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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Adrian Must Stand Alone 
Teddy past two tests yesterday.  He didn't throw that interception and he didn't take the hit on that 4th down run.  Although Teddy took a blistering for not sacrificing his body, he was immediately rewarded just moments later ... gifted by RG III.  Norv Turner needs to heed this warning.  Do not sacrifice your quarterbacks body for any one particular play.  You are not playing for one play ... you are preparing Teddy for a championship.  Our head coach should have yelled at Teddy, but not for that 4th down run ... it's for not realizing Teddy's potential by unleashing what is within him.  That fire that he lit resulted in a Teddy TD toss.
 After that lashing there was no way Teddy could settle for yet another field goal.  Nice job kid.
Now Adrian Peterson is being taunted.  He's being told that he will be offered a deal.  The NFL is warning him that if he takes the deal then he may remain in limbo ... in that the NFL will not forgive his plea deal and allow him to return the field.  The reason is an admission of guilt to a crime.  By taking this deal, he'd be stating that all those advertisers that were willing to pull out, and the governor of the Minnesota, and the commissioner were correct.  As such, the NFL is clearly stating that there is no limitation on the length of his punishment.  

Adrian Peterson's position is not untenable.  His choice is to tuck his tail between his legs, then run and hide from the media in absolute contempt.  For all time he will be labeled and every liberal nut job can point to him as the NFL's poster child and destroy his reputation for all time.
His other choice is a remarkable one.  You see the governor of Minnesota can be thrown out of office.  The businesses that flew off the handle in a knee jerk reaction can also be punished by being boycotted by their abusive behavior before the constitutional rights of due process was allowed to run its course.  People understand feigning an opinion for either political or monetary gain.  This judgment is small by comparison to the victimization of a man that is made to stands alone against a mighty political machine and an overpowering marketing machine.

The deal is for the expediency for the judicial system of the state of Texas.  The deal also clearly identifies the states untenable position.  There is no way the state can secure a conviction in this case and just about everyone knows it.
Adrian Peterson must metaphorically attach his outstretched arms to the ropes that are bound by two opposed post that are deeply anchored into the ground.  He must face in the eye the history of black America and it full history.  To face this history he must be made to beg the state of Texas to whip his back ... the back of an innocent man.  He must request to be judged by his peers in the great Republic of Texas.  These jurors must decide whether Adrian Peterson needs to be whipped like a slave of the state, facing the full burden of a felony conviction and all it entails, and then hope that the Republic of Texas can then speaks for Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson must put his voice within the people of Texas.  Texas must answer to the powerful business owners that used its leverage to throw Adrian Peterson out of the league.  Texas must answer to the liberally biased courts that have judicated from the bench.  Texas must answer to the meddling liberal mindset that believes in controlling every aspect of America where they themselves are out of control.  Texas must answer to the NFL and it's omnipotent power structure and all the meddling ownership groups of haves and have nots.  The people of Texas must answer for a man that has chosen to stand alone against an immense power structure that has taken his livelihood indefinitely and his attempt to break the NFL's rushing record ... one of the most respected achievements less maybe the NFL Iron Man.  

Adrian must stand alone until he hears the words, "We find the defendant not guilty".  Adrian's admission is not a felony.  The court finding and application of it's brand of justice is absolutely unjust.  This is the very definition of Jury nullification.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself if facing the greats of today's NFL was put onto Adrian Peterson's plate for a specific reason.  What Adrian now faces is diminutive by comparison.      

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 3, 2014