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September 6th Souhan, "Peterson Needs Help" is exactly wrong ... like the blind leading the blind.  It's clear to see that his heart and his passion is in the right place ... you can see it and feel it in his words however we can all become blind by our passions that create obstacles in our mind.  

So what did we learn from the 2012 season?  What did we learn listening to the pissing and moaning of our offensive core in the pre-season?  What did we learn when AD was out for the season?  These are the questions that we should be asking but of course we are all blind ... as impatient as little children.  

Sure Adrian Peterson started the 2012 season on a pitch count.  After all he just recovered from a horrendous injury and it was felt that he was coming back way to soon.  Thus, the improper reasoning that if AD had a whole season he'd most certainly put up 2,500 yards in a season.  The problem is that you're focusing on numbers ... the coaches trap.  This all falls in line with the whining of the pre-season offense where each and every one of them will stand before you and complain that they cannot function because AD wasn't in that backfield.  Yes, Whining!  Did we all forget that we were actually a better offense when Adrian Peterson was injured because each and every one of them had to step up their game?     
Sure, when AD is in that backfield it makes everyone's job easier.  Linebackers pressing the line.  Safeties inching up leaving voids all over the field.  If AD is in we can easily feed him the ball early and often ... let him take all the punishment for 1 or 2 yards a pop ... which makes my job easier.  Well fellows.  This is the NFL and it's not about making your job easier it's about you doing your job ... and at a high level ... not slacking off so that someone else can do your job for you.  If you want to win ... YOU HAVE TO HOLD AD IN RESERVE! 

What the 2012 season tells us is that when we curtail AD, when we limit the focus off of him ... early and often ... it forces the offense to earn their paycheck like professionals.  It also unhinges the defense as they will have no idea when that other shoe is going to drop ... and no NFL defense in the league ... can cope with even the thought of it.  For AD to earn those 2,500 yards, he's going to need to do so gaining about 9 yards a pop.   Let me say that again ... 9 yards per carry ... and he has to be allowed to post 350 yards on the ground ... just like Manning was allowed to post 7 touchdowns ... like Joe Kapp did in 1969.   The plan is to win the Super Bowl and that only going to happen at 9+ yards per carry.

So how is AD going to achieve this miracle.  The answer lies in the same answer that applied to Manning on September 5, 2013.  The defense that he faced just eventually gave up.  Although they were on the field, for all purposes, they were somewhere else.  They stopped fighting a battle that they couldn't win and they just gave up.  Herein lies 9+ yards per carry and it's not optional.    

It is called Super Charging Adrian Peterson.  Five to seven touches by Toby Gerhart in the first quarter regardless of the result or the score and AD is off and running through a defense that will want no part of tackling him as the game perspires.  You see, just about every defense in the league is designed to stop the pass ... not the run.  The notable exception is Houston except when having to face Toby early and often.  With the addition of Webb, as a possible right guard replacement or a sixth lineman, like the Packers rammed down our throat a few years back and the propensity for the Olay becomes second nature.  There is only so much run blocking and pounding a man can endure before AD runs untouched gashing his way through defenses like crap through a goose.  Anyone can work hard ... we need to work smart.    

The moment you put Ponder in the shot gun with the understanding that he's got to save the day ... then you're for all purposes, cooked.  Ponder has a role that he is very comfortable with and that is to apply the kill shot.  A well placed fade to a leaping Joe Webb in the red zone ... and its over.  Ponder may not be a traditional drop back quarterback but the man just maybe the most intelligent QB in the history of the NFL as he's learned that quarterback rating, fantasy point, and the like, are not as important as quarterback efficiency.  This is what we couldn't see and this is what both Leslie Frazier, "The Brilliant One" and Rick Spielman are banking on.  Every time Ponder ends up with a red zone touchdown, regardless of how Ponder secures it, he's solidifies this organizations destiny.  Ponder is going to use his weapons with calculated efficiency and he's going to precisely deliver the Coup de Grace.  Between the 20's ... primarily Jennings, Simpson and Wright.  These guys are the gas ... just pour more onto the fire ... and the whole thing gets out of control.  Webb & Rudolph et al in the Red Zone.  Peterson to strike on every point of the field from goal line to goal line.  Patterson hands to reliably convert 3rd downs where time will identify if he's actual red zone viable ... my guess is that he is.     

No!  No!  Souhan's ideology is that of the rest of the NFL.  In perspective, applying this philosophy to the 1973 Dolphins would have resulted in a Viking Super Bowl Title ... but that didn't happen.  Square peg ... round hole!  Would the Bears of the 80's disregarded Walter Payton for this new stellar passing attack.   No!  No!  We aren't going to do it Manning's way or cutie Boy Beaner town way ... that's old news.  We are going to dish it up a whole new different way.  Quite a bit different than the San Franciscan run option way.  Enjoy!  

If we had learned our lesson ... AD would already had his 2,500 yard mark whereas in 2012 Houston, it showed us 2 yards and a cloud of dust is for morons.    

You know, as a youngster, Czonca, Kick and Morris never made allot of sense.  Kick hammered away at the inside, churning up the tough yards.  Morris swept right and left for little or no effect and there was Shula on the sideline measuring it all in his head.  No, we couldn't see it, hear it, touch it or feel it but there he stood on that side line conducting his orchestra.  When Shula finally unleashed Czonka ... no one wanted any part of him ... and that includes the famed Steel Curtain.  The World Football League changed that destiny.

Ponder knows, regardless of the score, regardless of what quarter it is or how much time there is on the clock ... he's never going to stop running the ball ... as the outright potential is better than any incompletion.

By the way Jared, watching your friend Kevin on the ground was actually a message for you.  You have no security beyond this year and your contract negotiation before the first game would secure your destiny.  5 to 7 million restructured into a signing bonus means windfall for Griffen and the future of this organization.

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 6, 2013