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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

AD's Evolution
Why is the same picture painted over and over again for Adrian Peterson?  They regale him with the same words, stories and yarns over and over again as it his body has not traversed around the sun, with us all, since he was a mere rookie in this league back in 2007.  Since you're the greatest player in Viking history, we are going to feed you the rock, again & again, and then we'll all jump back upon your back ... to go along for the ride.  Allow me to be direct ... those days of fantasy are over.  

I remember hearing my dad telling me all about his responsibilities to his family.  He was quickly approaching the end of his life.  Each and every day of his life he carried these very real burdens where he could no longer discriminate, he could no longer differentiate, he could no longer see that his prior responsibilities had been taken on my the next generation.  "Dad, you no longer have to worry about these things", I said.  You taught us everything that we need to know in how to survive.  It is time to let it go ... to let these things go.  Release yourself from these mental chains ... these burdens ... and move onto the things that really matter ... his love and devotion to his family.  His greatest achievement.

Adrian Peterson's injury was horrific but in no way is it his end.  In very bad things sometimes very good and beautiful things erupt.  It is the very cycle of life.  Can good things come from manure?

Whether AD likes it or not, this Viking team is better without him than it is with him.  This might sound insulting to Adrian Peterson however what he must come to grips with is that without him this team was forced to earn its keep.  The team was forced to evolve and reinforce itself.  To confront it's weaknesses and resolve them with real answers.  This team has evolved where it is now capable of carrying it's own weight & responsibilities.  With that said, how in the world can we ask Peterson to go back to square #1, as if nothing has changed.  These very thoughts are the very definition of insanity, or baloney, however that is exactly what is espoused over and over again.  It's time to let those past burdens & responsibilities go.  Adrian Peterson is not being replaced.  On the other hand, to take this team to the next level, he must be forced to evolve ... to be much more than he was.  The question is ... how do you become a greater overall force.  The answer lies within the statement ... Less can actually be more.  A quarterback cannot extract himself, to become a super-weapon.  A quarterback can only learn to unleash his measured threats.  In other words, Adrian Peterson can do what no quarterback can by extracting himself as the proverbial battle-tank and re-establish himself as a that multi-dimensional multi-faceted break-away threat ... in measured tones.  

If the base armies are now set in Minnesota, and are clearly in full motion, it only makes sense to hold your elite forces in reserve to strike at the very heart & soul of your foe upon your terms ... not his.  Tossing your elite force immediately into the fray is a wasteful bit of folly.  In other words, "Why would you feed AD the ball 15 times in the first half versus Jacksonville if you're ultimate goal is to unleash this elite force when they least expect it?".  What now surrounds AD is a vast array!!!!!!!!!

The most powerful Adrian Peterson by far is an Adrian Peterson applied using intelligence ... not unquestioned brawn.  

The way things are written today it sounds like AD is being punished somehow as if he's being held in reserve against his will.  Our enemies are anxious to mobilize our greatest asset ... to be thrown into the grinder ... at the weakest possible point in his career.  In the minds eye, it is paramount to destroy that threat quickly & completely.  Why is acting wisely with what maybe the leagues greatest asset being seen as being a mistake?  When AD walks onto the field ... can our petulant coaches actually have him walk off the field, within a series, without actually calling his number.  Let me tell you that Adrian Peterson needs to fully understand his elite force status before he walks onto the field on opening day.

Last night I dreamt of Vince Lombardi.  I watched him chuckle at the very concept of elite fantasy players.  Is this Adrian Peterson's focus ... is he foolishly chasing points, because some schmo drafted him, as if this somehow mattered?  Then the master took me to task under a scolding reverberating din.  Have you forgotten the masterpiece that was Jim Taylor and the Golden Boy Paul Hornung.  Between the 20's, Jim Taylor was an absolute beast, racking up the yards.  Inside that 20, that Golden Boy transformed into pay dirt incarnate.  Does history repeat itself?  Tell me, between Adrian Peterson & Toby Gerhart, which one is today's Golden Boy.  Which one, after you blow a little bench dust off him, is Jim Taylor incarnate?  Maybe some ink on a contract can help identify the answer to these questions.  Some might think the answer is obvious.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 23, 2012