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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

5-2 Defense
It's early in the first half.  We're confronted with a 3rd & 2, and you put Ponder in the shot-gun.  Really!  Really!  Exactly what team do you think you are ... Rodger Stawbach's Dallas Cowboys?  This is a running team.  When you're not sure what to do ... when you're not sure what to think ... run the ball.  The down and distance clearly called for a running formation.  Maybe play action.  Maybe you might even get some real courage and run Gerhart or Peterson on 3rd down.  Both of these guys are an absolute beast.  Regardless of the outcome, the licks will be applied.  Instead, we put the ball in Ponder's hand and the result was a Ponder run that fell short.  It could have been a toss to a tight end, with linebackers biting, all from taking the snap from under center.  The seasoned have been Schnelkered to death with the shotgun draw ... that doesn't work.  It's the wrong posture ... it's the wrong message.  Thus completes one of our first three dismal first half drives.

Now the rubber meets the road.  From here on out we can get to use our "Ponder-Measuring-Stick".  This is the NFL and from here on out ... they are going to fight you for it.  Every games value that follows shall increase exponentially.  If the first three series are any indication ... it's time to strap on your seat belts.

Tell me.  What fantasy points had the most interest to you?  Was it Peterson's yards between the 20's or his two (2) touchdown runs, recorded between the 20 and the goal line.  Any interest in a rushing title for Adrian Peterson in 2012 is an absolute an utter mistake.  He is in the highest risk zone in the earliest part of the season where you have to pick and choose how you're going to use him.  The way I look at it ... you owe me a 7-point fantasy touchdown.  Adrian Peterson was born to shred the goal line ... not to be hammered between the 20's.

You can kiss the ground on which you walk knowing that I don't own this team for if it were under my hand, I'd have these coaches lashed to the ship and flogged with 40.  Adrian Peterson's absolute unquestioned enthusiasm shouldn't be allowed to blind this team from it's ultimate mission.  Sure Toby Gerhart was stopped for small gains, early in the contest, but he was allowed to disappear, even after gaining a couple 6 or 7 yard gains ... as if it didn't matter.  Then you unleashed Harvin, gain after gain, time after time, as if everything he has to offer is somehow expendable.  Where is the courage?.  Where is the patience?  How could you just ignore the incredible presence of Toby Gerhart.  It doesn't matter if he has a 1 yard gain.  It doesn't matter if it's a 3 yard gain.  What Toby Gerhart does to a defense is immeasurable.  Always remember that your opponent on the field is not just the team wearing another color, it's not just those black & white power wielding devils ... your most important opponent is the clock or most importantly ... the management thereof.  How dare you act as a bunch of petulant children.

Our focus should not be to try to be some other team or be like some other team.  Our focus is to transform this team into something that no other team can even simulate.

Sure I've been upset at Leslie Frazier.  Sure, when I look at this man, I've under estimated him at every possible juncture of his career in Minnesota ... but that doesn't mean that within him ... there is not true genius ... someone that can lead us to our first Super Bowl victory.  Year after year, Tony Dungy was overlooked by team after team.  It wasn't as if his defenses in Minnesota were not stellar ... all with a bunch of over achieving misfits.  Back then, there was no question, Tony Dungy's abilities were underestimated just like many of us view Leslie Frazier today.  The question is ... will he take a step in Buddy Ryan's shoes ... or will he stay pat within his comfort zone.

Within Leslie Frazier is the brilliance of the 46 defense, which was originally labeled after Doug Plank's jersey number (46).  This new defensive scheme will be called the 52 defense and it will evolve around Everson Griffen.  Haven't you noticed that he's now playing tackle.  That was after playing defensive end, linebacker & gunner on punt's.  The question facing all quarterbacks that we face this year will be ... is this a disguised 3-4 defense ... or is this a disguised 4-3 defense ... or is this a disguised 5-2 defense.

The 5-2 defense is five down lineman using all three defensive ends (Allen, Griffen & Robison), each of which that can rush the passer in the "Beserker Rage" blitz or all of which that can drop into coverage simultaneously.  What a nightmare-like scenario.  So does Five down lineman indicate (happy feet) ... hit the hot read?  It will ... if you're made to taste the turf.  Is the 5-2 five down lineman as rushers with 2 outside linebackers or is it 2 pass rushers with 5 linebackers or does it all lie somewhere in between.  It's analogous to the 4-3 bubble defense where the strength of the defense is actually the bubble.   Now do you see how the addition of Griffen can cause ulcers?  This ain't your momma's defense.  There could even be a nickel 5-2 with 1 linebacker with 3-safties & 2 DB's.  Say good bye and good riddance to the prevent defense forever.

Woe!  Woe!  There are rules against these types of defense scheme's.  Without those rules in place, it will change the NFL forever and upon that new defense ... there will be the name Leslie Frazier and his crew of misfits ... all intertwined within the name Everson Griffen.

No matter what, you'll never have to forgo Tony Dungy's cover shell 2-safety 2-densive back scheme as that is as rock solid as it comes.  If this is the true pass happy league, of which the league is drooling over, then it can only be confronted with absolute innovation.  We didn't play Peyton Manning last weekend.  Even though he looked like Peyton Manning ... as last years numbers indicate something very different.  In short ... any QB can shred the 3-4 or 4-3 defense.  Most importantly of all ... it's what we do when we finally do face this leagues elite quarterbacks.

Red Flag!  Red Flag!  The way you are using Percy Harvin is outrageously risky.  Is exposing Harvin to "Mass times Velocity" worth 3 extra yards instead of starting at the 20 yard line?  No, absolutely not!.  Exposing him to anything but receiver and occasionally to the run game is tantamount to bringing a sledge hammer to the head of this organization.  Until the playoffs, he should never be apart of our special teams.  He is 100% off limits.  Why are you listening to some pin head that wants you to shred you elite forces for his folly?  Get a clue!  If you want to unleash Harvin, unleash him on an offensive sets, not upon the death squad.  One severe concussion, from a 240 pound player running at full speed, while Harvin's being held up for that cheap shot, and Harvin's useless to you.  What are you thinking?  There is a reason why they changed the kicking rules.  Dah!
Marcus Sherels 2012 contract is 100% guaranteed.  There is no reason to move unless he's picked up on someone's 53 man roster.  What is required is a replacement that can play special teams (can tackle), that can dynamically return kicks (both punts and kickoffs) and that can fit in quite nicely as that 4th scat-back-type running back that can quickly change the complexion of any game.  I wonder where would could be find such a player?

In that final pre-season tilt, I saw Larry Dean get pushed into the end zone for a TD and I saw him bounce off a receiver for a second TD.  How can Dean be viewed as anything other than a defensive liability that will burn us somewhere down the line?

Both Sherels and Dean might be solid special team players but quite frankly there is an NFL ready linebacker that most certainly has been stashed onto someone's practice squad that can immediately solidify this defense.  Look at it from a time-line view ... as you don't want anything dangling in the wind.

Why is a special teams coach being allowed to wag the dog?  Within him is greatness and that greatness doesn't begin within the words "Comfort Zone".  Could it be that these two players have value only to you?

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 12, 2012