shall be forwarded in time ... once the organization puts away its folly and activates our gift from the gods, where he is finally given his due.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 4, 2011