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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Stability, Accuracy, Instincts and a clear disturbance in "The Force"!
Versus Arizona, T-Jack starts and has numbers that are off the charts.  Why?   He's fresh and most importantly of all ... he's deadly accurate.  There is stability ... because there is no one looking over his back ... ready to yank his chain at the first opportunity.  Finally, we get to see pure unadulterated talent.  Everyone and I mean everyone is impatient ... players, coaches ... fans.  What did T-Jack care ... he's been sitting on that bench for months, so he had nothing to lose.  Benching him wasn't a threat ... in his mind ... he was already there.  In time ... his numbers dropped like a stone.  Why?    

Today, thanks to the new Brady rule, any shot at the legs is going to draw a flag.  Apparently there is not an official rule in regard to the groin ... look no further than the heroic Gus.  Dan Fouts, brought us the QB flack jacket, where to convince Dan to wear that jacket, to play in that playoff game with ribs, someone had to take repeated bludgeoning shots in the ribs with a blunt 2x4 in front of Mr. Fout's unbelieving eyes.  Let's not forget Steve Young and Troy Aikman, which provided us with "The concussions", which seriously limited their careers, where helmet to helmet contact now draws the laundry.  The bottom line, is that the armor plated quarterback is now protected virtually everywhere ... that is, except between the ears.  

If you're wondering what it takes to win and maintain a starting role in the NFL look no further than the toughest distance in golf ... that is the distance between your ears.  Don't believe me ... take a look at my golf game.  Any quarter back that takes a shot anywhere on his body other than in the flack jacket deserves to be riding the pine ... at least there is one thing that is just that simple.  

Never leave your wing man!  If you do ... your dead!  A quarterback that risks his body is like leaving your wing man out there naked ... poised to be swallowed up in the pit of despair.      

In watching that Philly playoff game, it is clear that T-Jack didn't grasp and understand the concept of patience-to-protect-his-accuracy.  How many shots did the kid take during the game.  Let's disregard the end zone ballet toss for a moment, which is hard to do (talk to Winfield ... "TJack get your  butt down to the dirt").  How many of T-Jack's runs ended in a non-contact slide?  How much contact did we yield as an offensive unit.  The bottom line ... at the end of that game ... when it all opened up ... when you needed to draw on that on-demand-accuracy that wins championships ... it had been taken away from you.  Putting it frankly ... taking away your accuracy is not hard to do ... if you're willing to sacrifice your arm accuracy for "the yard".  HELLO!  THAT's NOT YOUR JOB!  You might be thinking ... when do I take it ... when it counts for six ... untouched.  Hall of Famer's find a way of making that very thing a reality.  

It is without doubt that way too many bullet arms have ended up on the scrap heap.  What made Joe Montana, what in my opinion was the greatest quarterback to have ever strapped on those pads, the greatest of all time was a clear command over his accuracy.  Roethlisberger doesn't win a championship without it.  Let's not forget Bill Walsh's famous reply, in why he felt it necessary to add Steve Young.  Bill's statement included the words, "he's a pretty accurate guy".  They call Mr. Walsh a genius ... maybe the reality was that he was just a simple common sense kind of guy  ... to an NFL quarterback ... accuracy is not just everything ... its the only thing.

What is now so disturbing to me is that I'm observing not just an organization, but my organization, that is now willing to hand over the concept of stability, to an individual that wins (Green Bay legacy points), when we lose.  Let's not forget there are Viking souls that have been apart of this organization well before 99% of today's organization ever walked through those doors.  This also completely disregards Chilly's concept of earning respect with VIKING-on-the-field-sweat-equity.  Did Mr. Cheese earn VIKING Equity for you ... because words just don't do it for me.  By the way ... Unearned Viking Equity is the absolute antithesis of Bud Grant ... a Viking Hall of Fame head coach ... and that's grinding within me like the mashing of teeth.       

We now have two quarterbacks, that will be splitting time, that are told that they are competing for the starting role at the hardest position in the NFL.  Why is it the most difficult position ... it is because it involves leadership.  This proposed impetuous venue is the very definition, or the antithesis of instability.  Man what we could do with a set of Rocks!  Tell me!  Exactly what team has this proposed concept ever worked for.      

What makes the potential passing of the reins to Mr. Cheese so hard to digest ... call it bones in everyone's stomach ... is that you are willing to provide something ... stability ... to the enemy ... where it has never been genuinely passed on to the very player that now stands before you ... and you wonder why he might be making a bad decision or a poor mistake.  He's a reflection of your unstable foundation.  

Accuracy and stability are not just words.  To be accurate, you have to know tendencies ... you have to know when and where to hit it ... some call it instinct.  Instability and instinct do not align.  The key differential here ... that apparently no one seems to think is important ... is that stability was handed over to Peyton Manning the day he walked onto the field up in Indy.  It was also handed to his brother Eli and to another guy name Roethlisberger ... none of which is perfect.  There is a great deal that can be learned from the concept of continuity and a bold set of rocks.

Is Pat William's wrong, calling upon his valuable Earned Viking Equity, to awaken the Viking Nation  ... possibly ... however, he can't be wrong in helping to diagnose something truly sinister that can erode a man's soul.  How much energy do you invest while standing in quick sand.  Pat's message however, is true and accurate.  De-motivating factors is never an excuse for not achieving your goals.  What he's trying to say is direct ... be careful, because you'll never forgive yourself for anything but reaching as hard as you can for that brass ring.  

Fran Tarkenton's recent outspoken words are that of a leader ... nothing more.  He's not polishing or cutting stones ... never has ... never will.  Till his dying day ... he'll be building that cathedral.       

Is Chilly wrong?  No!  That statement is analogous to being incompetent.  He's just a man like you and I ... making decisions, which include misjudgments ... always carrying that eraser.  We all do things that never make sense.  That is because that is the way things have always has been done.  Unfortunately ... the ones that reach the pinnacle have always found a way to bypass the way things have always been done by doing it their way.         

The Minnesota Super Bowl XLIV run begins with stability and time is running out.  Apparently ... stability is a choice!

Thank you Fran Tarkenton for opening my eyes with the wisdom of a wealth of experiences ... a short view of the proverbial tip of the ice berg.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 28, 2009

Post Script:
Consider the following strategic interface between titans.  

Exactly how well does any quarter back have to play before the criticism subsides.  In other words compare T-Jacks first start up in Green Bay versus his play in Arizona in 2008.  The answer surprises no one ... there is no perfection.  The criticism never subsides, however stability not only plays a role ... it is the one and only key factor to a success.  No Hall of Fame quarterback made it to the HOF without it.  Either you believe it ... or you don't.  Piss or get off the pot ... because indecision kills ... or said another way ... rips and tears at the soul.   

How you view yourself is a reflection of how you are viewed.  Could this be what always tilted the field in Farve's favor.  Is it clear that you may be awaiting something ... pondering some specific event ... an unquestioned acceptance.  There is a difference between words (your my quarterback) and actions.  Actions speak louder than ...    Every HOF quarterback had a before and after time line event.  Regardless if your numbers are HOF or not ... you've got to get that line in the rear view mirror.   

It's time to stop polishing rocks.  It's time to build that cathedral.   

I've been beaten into the ground in numerous ways countless times ... but I can guarantee you one thing ... always ... you will feel me.

Now ... how do you see me?

Playing politics is nothing more than searching for the truth in a sea of lies.  Life is too short to spend one moment immersed within politics.     


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